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Remembrance Day: ‘Today We Remember Them All’

The SMUS community gathered to celebrate Remembrance Day and honour the men and women who fought for their country

Lest We Forget

When it comes to tradition, few events at our school stand equally with our Remembrance Day ceremony. It draws from our past as a cadet...

Lest We Forget: Remembrance Day 2018

The SMUS community gathered to celebrate Remembrance Day and honour the men and women who fought for our country

A Prayer of Remembrance

Rev. Fletcher's words from the Remembrance Day Service highlight why the day has a deep significance for our school

Remembrance Day: A Prayer for Humanity

Our Junior School community gathered for Remembrance Day by reading poems, stories and prayers to honour those who served their country

Remembrance Day: Stand in Silence and Remember

The St. Michaels University School community came together on Nov. 10 to mark Remembrance Day

Never Forget: Remembrance Day at the Middle and Senior Schools

May 8th of this year marked 100 years since University School founder Capt. Robert Harvey's death as a prisoner of war in a German...

Honour and Remembrance at the Junior School

Heartfelt poetry, recitations, storytelling and music is how our Junior School students honoured Remembrance Day this week. The Tuesday morning service was a touching tribute...

Middle School Choir Joins Victoria Symphony to Remember World Wars

From the balcony of the majestic Royal Theatre, as Maestra Tania Miller conducts her Victoria Symphony on the stage below, the melodic voices of...

Remembrance Day is a Time for Honouring and Understanding

On Wednesday, our Junior School hosted its annual Remembrance Day service, featuring beautiful songs, evocative poetry and rich storytelling. Every year, our Head of...

Remembrance Day: We Need to Remember

Remembrance Day at SMUS is steeped in tradition as a way to honour those who served our country; those members of our community –...

Ready, Aim, Reflect

A group of us hiked to the top of Mt. Doug on the morning of Remembrance Day. We were a few adults and more...

Remembrance Day: A Collective Experience

Remembrance Day on the SMUS campus is marked with special ceremonies, traditions and this year, a first. As you may have seen on the livestream...

Dona Nobis Pacem

About four hours ago I took off from Victoria Airport, on my way first to Toronto, then onward in a couple of...

We Mark Their Sacrifice and See Our Promise

by Keven Fletcher, Chaplain If you were to pick up pen and paper and write a letter setting out your life this week… If you were...


Yesterday we had our Junior School Remembrance Day service, an occasion appropriately pitched at those young children. Today we had the Remembrance Day Service...


The row of cedars out behind Reynolds House was ravaged by disease a few year ago and many had to be cut down. Just...

Remembrance Day at SMUS

Each year, our school holds a very special service for Remembrance Day. Combining drama, music, speeches and song, this ceremony helps us to reflect...

November 11 – Reprise

Some of you may have read my entry on Remembrance Day, two weeks ago. In the past couple of weeks I have received a...

The Flowers of the Forest

To those who like their skirl, the bagpipes swell a poignant place in the heart’s cavity. Every Remembrance Day, one of our staff members,...

Remembrance Day: Past and Present

Every year, SMUS commemorates Remembrance Day with a service that includes music, drama and prayer. This morning's service included a song from Head Boy...

SMUS Remembers

Last week, students, faculty, parents and alumni commemorated Remembrance Day with music, words and prayer. At the Senior School ceremony, we were honoured to...

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