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Dave Hlannon

Disruption, ADST and our Digital Learning Plan

Disruption is a popular term these days. Technology startups are eagerly trying to find new areas to disrupt, and business leaders are eagerly trying...
Ritch Primrose

Ask SMUS: What Has Changed About the SMUS Smartphone Policy?

Mr. Ritch Primrose writes about the phone policy at the Senior School that prioritizes student health and wellness
Ritch Primrose

‘Be Present. Phones Off and Away’ – Is Our New Smartphone Policy Working?

Our Director of Health and Wellness provides an update on the smartphone policy and considers the next steps that could be taken in the near future

Great War History Comes Alive in Story Maps

Mrs. Kirsten Davel writes about how students are using technology and GIS mapping to learn more about the World Wars
Ritch Primrose

‘Be Present. Phones Off and Away’ – Explaining Our New Smartphone Policy

Mr. Ritch Primrose, Director of Health and Wellness, writes about the new smartphone policy at the Senior School this school year

SMUS in the News: Grade 8 Digital Detox and Ms. Lee’s ‘Talking With Strangers’...

Ms. Tanya Lee and her Grade 8 Communication Skills class are featured on Chek News
Denise Lamarche

Ask SMUS: What is Acceptable Cellphone Use at School?

Director of Academics Ms. Denise Lamarche writes about technology and acceptable cellphone use at SMUS

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. George Floyd

Middle School science and technology teacher Mr. George Floyd is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature

Futures: Technology

“… and read these 50 pages for tomorrow.” Teachers were able to introduce this innovation to education after the year 1440, when Johannes Gutenberg invented...
Digital Detox

Digital Detox: Challenging Students to Unplug for the Weekend

"I just can't imagine living without my phone for a weekend." Middle School students and teachers lock their phones away for a digital detox

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Dave Hlannon

Get to know SMUS's Director of Educational Technology, Mr. Dave Hlannon, in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature

Digital Detox: Why Students Need to Unplug and Go Outdoors

"When we can do a five-day outdoor education trip and build in time away from technology, we're seeing that it’s really valuable for students."

SMUS in the News: Travel App Puts Designer Oliver Brooks ’10 on Global Map

May 17, 2016 Times Colonist Oliver Brooks '10 Travel app puts local designer on global map

Grade 4 Students Try Their Hand at 3D Printing

The mechanical buzz of the 3D printer moving back and forth is what first catches their attention. Then once the students see (and learn...

Robotics Club Takes Home Lego Trophies After Competition

Remember the days when you would sit in class, anxious to get home so you could keep building your latest Lego creation? Well, now...

Victoria – A Hub for Off-Campus Learning Opportunities

One of the many advantages of SMUS’s location is our ability to participate in opportunities that exist in a thriving city like Victoria. Looking...

Middle School Learning: How Much Screen Time is Too Much?

by Ms. Tanya Lee, Middle School personalization leader In a recent Communication Skills class, I posed the provocative statement: The Internet has done more harm...

B.C. Curriculum Changes Reaffirm SMUS’s Technological Vision

by Ms. Maureen Hann, education technology specialist In December, SMUS students participated in the Hour of Code, a worldwide initiative aimed at introducing school-aged children to...

Middle School Tech Students Get Behind the Wheel of a Race Car

Last week, students participating in the Middle School's technology exploratory visited a very interesting workplace: VRX Advanced Simulators, located in the industrial park by Victoria...

Taking ‘Appropriate Risks’ to Make for a Great School Year

When Mr. Andy Rodford (Director of the Senior School) addressed students this week at the opening day assembly, he encouraged students to take "appropriate risks" over...

Astronaut Chris Hadfield Talks Space, Music and Education with SMUS Students

Astronaut Chris Hadfield became the unofficial ambassador of science to the universe in 2013 when he took command of the International Space Station and gained international attention...

SMUS Broadens Its Technological Scope

by Denise Lamarche, Director of Academics One hour is all it takes to introduce children of all ages to coding and get them excited about...

SMUS Filmmakers Get Red Carpet Treatment at the Victoria Film Festival

What do three SMUS students have in common with world-famous directors Martin Scorsese, Frederick Wiseman and Lone Scherfig? They all have films selected to...

Hi-tech, Low-tech

Our Geography teachers are currently enjoying the fruit of their fine work with GIS technology in our program. Four years ago two of our...

Tech Club Engineers Some Fun

by Lucas Galloway, Grade 7 Before Spring Break, a group of 20 students from the Middle School Tech Club went with Mr. DeMerchant and Mr....

Tynker-ing with Code

by Anna Miller, teacher The next exploratory term at the Middle School is going to be an exciting one and a huge learning experience for...

The Reality of Life Online

We hosted Jesse Miller of Mediated Reality this week, and he spoke to students, parents and staff about the illusion many people have of...

Animal Habitats On Display

Before the holiday break, our Grade 4 students hosted parents and fellow students for an exhibit of animal habitats. Each student researched a particular...

The Consequences of Cyberbullying

by Saje, Grade 8 Bullying in the world is a big problem, but cyber bullying is often much worse in today's digital world. On the...

No Batteries Required

Just in time for Earth Week, we spoke to Ann Makosinski, whose human-powered flashlight just won her a trip to the Canada-Wide Science Fair....


How do students show they have learned? You give them a test, you ask them to write an essay. And more these days, thankfully. Tests and...

Physical Education…Online?

by Nikki Kaufmann, teacher Physical Education (PE) online, that’s preposterous! After all, isn’t the opposite of being online what we are trying to achieve? Technically,...

Groupwork Goes in New Direction

by Ryan Dewar, teacher During our study of Romeo & Juliet, the students used Google Docs to complete a set of analysis questions for each...

Mobile Lab Lets Students Teach

by Will, Grade 5 At school, we have been teaching our Kindergarten buddies art, math, writing and other things on the iPads that the school...

New Technology Turns Students Into Meteorologists

by Maureen Hann, technology coordinator This week Grade 4 students had the opportunity to learn about green screen video technology as a way to present...

Live Streaming

This past week our Large Ensembles Concert made School history, as we tested our first official live-streaming of a School event. It was not...

BYOD Part 1

BYOD: Bring Your Own… Device. This week I have some loosely connected thoughts about technology at the School. This year we are piloting a BYOD initiative...

Online Reputations Need Careful Cultivation

Tony Wilson has a message for young job seekers: beware of your online footprint. Your prospective employers are using the internet to find out...


At least on Twitter (unlike Facebook) they call them “followers” rather than “friends”. Lady Gaga is up to 24 million of them. I am up...

The Conflict Inside Our Cell Phones

by Sarah Graham, Grade 10 In the last couple of years a new blood diamond has come to light: blood minerals. Since the electronics boom...

If I had a hammer: the iPad

As a boy, I would take a volume of the encyclopaedia to bed and read it after my parents thought they had turned out...

Driver Training Goes Online

by Dawn Wilson, Director of Education Extension One of the most important rites of passage in high school is getting a driver’s license, but this...

LOL – Blogging!

As part of our LOL series, which began with Health Care activist Simon Ibell, we will be hearing from Alyson Rowe, War Child Canada’s...


I was very cynical about Twitter when I first heard about it and saw how it was being used. My initial thought was that...

New Technology for the Junior School Classrooms

by Jane Rees, Junior School Teacher New technology at the Junior School is helping to engage pupils and motivate learners in the classroom. iBoards are...

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