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Should We Lower the Voting Age in Canada?

'Students of a young age have informed opinions and can make choices that are important to them'

Grade 6 Students Pitch Proposals to Redesign SMUS

A cross-curricular project sees Middle School students redesigning their school with an eye on sustainability

The Next Generation of City Planners

This article originally appeared in the Winter 2018 issue of School Ties. by Kyle Slavin If you were given the challenge of redesigning an important urban space,...

Grade 6 Students Look to Solve Issues of Urbanization

As part of their City 2020 final project, Grade 6 Humanities students were presented with a driving question: “As urban planners, how can we...

Grade 7 Students Perform Shakespeare in the Park

The 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death was an appropriate backdrop for the Humanities 7 students to bring the magic of The Bard's words...

Going Around the World with Grade 6 Humanities Students

Grade 6 students took classmates and parents on a trip Around the World in 80 Minutes this week. The annual Humanities project sees students working...

Project-Based Learning: Grade 8 Students Turn Injustice into Service

Hard-working Grade 8 students had a financial incentive to do their best this week, as they became legitimate human rights advocates in an attempt to...

Project Based Learning: How has Immigration Shaped Canada?

by Tanya Lee, Middle School teacher On October 6th, the Grade 6 classes took part in a panel discussion as part of their Humanities classes....

Grade 6 Classes Take a Trip Around the World

Each year, Grade 6 Humanities culminates with a year-end project called Around the World in 80 Minutes. In groups of four or five, students...

Exploring the Renaissance

Grade 8 students recently completed their projects on the Renaissance, which they presented to each other this week as a way to share in...

Humanities 7: Connecting Skills for Enriched Learning

by Min MacLean, teacher This year, the Middle School has a new course: Humanities 7. An amalgamation of English and Social Studies, Humanities 7 covers...


Grade 6 Humanities students have been working on developing their skills as creative writers. Through the writing process, students brainstorm ideas, organize their storylines,...

Around the World in 80 Minutes

by Jasper Johnston, Grade 8 student Last Thursday, all Grade 6 students took part in an evening event showcasing their work this year. "Around the...

Humanities Education & Leadership Program held at Stanford University

Welcome to HEAL SU, an educational mission seeking to encourage humanities discourse and liberal arts education across disciplines. The goal: to help future leaders solve...

Demi-Gods and Goddesses Descend on SMUS

by Elise, Grade 7 Learning about Ancient Greece doesn’t have to be boring. Before Spring Break, the Grade 7 students were given the creative assignment...

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