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Adrienne Davidson

Introducing Adrienne Davidson, Director of Advancement & Campaigns

Get to know Adrienne Davidson, our new Director of Advancement & Campaigns
2018 SMUS Retirees

Saying Goodbye to Our 2018 Retirees

We say farewell to the faculty and staff who retired in 2018 and look back on their time at our school
Rita Lord

Introducing Chief Financial Officer Rita Lord

Meet Rita Lord, the new Chief Financial Officer at St. Michaels University School

Introducing Our New Alumni Relations Officer

We are pleased to introduce Denise Rees, our new Alumni Relations Officer

Head’s Up: An Interview with Mark Turner

Grade 12 student Samina Makhanbetazhiyeva interviews Head of School designate Mark Turner about his passions, challenges and future role at the School.

Bob the Builder

We look back at the legacy of recently retired Head of School Bob Snowden, after serving 22 years in the leadership role at St. Michaels University School
Alex Cecill

The Jag: An Interview With Alex Cecill

The Jag student newspaper sits down with teacher Ms. Alex Cecill to talk about her experience running in the New York City Marathon
Amy Stark

SMUS Teacher Feature: Ms. Amy Stark

Middle School Humanities teacher Ms. Amy Stark is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Andrew Murgatroyd

Senior School math teacher – and 2002 grad – Mr. Andrew Murgatroyd is highlighted in this week's Teacher Feature

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mrs. Beth Johnston

Chemistry teacher Mrs. Beth Johnston is highlighted in this week's Teacher Feature. She's also opening up her classroom as part of Fall Spark Open House on Oct. 20

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mrs. Sarah Donatelli

Middle School teacher Mrs. Sarah Donatelli is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature

SMUS in the News: Simon Ibell ’96 Remembered at Vikes Championship Breakfast

The Times Colonist highlights the annual UVic Vikes breakfast, where teacher and coach Ian Hyde-Lay delivered the keynote address on behalf of and in memory of alumnus Simon Ibell
Eliot Anderson

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Eliot Anderson

Mr. Eliot Anderson, Director of the Senior School, is highlighted in the latest SMUS Teacher Feature
Prism Award for executive coaching

SMUS in the News: SMUS Shortlisted for Prism Award for Coaching

The Saanich News highlights SMUS being named a finalist for the International Coach Federation's Prism Award
Shannon Williams

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mrs. Shannon Williams

Middle School teacher Mrs. Shannon Williams is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature

SMUS Named as Finalist for International Executive Coaching Award

St. Michaels University School was named a finalist for the international Prism Award, awarded by the International Coach Federation

SMUS in the News: Ian Hyde-Lay to Represent Simon Ibell ’96 as Vikes Keynote...

SMUS basketball coach Ian Hyde-Lay will represent the late Simon Ibell as the keynote speaker at the University of Victoria Vikes breakfast in September

SMUS Bids Farewell to Three of the Best

With almost 75 years of combined teaching experience at SMUS, we wish Jim de Goede, Lisa Hyde-Lay and Lindy Van Alstine a fond farewell....
Head of School Bob Snowden

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Bob Snowden

Head of School Mr. Bob Snowden, who retires at the end of this school year, is highlighted in the SMUS Teacher Feature
Lindy Van Alstine

SMUS Teacher Feature: Ms. Lindy Van Alstine

Middle School science teacher Ms. Lindy Van Alstine, who retires this year after 26 years at SMUS, is featured in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature
Dream Big fund

Dream Big Stories: Ms. Bernadette Abrioux

Math is a tough subject. It's the one students tend to struggle with the most. But Senior School math teacher Ms. Bernadette Abrioux feels she...

SMUS in the News: SMUS Bids Farewell to Bob Snowden

The Saanich News writes about Head of School Bob Snowden's retirement after 22 years at SMUS
Andy Rodford

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Andy Rodford

Mr. Andy Rodford, Director of the Senior School and next year's Acting Head of School, is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature
Mark Turner

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Mark Turner

Our newly introduced Head of School Mr. Mark Turner is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature
Dariol Haydock

SMUS Teacher Feature: Ms. Dariol Haydock

Middle School assistant director Ms. Dariol Haydock is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature
Mark Turner

SMUS Announces Mr. Mark Turner as New Head of School

St. Michaels University School is pleased to announce Mr. Mark Turner has been appointed as the new Head of School.

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Evan Fryer

Senior School math teacher, Senior boys soccer coach and Barnacle houseparent, Mr. Evan Fryer leads a very busy life inside and outside of SMUS. Since...
Matt Keil

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Matt Keil

Grade 5 teacher Mr. Matt Keil is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature

Dream Big Stories: Ms. Nikki Kaufmann

Ms. Nikki Kaufmann talks about how SMUS's annual Dream Big fund has a direct impact on the school's athletics program and student population
Zyoji Jackson

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Zyoji Jackson

Middle School teacher and senior houseparent Mr. Zyoji Jackson is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature
Mike Jackson

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Mike Jackson

Senior School science teacher Mr. Mike Jackson is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature
Alison Galloway

SMUS Teacher Feature: Ms. Alison Galloway

Grade 3 teacher Ms. Alison Galloway is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature
Amanda Chen

SMUS Teacher Feature: Ms. Amanda Chen

Middle School Humanities and Mandarin teacher Ms. Amanda Chen is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature

Dream Big Stories: Ms. Susan Vachon

Ms. Susan Vachon talks about how SMUS's annual Dream Big fund has a direct impact on the education students receive – in this case Learning Resources
Susan MacDonald

SMUS Teacher Feature: Ms. Susan MacDonald

Senior School English teacher Ms. Susan MacDonald is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature
Jennifer Leyh

SMUS Teacher Feature: Ms. Jennifer Leyh

Grade 1 teacher Ms. Jennifer Leyh is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. George Floyd

Middle School science and technology teacher Mr. George Floyd is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Peter Butterfield

Choir teacher and boarding houseparent Mr. Peter Butterfield is covered in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature
Becky Anderson

SMUS Teacher Feature: Ms. Becky Anderson

Ms. Becky Anderson, Director of the Junior School, is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature
David Kerr

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. David Kerr

Senior School teacher Mr. David Kerr is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature
Rev. Keven Fletcher wearing a SMUS sports jersey

Dream Big Stories: Rev. Keven Fletcher

Rev. Keven Fletcher talks about how SMUS's annual Dream Big fund has a direct impact on the education students receive – in this case character education

SMUS Teacher Feature: Ms. Shona Lazin

Kindergarten teacher Ms. Shona Lazin is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature
sarah beeston

SMUS Teacher Feature: Ms. Sarah Beeston

Ms. Sarah Beeston, a SMUS alumnus, is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature
Mike Danksin

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Mike Danskin

Middle School teacher – and SMUS lifer – Mr. Mike Danskin is highlighted in this week's Teacher Feature

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Kevin Cook

Mr. Kevin Cook, our Director of Service, is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature
jennifer fisher

SMUS Teacher Feature: Ms. Jennifer Fisher

Junior School strings teacher Ms. Jennifer Fisher is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature

SMUS Teacher Feature: Ms. Nancy Mollenhauer

Middle School teacher Ms. Nancy Mollenhauer is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature

SMUS Teacher Feature: Ms. Ruth McGhee

Ms. Ruth McGhee is no stranger to the SMUS neighbourhood. She was born and raised in Victoria, and her childhood home was three houses down...

SMUS in the News: Nancy Mollenhauer Inducted into Victoria Sports Hall of Fame

Middle School teacher Nancy Mollenhauer is inducted into the Victoria Sports Hall of Fame.

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Marcelle Kitengie

Junior School teacher Mr. Marcelle Kitengie is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature
Snowden Library

Senior School Library Named in Honour of Bob and Joan Snowden

Senior School library is named and dedicated in honour of Head of School Bob Snowden and his wife Joan for their contributions to the school
Adrian French

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Adrian French

Get to know Director of Learning Mr. Adrian French in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Shawn Zhang

Get to know SMUS's newest Middle and Senior School Mandarin teacher, Mr. Shawn Zhang, in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature
Denise Lamarche

Ask SMUS: “What Does a Director of Academics Do?”

Director of Academics Ms. Denise Lamarche answers a commonly heard question: "What do you do? And how is your job different from the Director of Learning?"

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Dave Hlannon

Get to know SMUS's Director of Educational Technology, Mr. Dave Hlannon, in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature

SMUS Teacher Feature: Ms. Tawnya Mullen

Get to know Kindergarten teacher Ms. Tawnya Mullen in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Jordan Tessarolo

From studying biochemistry to playing in a professional ultimate frisbee league, get to know Senior School math teacher Mr. Jordan Tessarolo in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature
Crystal Vaughan

SMUS Teacher Feature: Ms. Crystal Vaughan

Get to know Middle School counsellor Ms. Crystal Vaughan in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature
Eric Donatelli

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Eric Donatelli

Get to know physics teacher Mr. Eric Donatelli in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature

Head of School Bob Snowden Announces Retirement

After 22 years at SMUS, Head of School Bob Snowden will retire at the end of the 2016-17 school year

Carrying the Torch for Olympic Values

An opportunity to work with the International Olympic Commission has allowed the Junior School’s Gary Barber to share the spirit of Olympism with children...

SMUS in the News: Bruce Kuklinski as Rugby Citing Commissioner for Rio Olympics

August 8, 2016 Bruce Kuklinski Chek News Game On! – July 31, 2016 (skip to 8:35) Saanich News St. Michaels athletics coach will referee at Olympics Times Colonist Victorians play key roles...

Teacher Bruce Kuklinski Sets His ‘Cites’ on Rio Olympic Rugby

Middle School teacher Bruce Kuklinski heads to Rio de Janeiro to work as a citing commissioner for Olympic rugby sevens games

SMUS in the News: Feeding Our Future Program Helps Low-Income Youth in Victoria

July 15, 2016 Sodexo's Feeding Our Future program Victoria News Program helps feed youth from low-income families in Victoria CTV Vancouver Island July 14 – CTV News at 6...

SMUS in the News: Victoria Teacher Works with Disney Illustrator to Create Children’s Book

May 8, 2016 CBC News Teacher Dorothy Hawes Ogopogo Odyssey': Victoria teacher works with Disney illustrator to create children's book


Our Vancouver Alumni event last week was a great example of what engagement means at our school – so those of you who were...

Student Life

Our boarding past and present has done a lot to shape SMUS. By far the most ubiquitous legacy – and the one students are...

SMUS in the News: Bill Greenwell Courtside as Steve Nash ’92 Honoured

December 25, 2015 Cowichan Valley Citizen Bill Greenwell (former basketball coach), Steve Nash '92 Former coach is courtside as Steve Nash honoured

THE JAG: Meet Hinton Chair Mr. Bruce Maxwell

by Sara Owen-Flood Mr. Maxwell is the new Hinton Chair at SMUS teaching History 9 and Law 12. You may have seen him coaching the Junior...

A Joyful Return to the Junior School

Students were all smiles (okay, a couple of them were a little sad to say bye to mom and dad) to return to the...

Professional Development: The Teachers Become The Students

Before students come back to campus ready for school, members of our Junior, Middle and Senior School faculty arrived ready and eager to learn....

SMUS in the News: Nancy Mollenhauer’s Athletic Achievements Recognized at UVic

CHEK News August 26, 2015 Nancy Mollenhauer New Walk of Excellence at University of Victoria's Athletics Complex

Leavers’ Chapel Marks Last Days for Grade 12 Students

Before the Class of 2015 finishes at SMUS, the Grade 12 students were treated to their final chapel service. Weekly chapel is always a...

Weekend Garden Party to Fundraise for All-Girls’ School in Malawi

by Becky Anderson, Director of Leadership Our school is committed to learning, leading and serving. These themes are woven through all aspects of life at...

Personalization… more

Personalization and the excellent teacher student It’s important to put the emphasis where it belongs. More than a little harm has been done by the...

Harvard Instructional Rounds at SMUS

At SMUS we believe in life-long learning, and that extends to our teachers as well. From one-on-one mentoring and coaching to cross-campus collaboration between...

Leadership and the 360 Review

Parents and students who have been at the School for some time will know that the theme of leadership is woven colourfully and powerfully...

A Day Aboard CCGS Tully with Ocean Networks Canada

SMUS Science department head Mike Jackson spent September 17 with an Ocean Networks Canada dive team on the CGCS Tully in the Saanich Inlet.

SMUS in the News: Building Education in Malawi

Saanich News June 18, 2014 Dariol Haydock Saanich teachers building education in Malawi

SMUS in the News: Ian Hyde-Lay Named Coach of the Year

The Province June 16, 2014 Ian Hyde-Lay Coach of the Year: Ian Hyde-Lay

Wind and Weather

I am an early riser. This morning at about 5:30 I was outside. The only illumination at this time, in mid-February, is provided by...

Recognition, far and wide

When Grade 11 student Ann Makosinski was recognized by Time Magazine as one of the “Top 30 under 30” who will change the world...

SMUS in the News: Heather Clayton on Real Parenting

CFAX 1070 November 16, 2013 Director of Learning Heather Clayton Real Parenting on CFAX (beginning at 34:50 mark)

The Grounds

If you arrived at the school this morning before classes, you would have seen the sun shining down on the empty field, the grass...

In Memory of David Gauthier

by Laura Authier Another op’nin, another show In Philly, Boston, or Baltimo’ A chance for stage folks to say hello! Another op’nin of another show… Four weeks, you rehearse...

Pitt Meadows, and remembering

You know you are no longer in Vancouver when you are enveloped in the scent of horse farms, that combination of hay and manure,...

Remembering Felicity

Students and staff received some sad and shocking news this week, as Felicity Tallboy, one of our Learning Resource staff, passed away suddenly on...


I might be the only member of staff who once taught Latin, but I should check with my colleagues in the Language Department just...


One of our Senior Math teachers, Deanna Catto, just returned from a four-day accreditation visit to another member school of CAIS, the national organization...

SMUS in the News: Victoria’s Kuklinski Gains Valuable Experience at Twickenham

BC Rugby December 5, 2012 Bruce Kuklinski, Middle School faculty Victoria's Kuklinski gains valuable experience at Twickenham

The Learning Institute: A Look at Student-Centred Education

The Learning Institute is a petri dish for teachers to test out new approaches and techniques that they believe will improve their effectiveness in...

SMUS in the News: Conductor sees real role as challenging singers to soar

Times Colonist June 7, 2012 Peter Butterfield, faculty Conductor sees real role as challenging singers to soar

Professional Development

Professional development and personal development are usually one and the same. This morning I was speaking at length with one of our Senior English teachers,...

SMUS French Teacher Honoured

by Xavier Abrioux, Director of the Middle School This week, Middle School French teacher Karen Oraas was celebrated at a ceremony at the legislature. Karen...

SMUS in the News: CBC nods for Dad, daughter

March 6, 2012 Times Colonist Terence Young, faculty CBC nods for Dad, daughter

Back to School with SMUS Faculty

If you're like me, when you hear the phrase "back to school," you think of Rodney Dangerfield's 1986 return to college. Unlike the movie,...

Another excellence

We talk about passion and compassion in the same breath at our school. When I try to make my point a bit more graphic...

Teacher Susan Stenson Recognized by Prime Minister

Hinton Chair Susan Stenson, who began teaching at SMUS this September, was recently awarded a Certificate of Achievement from the Prime Minister's Awards for...

SMUS in the News: Henry John Pemell Schaffter

The Globe and Mail October 31, 2011 Henry John Pemell Schaffter http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/facts-and-arguments/lives-lived/henry-john-pemell-schaffter/article2220229/

SMUS Teachers Enjoy Professional Development

This Tuesday, SMUS hosted Dr. John Medina, the New York Times bestselling author of Brain Rules, to talk about his findings into how children...

Leslie Hinton

Our school seeks the excellence in all of us. Students who have passed through our Junior School, and many others, will recognize this phrase...

Bon voyage

When thinking about the setting in which our teachers teach, I have always hoped it will be a place where they will grow and...

SMUS Teacher Recognized by Stanford University

Senior School mathematics teacher Linda Rajotte was recently honored by Stanford University for her ability and influence as a teacher. Brandon Ewonus '10, who is...

SMUS Teachers Spend a Day as Students

by Erin Anderson, editor To start the new year, our faculty for Grades K-12 spent a day expanding their repertoire of teaching tricks and techniques....

Lost and Found

Yesterday at lunch I was sitting, as usual, with some of my teaching colleagues in the Dining Hall, and the conversation turned to ideals...

November 11 – Reprise

Some of you may have read my entry on Remembrance Day, two weeks ago. In the past couple of weeks I have received a...

The Flowers of the Forest

To those who like their skirl, the bagpipes swell a poignant place in the heart’s cavity. Every Remembrance Day, one of our staff members,...

Meeting the Needs of all Learners

by Nancy Richards, Director of Junior School As the Junior School faculty find creative ways to ‘fulfill the promise’ in each student and class throughout...


On television in Wales (and in Welsh, of course) there is a program that corresponds roughly to an English language program called “This is...

New Head of Brown Hall Cooks Up Changes

by Erin Anderson, editor Students might notice the food at Brown Hall is a little different this year. Paula Henchion, who was previously our executive...

Meet our New Director of Learning

by Erin Anderson Last year, SMUS created a new position to examine how well the school's practices matched with new research into how our brains...

What’s New at SMUS?

by Erin Anderson, editor Over the summer, SMUS certainly wasn't idle. As our summer programmes filled the campus week after week, we also found the...

Fresh Faculty

September always brings a crop of new students, eager to learn, but it also brings many new teachers, house parents and support staff. Here...

Staff Summers

Every year, our faculty and staff spend July/August away from SMUS, but that doesn't mean they are idle. International travel, outdoor sports, professional development...

Teachers Take Lessons

Before students returned to campus this week, their teachers took some time to learn themselves, devoting a day to professional development. Global responsibility was...

Hinton Chair Settles Into SMUS

Every year, the Hinton Chair position allows SMUS to bring in an excellent teacher for one year, creating an opportunity for new ideas, collaboration,...

Rowing Its Own Reward

Last weekend, our rowing coach Susanne Walker Curry was named the Female Coach of the Year by Rowing Canada Aviron, the national governing body...

Teachers Awarded for Use of GIS

Last week, two of our teachers received the Award of Excellence from ESRI Canada, in recognition of their work integrating Geographic Information Systems (GIS)...

SMUS Staff Expands

This September, SMUS is welcoming new teachers, counsellors, house parents and staff. Here are just a few of the new people joining our school...

Terence Young Wins Prime Minister's Award

Terence Young, head of the SMUS English department, has been given a Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence, one of the highest honours in...

Celebrating Four Stellar Careers

This week, the Board of Governors honoured four extraordinary members of our community for their service and dedication to the school. David Fisher, Cliff...

Jeff Hunt Runs the West Coast Trail

This September, Athletic Director and the writer of the Athletics Week-in-Review Jeff Hunt tackled the West Coast Trail, a 75 km backpacking trail along...

Staff Summers Part II: Kayaking around Vancouver Island

Three SMUS staff once again spent part of their summer together paddling the shores of Vancouver Island. Last summer, Mike Jackson; Head of Science...

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