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Athletics Review: Swinging Away

by Darin Steinkey As the school year draws to a close so does our athletics coverage. Watch for updates from rugby provincials next week as...

Athletics Review: Outdoor Sports Spring to Life

by Darin Steinkey April means the SMUS field is in heavy rotation. The Senior girls are back on the pitch and coach Kaufmann provides a...

Athletics Review: Boot Force

by Darin Steinkey With much of the talk around campus focused on the Boot Game, it's also worth reminding everyone that it's soccer season as...

Athletics Review: It’s All So Provincial

While our basketball teams compete at provincials in Richmond and Kamloops this week (stay connected with the various Twitter feeds), Coach Hanebury writes that...

Athletics Review: SMUS Squashes the Competition

This week we have an ISA squash update from coach Hanebury and we spend two minutes with Mathew Geddes '93, houseparent and math teacher,...

Athletics Review: Winter Rugby on the Mild Coast

by Darin Steinkey Even though it is cold (well, for the Island...), almost two dozen boys have shown up every day for extra rugby training...

Athletics Review: No Cliché Too Small

by Darin Steinkey With the long weekend it was a light week for sports at SMUS, but we realize this is no time to get...

Athletics Review: Newbies Make Their Mark

by Darin Steinkey Strong novice players dominate the AR this week, and Ethel Kiggundu gives props to Brown Hall in "Two Minutes With...". Grade 8 Rugby by...

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