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Learning and the Brain: Mindfulness and Technology

As technology becomes more prevalent in all of our lives, the challenge of being mindful and living life the way we want to also...

Learning and the Brain: Managing Stress and Anxiety in the Dark Months

As the short days of winter continue, Director of Learning Heather Clayton's latest brain session looked at managing stress and anxiety in the dark...

Learning and the Brain: Sleep and Exercise

How are sleep and exercise crucial for learning in students of all ages? Using John Medina's book, Brain Rules, as a starting point, SMUS...

Learning and the Brain: Executive Functions Part III

"It's impossible."  "It's too hard."  "I want to give up."  "I don't think I can do it." Do any of those sound familiar? All of us,...

New Year, New Brain Series

If you've never been to a Learning and the Brain lecture, well, you're forgiven. But you should sign up right away for the September...

Connecting the Dots

In her final parent talk for the school year, Director of Learning Heather Clayton discusses personalized learning and how SMUS teachers use our growing...

Learning and the Brain: Cultivating Strengths

http://youtu.be/uEEj2m80o5k How are our personal strengths defined? Often, other people - our parents, teachers and bosses - tell us what we are best at and...

Examining Introversion and Extraversion

Based on the best-selling book Quiet, Director of Learning Heather Clayton gives parents insight into how introverts and extroverts behave in different situations and...

Brain Series II: The Surprising Science of Success

Heather Clayton's most recent talk in the Learning and the Brain Series examines the ideas of Carol Dweck and Paul Tough, who make some...

The Brain Series: Developing True Grit

by Darin Steinkey SMUS Director of Learning, Heather Clayton, likes to talk about failure. In fact, she is so into failure that she used an...

The Brain Series Winds Up

by Erin Anderson, editor Since September, Director of Learning Heather Clayton has hosted a series of talks to share her knowledge of the brain with...

Learning and the Brain Part 2: Postgame

In the second of three evenings devoted to the adolescent brain, Director of Learning Heather Clayton focused on what makes learning effective and how...

Learning and the Brain Part II Preview

by Heather Clayton, Director of Learning "I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn." - Albert...

A Parent Perspective on Heather Clayton’s Brain Series

by Dr. Lara Lauzon, parent On Friday, September 30, as I was wading through my overflowing email in-basket I noticed an email from Laura Authier....

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