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Bringing Authentic First Nations Voices into the Math Classroom

Senior School teacher Allison Higinbotham highlights how First Nations voices are being used to teach students math and history

Middle School Math is All About Problem Solving

Middle School math at St. Michaels University School helps students develop the skills to persevere through problem solving

There’s More to Math Class Than Solving Equations

Math at the Junior School is all about teaching the fundamentals so students learn and understand how to problem-solve

Kindergarten Students Learn to Measure with Senior School Buddies

It's always a special occasion when our Junior School students visit the Senior School campus for some hands-on learning, and that was especially true...

Grade 2 Students Learn Real-World Math With Hands-On Lesson

Fifteen or 20 years ago, you'd be hard-pressed to find a math teacher who hadn't told their class at some point during a conversation...

Math 10 Students Use Trigonometry to Solve a Crime

A newscaster (very much resembling math teacher Mr. Steve Bates) comes on the television to deliver breaking news. "At precisely 7:47 this morning, Mr. Andy...

SMUS’s Club Hub: Math Challengers

SMUS students have access to a wide variety of extracurricular opportunities that interest them. We offer more than 100 fun and rewarding clubs or councils that provide students...

Medals for Math Challengers

by Saje, Grade 8 Academics are a large part of what we focus on at SMUS, but there is more to learning than just classes....

Mathematics: The Key to the Universe

Professor Mike Miniou from the University of Waterloo recently spoke to Middle and Senior School students about the applicability of math in future careers....

Let’s Get Mathematical: Q&A

The above question is a demonstration of number theory, a favourite of SMUS mathematician Andrew Kang. In honour of Pi Day, we have two...

Let’s Get Mathematical: The Challengers

For many, math may not be an exciting subject, but SMUS seems to have more than its share of avid mathematicians. Math contests bring...

Mania Over Math

Math Mania, a new event at SMUS, brought a crowd of students and parents to the Middle School to enjoy games and puzzles for...

The joys of Middle School Mathematics. Really.

Imagine dedicating your life to Mathematics. Or rather, to teaching Mathematics. And trying to get other teachers enthusiastic about it. A couple of weeks ago...

A Treasure Hunt Without a Map

by Ankit, Grade 8 This week, the Grade 7 and 8 students of St. Michaels University School embarked on a quest to find 18 geocaches...

100th Day of School Cause for Celebration

by Kathleen Cook We had an amazing week with the celebration of 100th Day last Wednesday. The students have been bringing in soup cans for...

Mathematics Adds Up to More Than Numbers

Professor Mike Eden from the University of Waterloo spoke to Middle and Senior School students last week, giving them problem-solving tips and talking about...

The Proof is in the… Sandbox?

by Kennedy Aragon-Scriven, Grade 8 On Monday, September 12, the Grade 8 math classes got together — outside the classrooms — along with their teachers...

SMUS Mathematicians Win Big at Provincials

by Andrew Kang, Grade 9 For two years, I have competed in the Math Challengers events, in Grades 7 and 8. This year, going...

SMUS Teacher Recognized by Stanford University

Senior School mathematics teacher Linda Rajotte was recently honored by Stanford University for her ability and influence as a teacher. Brandon Ewonus '10, who is...

Grade 8 Class Learns Math Through Dance

by Mackenzie Valentine, Grade 8 Watching Michael Boston (the tap-dancer) I was amazed! His feet were moving so fast it was making my head spin....

Math Competitions Add Up for SMUS Grad

by Brandon Ewonus, Grade 12 The Canadian Mathematical Olympiad (CMO) is Canada’s premier national advanced mathematics competition and is staged by the Canadian Mathematical Society...

SMUS Math Challengers Compete at Regionals

by Jason Chiu, Grade 9 mathematician The Math Challengers competition began long before February 12th. The Match Challengers team spent several months, beginning in November,...

Middle School Students Master Math Challange

by Jo Lunn, Middle School mathematics teacher Some of our keenest Grade 7 and 8 math students recently took part in the regional Math Challengers...

Music and Math Come Together

Before Spring Break, SMUS welcomed mathematics historian Glen Van Brummelen, who spoke to students about the interplay of music and mathematics. As part of...

Students get SUM Success at Math Competition

Twelve students went to the provincial Math Challengers competition, held on Saturday, March 8 at the University of British Columbia. Accompanied by Mr. Steve...

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