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2020 Retirees: Diana Nason

Learn more about the outstanding contributions to SMUS by Diana Nason, Junior School librarian

Reading Takes You Places!

Teacher-librarian Sarah Bailey highlights the Middle School students who are representing Canada in "the sport of reading"

How to Help Children Fall in Love with Reading

Learn five great tips on how to support your child in developing a love of reading

Take a Reading Adventure this Spring Break

Middle School teacher-librarian Ms. Sarah Bailey offers some reading suggestions for Spring Break

SMUS in the News: Andrew Battershill ’06 Talks About His New Novel

Andrew Battershill '06 sits down with The Globe and Mail to talk about his new crime novel, Marry, Bang, Kill.

Grade 8 Student Brings Harry Potter Magic into the Classroom

The Middle School will soon be transformed into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, thanks to the passion and ingenuity of a Grade 8 student. Jenna S....

‘SMUS Reads’ Event Brings Community Together Around Literacy

At the start of the school year, every Middle School student was gifted a book. And not a math textbook or a dense history...

Author Visits Brings Reading Excitement to Junior School

by Diana Nason, Junior School teacher/librarian At the Junior School, we work hard to maintain a culture of reading. This means that reading for pleasure...
SNHS Front

Middle School Donations Help Educate Youth Halfway Around the World

A library, like a yard, sometimes needs a good weeding (but for very different reasons). Unlike unwanted garden trimmings though, books that are no longer...

SMUS’s Club Hub: Buddy Reading Club

SMUS students have access to a wide variety of extracurricular opportunities that interest them. We offer more than 100 fun and rewarding clubs or councils that provide students...

The Outsiders Inspires Song Battle

by Dalal and Jiawan, Grade 8 Have you ever read the The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton? If you haven’t read it, you should and if...

Reading: A Milestone

We are very much a community that reads. I don’t know of another school (although I am sure more than one exists) where student...

Read a Book Over Break

Wondering what to do with your five-day break? The Middle School Book Club has put together a list of books you might want to...

Authors Inspire Readers to Write

The Middle School has hosted two authors in the past fortnight: Eric Wilson and Kit Pearson. Both writers spoke to students about what makes...

A Blind Date With A Book

by Eva Grant, Grade 10 The Book Club worked hard last week and the week before to prepare for our pilot project for Grade 9:...

Groupwork Goes in New Direction

by Ryan Dewar, teacher During our study of Romeo & Juliet, the students used Google Docs to complete a set of analysis questions for each...

Buddies With Books

Our reading buddies program brings Junior School kids to the Senior School throughout the year to share their favourite books with older SMUS students....

Something to Talk About

by Tanya Lee, teacher Literature circles allow students to develop their active reading strategies and “dig deeply” into their novels. By assuming different roles as...

Popular Merlin Author Inspires Students of All Ages

Last week, SMUS was honoured to host T.A. Barron, a multiple award-winning author whose Merlin series is being adapted into film by Warner Bros....

Making Time for Books

by Ricky, Grade 8 I believe the Drop Everything And Read program, or DEAR, at the St. Michaels Middle School is very enjoyable and gives...

Who has time to read?

I do. It is a difficult time of year to say that emphatically, given the end of term sports, School musical (Guys and Dolls, starting...

Students and Parents Pick Up Literature Tips

by Melanie Edwards, parent I was greeted with a warm welcome on Monday evening as I entered the Middle School library to attend Jocelyn Dimm's...

UVic and SMUS Students Swap Stories

by Heather Sandquist, Grade 4H teacher Our recent field trip to UVic was the culminating piece of our study of elements of design found in...

Reading Makes Students Buddies

by Zeyn San, Grade 10 The buddy reading program is designed to instil a love of reading in young children. It takes place once a...

UVic Professor Studies SMUS Students

Teacher Heather Sandquist's Grade 4 class have been taking part in an interesting experiment. Dr. Sylvia Pantaleo, an associate professor from UVic's Faculty of...

Scholar in Residence Kenneth Oppel ’85

Alumnus and Governor General Award-winning author Kenneth Oppel '85 returned to SMUS this week to speak to students at all three schools about his...

Junior Students Make Books

Heather Sandquist’s Grade 4 class can now add author/illustrator to their resumes. The class is proud to announce the release of their professionally self-published,...


For the past few summers, my wife, Joan and I have gone to the south of France for two weeks’ vacation. We stay somewhere...

New Reading for the New Year

If you made a New Year's resolution to read more in 2011, you're in luck! The SMUS library recently acquired three Kindles (for eBooks)...

Junior School Students Love Buddy Reading

There is excitement in the Senior School library on Mondays, as the Junior School students arrive to meet their senior buddies for buddy reading....

Mrs. Snowden Reads to Kindergarten Class

by Mrs. Joan Snowden I loved being able to read to the Kindergarten class. They were all so willing to share themselves with me: Hallowe'en...

Bookfest Fun for Junior Readers

Introduction by Matthew, Donovan and Joshua On Saturday May 1st, we went to Bookfest in Nanaimo. Bookfest is a celebration of authors and their books. It...

SMUS Drops Everything to Read

by Kelsey Bjola, Grade 11 Many students, once they reach high school, have absolutely no time to do what they please. Between English essays, science...

Sara Topham Keeps Shakespeare Alive

by Olivia Krusel, Grade 11 Imagine that it is a dreary Wednesday afternoon; halfway through the week and the weekend is only just peering from...

Senior and Junior Students Bond With Books

by Kelly Twa, Grade 12 Mondays are typically the worst day of the week: you’re tired after a busy weekend, you still haven't finished all...

SMUS Summer Reads

As summer vacation begins, both staff and students find themselves with more time to indulge in leisure activities, especially reading books that aren’t required...

SMUS Meets Shakespeare

by Eric Protzer, Grade 10 Monologues are strange but engrossing things to consider. For example, it is intriguing that a character can speak out...

Two Schools Buddy Up to Read

Our Reading Buddies programme resumed this month, with 15 Junior School students visiting the Senior campus library for reading sessions with the older students....

Imaginative Author Casts a Spell on Junior School

Visiting author Margriet Ruurs delighted Junior School students this week, teaching them all about how books are made and reading from a few of...

Junior Students Rewarded for Reading

This week at the Junior School, the students who participated in the summer reading program were recognized in a special assembly. Thirty-eight children reached...

Red Cedar Readers Visit Their Favourite Authors

Last weekend, Junior School readers hit the road to Nanaimo to help celebrate the Island’s annual Children’s Book Fest. After reading and voting on...

Students Buddy-up to Share their Love of Reading

Grade 12 student Oliver Bild has a passion for promoting literacy, and as the head of the SMUS Library Council he was motivated to...

Making Reading Magical

Last week, Kindergarten teacher Ms. Margaret Lincoln made reading more than just fun for her students – she made it magical. Celebrating their success in...

Junior School Readers Help a Dragon

Since November, Junior School students have been reading more than ever before. A visiting dragon named Sam has been looking for some new scales,...

Middle School Ready for Recitations

After last week’s spectacular performances from the Senior School, the Grade 7 and 8 students presented their own memorized works in their Communication Skills...

Ron Broda Draws Children into the Art of Illustration

Junior School students received a hands-on lesson in drawing and illustrating from one of the top five illustrators in Canada this week. Ron Broda,...

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