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Athletics Week in Review: February 15

Though winter weather threatened to interrupt various school sporting competitions, SMUS teams completed their respective commitments with rowing involved in two erg competitions, all basketball teams...

Athletics Week in Review: February 24

Squash, basketball and swimming are covered in this week's SMUS Athletics Review

Athletics Week in Review: February 16

Volleyball, basketball and swimming are covered in this week's SMUS Athletics Week in Review

Young Swimming Club Athletes Dive In To Swim Jamboree

On Monday, the Grade 4 and 5 members of the Junior School swimming club participated in the ISEA Swim Jamboree at Saanich Commonwealth Place. The...

Junior School Students Dive In

by Nicky Newsome, teacher This Monday, swim club members from Grades 3-5 went to the Commonwealth Pool for the ISEA Swim Meet. Independent schools from...

Athletics Review: November 3, 2008

Swimming Grade 11 student Jeremy Bagshaw competed in the Island Championships for high school swimming this past weekend. He competed in the 50 m and...

Athletics Review: March 2, 2008

This week the Athletics Department would like to recognize some athletes who have done some amazing things in the past few months. Squash: Tyler Olson...

Athletics Review: November 18, 2007

Swimming Three SMUS swimmers qualified for the Swimming Provincial Championships, which were held at Sannich Commonwealth Place last weekend. Jeremy Bagshaw made the finals...

Athletics Review: November 4, 2007

Senior Boys Soccer The team finished their season with a hard fought contest to bring home the Colonist Shield. The boys succeeded, playing some great...

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