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Reflections from the Class of 2021 Lifers

Lifers from the Class of 2021 share memories and reflections on being a SMUS student for their entire education

Reflections from Our Class of 2020 Lifers

Lifers from the Class of 2020 reflect on being a SMUS student for their entire education

“I’m Looking Forward to Being a Lifer”

Two Junior School students reflect on stories they heard at the Grade 12 Lifers Assembly.

The SMUS Class of 2017 “Lifers”

A "Lifer" is a SMUS student that began at the school in either kindergarten or Grade 1 and graduated. Recently, the Grade 12 Lifers...
Mike Danksin

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Mike Danskin

Middle School teacher – and SMUS lifer – Mr. Mike Danskin is highlighted in this week's Teacher Feature

Grade 12s Return to Junior School for Lifers Assembly

Our Class of 2017 includes 19 Lifers – students who've been at SMUS since Kindergarten or Grade 1.

Lifers Look Back on 13 Years at SMUS

September 5, 2002. Avril Lavigne's "Complicated" was sitting atop the charts, kids everywhere were anxiously awaiting the release of the second Harry Potter movie,...

SMUS Lifers Go Back to Kindergarten

by Claire Williams, Grade 12 As lifers, we have 12-13 years of SMUS behind us and the Junior School was a big chunk of that....


SMUS "Lifers" are students who have spent their school lives at SMUS. This year, Grade 12 lifers will finally be leaving the SMUS nest....

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