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An Engaging Way to Learn Français

Middle School students continue learning French from home through fun and interesting activities

Students Buddy Up for Language Learning

The Foreign Language Reading Buddy Program pairs students learning Chinese, French and Spanish with a classmate proficient in the language
Laura Keziere

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mrs. Laura Keziere

Ms. Laura Keziere, who has been teaching at SMUS since 1984, is highlighted in our latest Teacher Feature
French and ELL Fashion Show

Grade 8s Grace the Catwalk… en Français

Grade 8 French and ELL students worked collaboratively to prepare and present descriptions of individual outfits as they were being modeled by their classmates.
Levidrome - Times Colonist

SMUS in the News: Let’s All Say ‘Levidrome’!

The Times Colonist highlights the continued push to get Grade 2 student Levi Budd's word 'levidrome' into the dictionary

SMUS in the News: Oxford Responds to Grade 1 Wordsmith’s ‘Levidrome’ Quest

A rundown of the latest news stories highlight Grade 2 student Levi's quest to get the word 'levidrome' added to the dictionary
Levidrome - Oak Bay News

SMUS in the News: Student’s “Levidrome” Pitch Gains Momentum with William Shatner, Urban Dictionary...

Grade 2 SMUS student Levi's progress to get 'levidrome' into the dictionary is chronicled in a series of Oak Bay News articles

SMUS in the News: Grade 2 Student Pitches ‘Levidrome’ as a New Word

A Grade 2 SMUS student wants to get 'levidrome' into the dictionary. The Times Colonist highlights the definition and story of how levidrome came to be

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Shawn Zhang

Get to know SMUS's newest Middle and Senior School Mandarin teacher, Mr. Shawn Zhang, in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature

French Public Speakers Deliver at Concours d’Art Oratoire

"Tout ce qui brille n'est pas d'or." (All that glitters is not gold) These were the closing lines of Grade 6 student Vienna W.'s speech. Her...

SMUS in the News: Lelia Hoube ’17 Reports for the CBC

CBC's Jeun'info C.-B. March 2, 2016 Lelia Hoube '17 Pour la sauvegarde de la langue squamish (scroll down to the second to last video)

French Students Compete in Concours d’Art Oratoire

Months of hard work by nearly 200 French-speaking Middle School students culminated in the first two rounds of the recent Concours d'Art Oratoire. For...

SMUS in the News: Lelia Houbé ’17 Talks Aboriginal Youth Saving Their Language (en...

CBC Radio: Jeun'info February 4, 2016 Lelia Houbé '19 Lelia talks (in French) about Aboriginal youth trying to save their language

Taking ‘Appropriate Risks’ to Make for a Great School Year

When Mr. Andy Rodford (Director of the Senior School) addressed students this week at the opening day assembly, he encouraged students to take "appropriate risks" over...

Students Deliver at French, English Public Speaking Competitions

Trophy shelves are a little heavier this month for a number of talented SMUS students who spoke their way to a fantastic finish at...

Language is an oral thing

Language is an oral thing. Socrates lamented the invention of writing, saying that it robbed language of its life. This was approximately 400 BC....

French Students Succeed at Concours d’Art Oratoire

by Valerie Pike and Mimi Brown Fourteen students from the Middle and Senior School recently attended the British Columbia and Yukon division finals for Concours...

Public Speaking Champ Earns Trip to the UN

Since joining the SMUS community in 2011, Eva Grant has established herself as a strong voice in support of marginalized issues and has practiced...

Middle School Theatre, en Français

by Jo Ross, parent The Grade 6 classes presented Boucles Rouges en route pour Mars for their family and friends. The play was a collaboration...

Writing Help Now Available On Demand

by Denise Lamarche, Director of Academics Stroll past Crothall 108 between 3:30 and 4:30 pm, Mondays through Thursdays, and you might notice some students working...

Language Games

by Jenna, Grade 6 In Japanese class this week, we had five Japanese university students come and spend the class with us. It was a...

A Bilingual Look at Victoria

http://youtu.be/PRuPN_Kpnbg by Serena Edwardson, teacher Throughout the year, my French 10A class has been corresponding with a class from France and collaborating on various projects. My...

A Look at Ancient Japan Through Art

by Zach, Grade 8 On April 26, the Grade 8 Japanese class went on an amusing and educational field trip to the Art Gallery of...

Fairy Tales Teach Espanol

by Alison Galloway, teacher “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want your children to be more intelligent...

Conquering Concours

Middle School students put their language skills to work last week by participating in a long established French-speaking competition. Below, one of our students...

Experiencing Japan (Without Jetlag)

by Madison, Grade 8 On Thursday, November 15th, I went to Vancouver with my Japanese class and the Japanese class from the Senior School. I...

A Play En Français

This week, Grade 6 students took to the Copeland stage to perform a play in French, as part of their language studies. Through music,...

Mandarin Students Take In Chinatown

by Lucas, Grade 8 On Wednesday, October 17th, the Grade 7 and 8 Mandarin classes went on a very educational and entertaining trip to Victoria’s...

Visitors Help Connect Language to Culture

Ten university students from Morioka, Japan came to Canada for two weeks to learn about and experience Canadian culture. The students visited our Japanese...

SMUS French Teacher Honoured

by Xavier Abrioux, Director of the Middle School This week, Middle School French teacher Karen Oraas was celebrated at a ceremony at the legislature. Karen...

Vive le Discours!

by Cam Culham, Junior Houseparent Having worked in the boarding community as a Bolton house parent for nearly 19 years, one of the drawing cards...

SMUS Student Takes Top Spot in French Speaking Competition

by Theresa Cho, Grade 10 On May 7th, I and a few other senior school students—along with some middle school students—went to Vancouver to participate...

AP French Class Performs Cyrano de Bergerac

This Tuesday, the AP French class performed an abridged version of the Cyrano de Bergerac tale. In full costume, the performers turned out an...

Joining the Chinese Language Proficiency Competition

by Mue I, Grade 11 boarder from Japan Because I had previously won 1st place and the best speaker award in the East Japan Area,...

AP Japanese Students Take a Trip

by April Hall, Grade 12 Last week, the AP Japanese 12 class took a field trip to Vancouver. We all rolled out of bed in...

Exchange Students Return Home

Last month, two groups of exchange students, one from Quebec and one from Australia, returned home after a month-long exchange at our school. Four...

Middle School Students Compete en Français

For the first time, Middle School students participated in the Canadian Parents for French (CPF) annual French-language public-speaking contest. Thirty-eight students competed on March...

Très Bien to our Grade 4 French Students

Last week, the two Grade 4 classes performed Les Trois Petits Cochons (the Three Little Pigs), an evening presentation that showcased the students’ verbal...

French Teacher AIMs for Success

Last week, Middle School French teacher Ms. Karen Oraas went to Winnipeg to teach an Accelerated Integrated Method (AIM) workshop, a program designed for...

Spanish Class Celebrates Day of the Dead

Teresa Calderon’s Grade 9 Spanish class put together a special luncheon to honour the Latin American holiday Day of the Dead. Last Friday, the...

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