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Coastal Cleanup

When the pandemic hit BC's tourism industry, Maureen Gordon ’88 helped spearhead a cleanup of BC's Great Bear Rainforest

Sun Shine

The new Sun Centre student commons and dining hall is at the heart of student life and community
Stewart Butterfield

In Conversation: Distinguished Alumnus Stewart Butterfield ’91

Stewart Butterfield '91 chats with Aysha Emmerson '18 about his career as an entrepreneur in technology

Saying Goodbye to Our 2018 Retirees

We say farewell to the faculty and staff who retired in 2018 and look back on their time at our school

The Next Generation of City Planners

This article originally appeared in the Winter 2018 issue of School Ties. by Kyle Slavin If you were given the challenge of redesigning an important urban space,...

An Interview With Mr. Xavier Abrioux ’76

An extended interview with Mr. Xavier Abrioux '76 from the Winter 2018 edition of School Ties

Steve Nash ’92 Inducted into Basketball Hall of Fame

SMUS alumnus and NBA player Steve Nash '92 was inducted in the Basketball Hall of Fame

2015 Distinguished Alumnus: Michael Code ’67, Real-World Problem Solver

In a classic story of humble beginnings, human potential and hard work, lawyer Sarah Hudson ’00 uncovers the passion that fuels our 2015 Distinguished...

Higher Learning and Life: A Look at Our Grade 10 Experiential Program

This September the school took a big step forward in offering a Grade 10 experiential program that blends into everyday classes, applies the lessons...

SCHOOL TIES: In Their Own Words

In September, 1978, 35 girls made St. Michaels University School history. They walked through the doors to form the first co-ed class.

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