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Rashid Al-Abri

SMUS in the News: Rashid Al-Abri ’19 Ready for Stanford University

Rashid Al-Abri '19, who came to SMUS from Oman, is featured as he begins post-secondary at Stanford University

SMUS in the News: Harvard-Bound Aysha Emmerson ’18 Earns Zonta Scholarships

2018 grad Aysha Emmerson talks to the Saanich News about her Zonta International scholarship and her work in the community
Sid Boegman

Sid Boegman ’16 Returns to SMUS to Talk Gender Identity

The SMUS Pride Alliance celebrated Pride Day this week with a variety of fun activities in the quad. The highlight was a talk and...

Beyond the Bubble: Making a Successful Transition to University Life

University decisions are being finalized as I write; students are making plans about residence life and starting course selections for their first year at...

Surf, golf, and study…come to St. Andrews (but not for the weather!)

On a blustery Scottish day, I took the train from Edinburgh to St. Andrews to have a wee visit with my former advisee and...

A SMUS grad at UC San Diego

Len (SMUS Grad ’12) is in his fourth year of study at the University of California, San Diego, in the Jacobs School of Engineering....

One road to med school

I had the opportunity to meet with one of our '09 grads, Colin,  this morning to talk with him about his path from high...

Cambridge Update from Keiler Totz ’13

Life at Cambridge University has been an incredible experience so far. Any initial fears about moving to a new country and attending one of...

Beyond SMUS: Reports on Post-Secondary Life

by Kaeleigh Fletcher '10 This past Tuesday marked the third year of SMUS’s “Beyond the Bubble” evening, a night dedicated to giving students and parents...

Attending a Small University – Julian Allen, SMUS Class of 2012

Applying to University is a stressful, yet exciting time. The process provides you with the opportunity to explore your personality and identify a place...

Ryan Taylor, SMUS Class of 2011, comments on Colgate University

Colgate University, nestled in the heart of central New York, is an ideal school for students who love the close-knit and vibrant campus life...

Brendan Snarr, SMUS ’05, PhD Research at McGill

Do you think fungus is only mushrooms, blue cheese, and beer? Representing one of the most diverse kingdoms in taxonomy, fungi encompass everything from brewers’...

Selby Knudsen, SMUS 2011, at Boston University

The Honors College focuses on expanding our base of education and exposing us to new ideas. The freshman year is based on two different...

Alicia P. at the University of St. Andrews

While visiting the University of St. Andrews in Scotland last week, I had the chance to catch up with Alicia P. (Grad 2010) who...

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Bonjour de Montreal!  Je m'excuse de n'écrivant pas. Okay, so maybe my French hasn't gotten much better... but at least I'm trying right? It's been far...

Long overdue

...September.  That’s pretty unacceptable.  I'm sorry for neglecting to write for such a long time. I hope to share much that’s happened since then, for...

Stethoscopes, Lab Coats, and Cadavers.

I had spent the end of August and much of September hearing exciting stories from my friends who had all headed off to university...

Herstmonceux Castle

Hey guys, hope everythings going well back home!  Sorry that I haven't posted anything in over a month, but I've been crazy busy over...


So I'm here.  It's unreal. Sorry it's taken me so long.  September is a crazy month.  I came during the last week of August for...

Welcome to the Queen’s Family

Complete first week: check!  Meet new people: check!  Prepare for classes: check!  Download Skype (completely free way to video call worldwide): check!  Sleep: not...

Hello from England!

Hey everybody, so I came over to England two days ago for vacation with my family (my school doesn't start here until Sept. 3)...

Bienvenue a Montreal?

Well, I suppose I'll be the first to post... I moved to Montreal exactly a week ago.  I'm living in a condo two blocks away...

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