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2021 Retirees: Steve Kerr

Learn more about the outstanding contributions to SMUS by Senior School physics teacher Steve Kerr

2021 Retirees: Eileen Amirault

Learn more about the outstanding contributions to SMUS by Senior School science teacher Eileen Amirault

Changing the World, One Science Fair Project at a Time!

Julie Harris highlights the ingenuity and passion students put on display at this week's science fair

SMUS in the News: Dr. Curran Crawford ’96 Looks at Converting CO2 to Rock

Dr. Curran Crawford '96 speaks with the CBC about his work to reduce carbon emissions from the global atmosphere

Grade 6 Students Pitch Proposals to Redesign SMUS

A cross-curricular project sees Middle School students redesigning their school with an eye on sustainability
Kevin Zhang and Christian Turpin

Students to Spend Summer Working as Cancer Researchers

Two Grade 11 students will spend their summer working on groundbreaking cancer research at the BC Cancer Agency in Victoria. Christian Turpin and Kevin...

The Next Generation of City Planners

This article originally appeared in the Winter 2018 issue of School Ties. by Kyle Slavin If you were given the challenge of redesigning an important urban space,...

Photo Gallery: Middle School Students Shine at Science Fair

Middle School students presented their research and findings at the annual Science Fair this week

From Windmills to Lying: Science Fair Explains It All

Grade 6, 7 and 8 students used the Scientific Method to investigate questions or design an innovation for the Middle School Science Fair
Grade 7 Species Exhibits

Grade 7 Students Display Their Work at the Royal BC Museum

Grade 7 science students researched different species and spent time at the Royal BC Museum talking with museum guests about their projects
Marine Science Club

New Middle School Club is a Great Place to be Crabby!

Grade 10 student Matias Totz writes about the newly founded Marine Science Club at the Middle School

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mrs. Beth Johnston

Chemistry teacher Mrs. Beth Johnston is highlighted in this week's Teacher Feature. She's also opening up her classroom as part of Fall Spark Open House on Oct. 20

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mrs. Sarah Donatelli

Middle School teacher Mrs. Sarah Donatelli is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature
Lindy Van Alstine

SMUS Teacher Feature: Ms. Lindy Van Alstine

Middle School science teacher Ms. Lindy Van Alstine, who retires this year after 26 years at SMUS, is featured in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature
Mike Jackson

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Mike Jackson

Senior School science teacher Mr. Mike Jackson is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature

AP Students Travel to Bamfield for Hands-On Environmental Science

Grade 12 student Gina Brown writes about the AP Environmental Science field trip to the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre

SMUS in the News: Grade 4 Students Explore the ‘Emerald Forest’

June 8, 2016 CTV Vancouver Island Fish Eye Project presents The Emerald Forest (clip starts at 20:20)

Experiential Learning: Was Mr. Buckingham Murdered?

Was it Mr. Jackson in the lunch room with the knife? Or was it Professor Plum in the laboratory with the lead pipe? It's early Monday...

Eggs-periential Learning 2.0: Ducklings Hatch at the Junior School

On the heels of the recent exciting news that our Grade 2 classes successfully hatched a trio of baby chicks, we're proud to announce...

Eggs-periential Learning: Grade 2 Classes Welcome Baby Chicks

Mr. Giggles, Cottonball and Fluffy are the three newest members of our Grade 2 population, after the trio of baby chicks hatched in class Tuesday...
Delphine Ji gene researcher

My Week as a Gene Researcher

My interest in science began at a hospital when my grandmother was diagnosed with diabetes. I was intrigued by the thought that there were...

SMUS in the News: New Documentary Features Dr. Bri Budlovsky ’04

April 8, 2016 Dr. Bri Budlovksy (née Bentzon) '04 Oak Bay News Doc. features Oak Bay-raised doc Times Colonist Former Oak Bay woman now a doctor in hospital reality...

SMUS in the News: Delphine Ji ’16 Becomes a Gene Researcher for a Week

Prince George Citizen March 15, 2016 Delphine Ji '16 Federal grant for mushroom research at UNBC (photo courtesy of the Prince George Citizen)

Astronaut Chris Hadfield Talks Space, Music and Education with SMUS Students

Astronaut Chris Hadfield became the unofficial ambassador of science to the universe in 2013 when he took command of the International Space Station and gained international attention...

Grade 12 Student Uses Science Fair Project to Offer a Helping Hand

As 3D printers grow in availability around the world, so too will affordable 3D-printed products. And one of the more innovative and life-changing devices that makers...

Brain Awareness Week: Middle School Learns About Brain Injuries

A visit from UVic's Let's Talk Science outreach team was one of the big highlights of Brain Awareness Week at the Middle School. Not...

Marine Biology and Philanthropy: A Visit to the Vancouver Aquarium

Grade 4 students headed across the water this week for a memorable visit to the Vancouver Aquarium. This field trip was more than just a...

Junior School Students Go Crazy for Science!

by Nina Duffus, Grade 2 teacher It may not be the most common of career paths, but there are now 49 young sleuths at the...

A Sanctuary of Experiential Learning: Swan Lake Christmas Hill

Microscope Discoveries is a school program offered at the Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary. On a warm but rainy fall morning, Grade 6 students...

The Diversity of Living Things: A Visit from SeaQuaria

Recently, SeaQuaria, a local organization that brings sea life into the classroom, visited the Grade 6 classes to introduce the new critters that will...

Tolmie’s Rugged Hill: A Grade 7 Perspective

by Angelina & Josh, Grade 7 On Thursday, September 11th, the Grade 7 Science students at the Middle School went with Mr. Floyd, Mr. Jackson...

A Day Aboard CCGS Tully with Ocean Networks Canada

SMUS Science department head Mike Jackson spent September 17 with an Ocean Networks Canada dive team on the CGCS Tully in the Saanich Inlet.

My Journey to Gene Researcher For a Week

by Cindy Kim, Grade 11 I was a sickly child, living in hospitals more than I did at home as my body attracted all kinds...

Science 8 Students Look Into Hearts

Science 8 students partnered up for a major biology lab last week, where they concluded their study of the heart with a hands-on examination...

Grade 6 Scientist Becomes Teacher

Yesterday afternoon, the Grade 4 students had the opportunity to listen to Grade 6 student Larry Yu. The class is starting their Light and...

Brain Awareness Week: Middle School

Many of the Brain Awareness Week events at SMUS focused on research, what we can do to improve our learning and how our brains...

Brain Awareness Week: Junior School

by Tori, Grade 5 This year Brain Awareness Week was lots of fun and I learned so much. I enjoyed learning about how my brain...

How to Build a Catapult

Grade 1 and 3 students paired up for a foray into physics, building small catapults as part of the younger students' study of fairy...

Climate Change Showdown

Our Middle School has had the environment on its mind this week. Last Friday, the Eco-warriors won a presentation from the BC Sustainability Energy...

Students on Ice in Antarctica

by Tessa Owens, Grade 11 This winter, I was lucky enough to participate in a two-week international scientific expedition to Antarctica called Students on Ice....

Bamfield Trip Fuels Environmental Science Experience

Way back in 2013, our AP Environmental Science students travelled to Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre. Soon after they returned, we received this great report...

Getting to the Heart of Anatomy at UVic

by Nicky Newsome, Grade 5 teacher This week, we visited the Medical Sciences Building at the University of Victoria! Students were treated to fascinating pictures...

Compost Education

by Maggie S, Grade 2 Last week the Grade 2 class went to the Compost Education Centre. We learned how the compost cycle works. We...

SMUS in the News: Ann’s Google Science Fair Win

Ann Makosinski '15 September 24, 2013 Global News Victoria teen wins top honours at Google Science Fair for ‘Hollow Flashlight’ NBC News Teens face down flu viruses, energy crises...

A Google Science Fair Summer

One of our students had a particularly exciting summer; Ann Makosinski was the sole Canadian out of 15 finalists in the Google Science Fair,...

SMUS in the News: B.C. teen’s ‘Hollow Flashlight’ project makes Google Science Fair finals

Ann Makosinski, Grade 10 student. Global News June 27, 2013 B.C. teen’s ‘Hollow Flashlight’ project makes Google Science Fair finals Huffington Post June 28, 2013 Ann Makosinski, Google Science Fair...

Science Challenges and Triumphs

by Lisa Hyde-Lay, teacher This year, we entered three teams of four kids from Grades 6 to 8 in the All Science Challenge. Each had...

No Batteries Required

Just in time for Earth Week, we spoke to Ann Makosinski, whose human-powered flashlight just won her a trip to the Canada-Wide Science Fair....

Boning Up On Anthropology

As part of their animal study, the Grade 2 class visited UVic’s Anthropology Department, where they learned interesting facts about animal bones and teeth...

Miraculous Marine Creatures

On a visit to the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre, Grade 6 students witnessed our amazing local marine life in action, including the camouflage abilities...

A Look Into The Eye

As part of their biology unit, Science 8 students get to dissect a real ocular specimen from some bovine donors. For their lab, students...

Reptiles Return

Just before the break, Middle School Science students hosted some very special visitors from the Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary. Accompanied by their...

AP Environmental Science: (Cold & Wet) Hands-On Learning

by Becca Clayton, Grade 12 student There’s just something about digging your hands into what you’re learning (though you may have cold and wet hands...

AP Students Perfect Their Chemistry

by Christina Chwyl and Clayton Fair, Grade 12 Phenomenal flashes of light, crazy colour changes and shrilling sounds were abundant at the school's first “Chem...

Grade 7 Voices in the Wilderness

Pictures by Zyoji Jackson by Sophie, Grade 7 On May 1, the Grade 7 science classes went on a field trip to Goldstream Park. While we...

Have Snakes, Will Travel

by Darin Steinkey As part of their Diversity of Living Things unit, Grade 6 and 7 science classes welcomed four visitors from the Travelling Snake...

Grade 6 Students Discover Ocean Life

At the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre, SMUS students got a chance to see some local aquatic species up close. The centre has a variety...

Dr. Lotus Vermeer ’86 Speaks to Junior and Senior Students

Last week, Dr. Lotus Vermeer '86 visited the Junior and Senior Schools to speak to students about her work in conservation and species recovery....

SMUS in the News: The Innovators

October 11, 2011 Victoria Times Colonist (via Yahoo) Dr. Patrick Gill '97 The Innovators: Tiny camera opens world of potential

Kindergarten Class Teaches Parents About Marine Life

The Kindergarten children invited their parents to school to share their learning about our unit on "Our Big Blue Planet". The "big ideas" we...

Grade 6 Students Learn Systems Theory

The Parents' Auxiliary brought in guest speaker Russel Horowitz to talk to Grade 6 students about systems theory and the problems humanity is facing...

Grade 5 & 6 Students Build Edible Atoms

Grade 6 students hosted some special visitors from the Junior School this week when Grade 5 classes came to the Middle School to build...

Grade 6 Students Present Space Stations

Last week, Grade 6 Science students created their own concepts for space stations and talked about their ideas with their classmates. After learning about...

Environmental Science Students Examine Waste

by Kieran Hyatt and Hannah Nielsen, AP Environmental Science students Over the past few weeks the AP Environmental Class had the opportunity to visit both...

Science 8 Class Examines the Eye

Grade 8 students spent some time examining the different parts of the eye through dissecting the eyes of cows. As part of their lab,...

Grade 4 Students Learn About Underwater Life

by Terra Before Nickolai, Rick, Jamie and Stephanie presented the VENUS project to my class, I never realized how advanced scientific technology had gone underwater....

Students Make Friends with Snakes

by Erin Anderson, editor The Grade 6 science classes had an exciting morning this week, as the travelling snake program stopped by with two very...

Biology Students Create Incredible Edible Cells

by Laura Williams, Grade 6 On October 18th, the Grade 6 students did a cell lab in class. It was made up of an assortment...

Grade 6 Scientists Study Swan Lake

by Ben, Grade 6 I liked the Swan Lake field trip a lot. The beginning was fun when we got to catch animals and some...

Grade 7 Student Wins Big at Science Fair

by Ann Makosinski, Grade 7 student Last April 10 -12, 2010, I participated in the 49th Vancouver Island Regional Science Fair held at the University...

Chris Darimont '92 Talks Animal Evolution

by Erin Anderson, editor Chris Darimont '92, an alumnus of SMUS and an award-winning conservation biologist, returned to SMUS to talk about his latest research...

Grade 8 Students See How the Eye Works

by Jenna Dhillon, Grade 8 On January 20, 2010, Ms. Van Alstine’s Grade 8 science classes filed into the science lab to complete a cow...

The Day of the Snakes

by Brennan, Grade 6 In my Grade 6 science class, there were two ladies from Swan Lake. They told us about how a snake eats...

Science Students Look Into Their Hearts

by Emma Donald, Grade 8 On Thursday, November 5th, both of Ms. Van Alstine’s Science 8 classes completed a sheep heart dissection. As I’m sure...

Grade 3 Class Explores Space

by the Grade 3 class Last week, we learned about our solar system with a trip to Victoria's observatory, where people use a giant telescope...

Grade 6 Students Look Into Lake Life

by the Grade 6 class This week we want to Swan Lake to learn about the different organisms that live in the lake. We learned...

Students Win at Science Fair

Grade 11 student Janine Hsu recently took part in the 48th Annual Vancouver Island Regional Science Fair and took home more than one prize...

Serpents Slither Over to Middle School

Grade 6 students hosted some special guests last week, as two snakes from the Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary came to visit the school. The...

AP Environmental Science Turns 10

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the addition of AP Environmental Science to our school’s extensive Advanced Placement programme. The course was brought...

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