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How to Vet Political Candidates Before You Vote

Grade 11 student Jonah Boeckh offers advice on how to vet political candidates so you can cast your ballot as an informed voter

This is a Climate Change Wake-Up Call

Grade 12 student Firinne Rolfe highlights the need for action on climate change
Dewi Wahono and Grac Vickers

Why Do We Wear Orange Shirts?

Grade 12 students Grace Vickers and Dewi Wahono highlight the history of residential schools in Canada and the meaning behind Orange Shirt Day
Amalia Mairet

Making the Most of This Atypical School Year

"We endure these irrevocable changes over and over in our lives, whether we realize it or not. We are constantly facing a 'new normal.'"
Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter Today, Tomorrow, and Every Day After That

Abby Samuels '20 and Yacine Sy '19 respond to current events that highlight the Black Lives Matter movement

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