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2021 Retirees: Tony Goodman

Learn more about the outstanding contributions to SMUS by Senior School social studies teacher Tony Goodman

Grade 7 Geography Buff Named Among the Best in Canada

Grade 7 student Liam S. is one of the top globally minded students in Canada after qualifying for nationals in the Canadian Geographic Challenge

Through Their Eyes: Exploring the Past from Multiple Perspectives

David Lynch highlights the redesigned Grade 10 Social Studies course that brings multiple perspectives and voices into students' learning
David Lynch

This Isn’t Your Grandparents’ History Class

David Lynch highlights how social studies is more than just learning about what happened by having students answer larger historical questions

Middle School Project Envisions Sustainable Urban Spaces

by Julie Harris This term, Grade 6 students collaborated on a real-world interdisciplinary project to redesign an urban space to meet the sustainability challenges of...

Grade 2 Arctic Studies Culminate in Inuit Games Celebration

All term, the Grade 2 classes have been studying the Arctic and the traditional ways of life of the Inuit people. From lessons on...

Syrian Refugees Talk Family, Compassion With SMUS Students

by Liza Weymar and Radha Raina, Grade 9 students Last week in Modern Studies 9, our class had the fortune of meeting two Syrian refugees...

Students Walk All Over Canada to Learn About Country’s History

What is in the humongous black tube? That was the mystery Grade 4 social studies students faced when they returned to SMUS after their winter holiday. Before...

Grade 4 Classes Explore Their World Using Maps

At the Senior School, Ms. Kirsten Davel is well known for her geography expertise and for championing GIS mapping (geographic information system) as a fun and unique...

Going Around the World with Grade 6 Humanities Students

Grade 6 students took classmates and parents on a trip Around the World in 80 Minutes this week. The annual Humanities project sees students working...

Museum Trip Makes First Nations Lessons Come Alive

The Royal BC Museum, right in our own backyard, is a treasure trove of our province's rich history and a great educational resource. That is why...

Project-Based Learning: Grade 8 Students Turn Injustice into Service

Hard-working Grade 8 students had a financial incentive to do their best this week, as they became legitimate human rights advocates in an attempt to...

Junior Geocaching

On October 16th, Grade 5 students took part in a Geocaching event put together by Mr. Pope at the Richmond Road campus. Students used...

Grade 6 Classes Take a Trip Around the World

Each year, Grade 6 Humanities culminates with a year-end project called Around the World in 80 Minutes. In groups of four or five, students...

Grade 5 Students Go Greek

by Theo Yesterday was Greek day and I have learned so much about Greek mythology! I learned a very interesting fact about my god Poseidon:...

Animal Habitats On Display

Before the holiday break, our Grade 4 students hosted parents and fellow students for an exhibit of animal habitats. Each student researched a particular...

Humanities 7: Connecting Skills for Enriched Learning

by Min MacLean, teacher This year, the Middle School has a new course: Humanities 7. An amalgamation of English and Social Studies, Humanities 7 covers...

Around the World in 80 Minutes

by Jasper Johnston, Grade 8 student Last Thursday, all Grade 6 students took part in an evening event showcasing their work this year. "Around the...

Grade 8 Students Get Medieval

by Erin Anderson, editor For her Social Studies 8 class, Anna Miller instructed her students to draw from what they had learned about the lives...

Students Get Political as Election 2011 Approaches

As Canadians are preparing to vote next Monday, the past couple of weeks have seen a lot of political activity, including on the SMUS...

Grade 8 Student Ranks High in Geography Competition

One of our Middle School students got some exciting news recently - he placed within the top ten for the Great Canadian Geography Challenge....

Grade 4 Classes Share First Nations Knowledge

by Finn and Izzy The Grade 4 students presented a gallery walk for their Social Studies project on a certain First Nations region of Canada....

Junior School Students Share Their Dreams

by Pam Yorath, Grade 5 teacher The Grade 5 students have been studying Barbara Smucker’s acclaimed novel Underground To Canada and have completed a wide...

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