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NEWSIES: Meet the Cast

Four SMUS performers playing the lead characters in NEWSIES talk about their experience in the Senior School musical

SMUS in the News: Students Prepare to ‘Seize the Day’ with NEWSIES

The Saanich News sits down with two student actors to highlight NEWSIES, the Senior School musical

NEWSIES: Meet the Head of Props

Ria Sheoran, Head of Props, takes us behind-the-scenes of NEWSIES, the Senior School musical

Grade 5s Bring Ogre-the-Top Musical to the Stage

We chat with a few of the talented young performers in this year's Grade 5 musical, Shrek the Musical JR.
Mark Turner

Personal Reflections on Mamma Mia!

Head of School Mr. Mark Turner reflects on last weekend's Senior School musical and the talent involved in making the show a reality

Behind the Scenes of Seussical the SMUSical

We chat with some of the talented young performers in this year's Middle School musical, Seussical

Behind the Scenes of Mamma Mia!

We sit down with the four talented students playing the lead roles in this year's Senior School musical, Mamma Mia!
David Enns

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. David Enns

Middle School band teacher – and director of Seussical – Mr. David Enns is highlighted in our latest Teacher Feature

Thank You for the Music: Previewing Mamma Mia!

Cast members in our upcoming Senior School musical, Mamma Mia!, reflect on their time performing in the show
Catch Me If You Can

Catching Up With the Con Artists

Meet Mark Finamore and Will Barry – the two SMUS students playing con artist Frank Abagnale Jr. in 'Catch Me If You Can - The Musical'
Catch Me If You Can

SMUS in the News: Senior School Musical ‘Catch Me If You Can’

The Saanich News chats with a couple of members of the cast of the Senior School musical, Catch Me If You Can

Catching Up with the Cast of Catch Me If You Can

Meet a few of the talented students performing onstage in this year's Senior School musical, Catch Me If You Can – running March 1-3 at the McPherson Playhouse

Grade 5 Students Stage Tale As Old As Time

The SMUSpaper sits down with Grade 5 students who are ready to perform "Beauty and the Beast Jr." this week at the McPherson Playhouse

Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory Closes Its Doors

The SMUSpaper sits down with five students who played varying roles – from Oompa Loompas to stagehands – in the Middle School musical, Willy Wonka

Willy Wonka: Golden Ticket Holders Talk Middle School Musical

The SMUSpaper sits down with the young actors taking a tour of the chocolate factory in the Middle School's musical presentation of Willy Wonka

REVIEW: Opening Night of Ragtime

Senior School students – and members of the pit orchestra – review the Senior School musical, Ragtime

SMUS in the News: Ragtime’s Message Still Rings True

Saanich News promos the Senior School production of Ragtime, and the important message the show presents
David Allens and Christian Okiring as Coalhouse Walker Jr. in Ragtime

Curtain Call: Meet Ragtime’s Coalhouse Walker Jr.

The SMUSpaper sits down with the two students playing Coalhouse Walker Jr. in the Senior School musical, Ragtime

SMUS in the News: SMUS Rocks Out with Musical Theatre Camp

August 23, 2016 Saanich News Summer Musical Theatre Academy SMUS rocks out with musical theatre camp (photo courtesy of Saanich News)

REVIEW: Opening Night of The Phantom of the Opera

The SMUS production of The Phantom of the Opera premiered on Thursday, February 25. The opening night cast starred Ajay Parikh-Friese as the infamous...
Two students from the SMUS Senior School production of Phantom of the Opera

Behind the Mask: Meet the Phantom of the Opera

Tonight the Senior School production of The Phantom of the Opera debuts to a nearly sold-out crowd at the McPherson Playhouse. For months, students,...

SMUS in the News: The Phantom of the Opera Production

February 24, 2016 Senior School production of The Phantom of the Opera Saanich News St. Michaels students stage Phantom of the Opera at McPherson Shaw TV (see video above)

Phantom Performers: Meet SMUS’s Two Viscount Raouls

The clock is ticking, and we are now less than one week away from the debut of the Senior School musical, The Phantom of...

Phantom Performers: Meet SMUS’s Two Christine Daaés

After months of hard work, long rehearsals and dedication, the Senior School musical production of The Phantom of the Opera debuts at the McPherson...

‘Band Geeks’ Heads to Victoria Fringe Festival

Students from SMUS and a handful of other Greater Victoria schools returned to class a little earlier than most of their classmates this summer, all for...

The Wizard of Oz Comes to a Close

It took a lot of brains, heart and courage from everyone involved to stage such a big production, and after more than half a year of...

Dancing Down the Yellow Brick Road

The Middle School's three-night musical, The Wizard of Oz, kicked off last night in a great and powerful way. Audiences left the McPherson Playhouse...

Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde is a clever title – for a movie, and more so, I think, for the musical the movie begat. Last night our...

Beyond the Blonde: Meet SMUS’s Lead Actors

After months of hard work, our Senior School presentation of Legally Blonde: the Musical opens tonight! Students, staff, parents and volunteers have been at it...


Even when you go to yearbooks from fifty or a hundred years ago, a few prominent pages are devoted to the school musical. Depending...

Beyond the Blonde: Senior School Musical Behind the Scenes

by Kyus Hicks, Grade 12 Since watching Guys and Dolls while visiting the school in Grade 9, I knew that I wanted to be a...

Junior School Students Look Forward to a Musical Experience

After months of practicing dance routines, memorizing song lyrics and skits, and run-throughs of That's Entertainment!, the Junior School is proud to present the...

Young String Musicians Head Over the Rainbow to Oz

Beyond the enchanting story and colourful characters, The Wizard of Oz is perhaps best known for its iconic music. "Over the Rainbow", "We're Off...

Grade 5 Students Rise to the Challenge of Staging a Musical

Putting on a school musical is never just a walk in the park. They're always a lot of fun and very rewarding, whether you're...

Middle School is Off to See the Wizard

Follow the yellow brick road from the Middle School and it'll lead you on stage at the McPherson Playhouse, where in just over a...

A Francophone Adaptation of Goldilocks in Outer Space

This week 70 Grade 6 students performed their way into our hearts with a terrific French-only adaptation of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. In...

A Grade 2 Musical

by Sierra I am doing a musical called The Drum and it is about Jordan, a little girl who wants a drum. Jordan is given...

Audience Laughsalot at Spamalot

Last night, the SMUS production of Spamalot debuted on the McPherson stage. Based on the 1975 film Monty Python and the Holy Grail and...

Middle School Theatre, en Français

by Jo Ross, parent The Grade 6 classes presented Boucles Rouges en route pour Mars for their family and friends. The play was a collaboration...

From Secret Garden to Shakepeare

After taking on the role of Mary in the SMUS production of The Secret Garden last year, Grade 12 student Ellen Law spent her...

iSpy: A Musical

by Stephanie Geehan, teacher It has been a lot of fun putting together this musical. The journey began around this time last year, when I...

The Moral of the Musical

by Sharon Goodman, teacher Our Grade 2 students recently performed The Cuckoo, a Mexican folktale that tells the story of how the Cuckoo lost her...

Energetic Cast Powers Annie

The Middle School launched their production of Annie on Thursday night and we have three reflections on the play supplied by actors from last...

Unearthing The Secret Garden

by Erin Anderson, editor When I first heard SMUS would perform The Secret Garden, I recalled the book I read as a child, and thought,...

Annie Prepares to Take the Stage

Next week, the Middle School will be on the McPherson stage, debuting their production of Annie. For a three-day run, there is much work...

SMUS in the News: Seeing Double

Victoria News February 28, 2013 Morgan McLeod; The Secret Garden Performers hope to have audiences seeing double

Behind the Scenes in Musicals Past

Though this year's musical, The Secret Garden, doesn't open until February 27, the production takes months of preparation. As students and staff are hard...

Grade 2 Class Stages Mini-Musical

The Grade 2 class is presenting a mini-musical called A Race to the Finish on Friday. They have worked with Mrs. Duffus and Mrs....

Guys and Dolls: Share Your Perspective

Photos by Kent Leahy-Trill More photos in the SMUS photo gallery. by Erin Anderson, editor The SMUS production of Guys and Dolls wraps up on Saturday night...

Summer Students Perform Fringe Hit

From Culture Vulture Victoria by Chris Felling Urinetown comes courtesy of the SMUS Theatre Intensive. It’s an unauditioned high school cast who, while still green, shows...

Musical Theatre Heats Up the Summer

Though SMUS students might be taking the summer off, the SMUS campus is keeping busy, hosting a variety of summer programs. The SMUS Summer...

Grade 5 Musical Is a Magical Show

by Nancy Richards, Junior School Director The opening night of “Pirates in Wonderland” at the Junior School was a tremendous success! The Grade 5 classes...

Junior School Students Put on a Musical

by Marina The Grade 2 class did a musical called Stone Soup. We performed it for the Junior School and our parents on April 15th...


by Liz Humphries '05 As I walked through the doors of the McPherson Playhouse on the opening night of Oliver! happy memories of excited nervousness...

Hats Off to My Fair Lady

by Erin Anderson, editor The SMUS production of My Fair Lady is dazzling. Charming and funny, the classic Victorian musical is full of lavish costumes,...


It’s that time of year: large scale musical productions (Senior - My Fair Lady, on right now at the McPherson Theatre; Middle School -...

Middle School Musical Taking Shape

The Middle School will put on a production of Oliver this year and students are busy preparing for their big debut. This week, students...

Meet A Few Cast Members of Oliver

by Amanda and Amita The Middle School is beginning work on our upcoming production of Oliver and the lead cast was recently accounced. We asked...

13: A SMUS Summer Musical

by Cormac O'Brien, Grade 10 student This year, I had the pleasure and privilege to be part of the SMUS Summer Musical Theatre course, which...

The Many Faces of Elfland

When The King of Elfland’s Daughter takes the stage next week, parents may have a hard time picking out their sons and daughters from...

West Side Story Rumbles

The SMUS production of West Side Story debuted this week at the McPherson Playhouse and our students astounded audiences with their mastery of complex...

Costumes Transform Elfland Performers

The King of Elfland’s Daughter features many magical creatures and most don’t look much like human children. In order to transform the Grade 6-8...

West Side Story Hits the Stage

Our Senior School musical opens next week and after much hard work, the young actors, stage crew and faculty are all excited to show...

SMUS Set Nearly Ready for the Stage

With just three weeks before King of Elfland’s Daughter takes to the Royal McPherson stage, students and staff are hard at work making everything...

Middle School Film Crew Gets Rolling

As part of preparations for the launch of King of Elfland’s Daughter, a small group of Middle School students are training to become a...

A Grand Success

Grand Hotel, this year’s Senior School musical debuted on Tuesday evening at the McPherson Playhouse. Set in the 1920s, the era was roaring, and...

Middle School Students Perform in Aladdin Jr.

Grade 6 students Cimarron Langois and Lindon Carter are currently performing in Kaleidoscope Theatre’s Christmas production of Disney’s Aladdin Jr. This Tuesday, the entire...

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