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Talking With Children About COVID-19

Our personal counsellors provide parents with tips on talking with children about COVID-19

Grade 8 Students Highlight Mental Health at Leadership Conference

Teacher Tanya Lee highlights why Grade 8 students chose to focus their leadership conference on mental health

How to Make and Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Carole McMillan, Director of Personal Counselling, highlights 5 ways to help you make and keep your New Year's Resolutions
Ritch Primrose

Ask SMUS: What Has Changed About the SMUS Smartphone Policy?

Mr. Ritch Primrose writes about the phone policy at the Senior School that prioritizes student health and wellness
Nikki Kaufmann

Get Your Brain Fit for Exams

Imagine this: you’re launched into the future and neuroscientists tell you that physical activity is just as important for your brain as it is...
Allison Peace

4 Tips for Supporting Your Child’s Mental Health

Personal Counsellor Ms. Allison Peace offers invaluable tips for parents to support their child's mental health
Ritch Primrose

The Fresh Start Effect

Heath and Wellness Week 2019 is in the books, and what a hive of activity it was! Students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 were...
Ritch Primrose

‘Be Present. Phones Off and Away’ – Is Our New Smartphone Policy Working?

Our Director of Health and Wellness provides an update on the smartphone policy and considers the next steps that could be taken in the near future

Portrait of a Learner: Helping Students Find Balance in Their Busy Lives

Middle School students learn the importance of finding balance in their lives to help set them up for academic success
Ritch Primrose

‘Be Present. Phones Off and Away’ – Explaining Our New Smartphone Policy

Mr. Ritch Primrose, Director of Health and Wellness, writes about the new smartphone policy at the Senior School this school year

Looking Ahead to Health and Wellness Week

Mr. Ritch Primrose highlights the work of Dr. Greg Wells, the keynote speaker for our upcoming Health and Wellness Week
Ritch Primrose

How Are Your New Year’s Resolutions Coming Along?

Our Director of Health and Wellness Mr. Ritch Primrose asks us to reflect on our goals of becoming our best selves.

VIDEO: Aysha Emmerson Talks Acceptance and Inspiration at WE Day Vancouver

Head Girl Aysha Emmerson spoke at WE Day Vancouver about acceptance, mental health and the power people have to support and inspire others

GALLERY: Junior School Students Photograph Health and Wellness Week

Check out the gallery of photos taken by Kindergarten to Grade 5 students during Health and Wellness Week at the Junior School
Denise Lamarche

Ask SMUS: What is Acceptable Cellphone Use at School?

Director of Academics Ms. Denise Lamarche writes about technology and acceptable cellphone use at SMUS
Ritch Primrose

Health and Wellness Week Arrives at SMUS

Director of Health and Wellness Mr. Ritch Primrose highlights what's happening at SMUS as part of Health and Wellness Week (April 3-7)
sleep and learning

How Sleep Impacts Learning and Development

Listen to Director of Learning Adrian French discuss what happens when we sleep and why it is so important to learning and development
Ritch Primrose

Setting Resolutions for A New Year or a New Day

Mr. Ritch Primrose, Director of Health and Wellness, writes about setting and achieving goals for the new year
Ritch Primrose

Walking the Talk On Healthy Eating

Mr. Ritch Primrose writes about how eating healthy food impacts the brain, and the newest healthy food options available in the Tuck Shop

Wellness and Balance

This week we are hosting the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) U15 Girls’ Soccer tournament. Starting yesterday, the fields have been full of teams...
Ritch Primrose

Model the Way

September is a time full of energy on the SMUS campus. For teachers, students and parents, this time of year marks a fresh start....
Crystal Vaughan

SMUS Teacher Feature: Ms. Crystal Vaughan

Get to know Middle School counsellor Ms. Crystal Vaughan in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature
Starting High School SMUS

10 Tips for Starting High School on the Right Foot

Head of Counselling Ms. Carole McMillan offers advice for starting high school on the right foot
Ritch Primrose

Resilience as an Opportunity for Student Growth

One of my favourite roles at the school is coach of the Senior boys B basketball team. Basketball runs through the veins of SMUS,...
Ritch Primrose

Balance and Resilience: Making Time for Health & Wellness

As a school that hangs its hat on preparing students for higher learning and for life, the ideas of balance and resilience are important....

Lynn Lyons on Building Emotionally Healthy Kids

Licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist Lynn Lyons returned (by popular demand!) to SMUS during Brain Awareness Week this week to talk about building...

Brain Awareness Week: An Active Brain Keeps It Healthy and Well

Our annual Brain Awareness Week – now in its fourth year! – is a time for our community of students, parents and staff to...
Junior School Running Club

Running Club Highlights Fun Fitness in Non-Competitive Environment

Even before the sun rises, a large group of Junior School students is spending three mornings a week getting a fun fitness session in before classes...
Ritch Primrose

A healthy mind in a healthy body

I only know one Latin phrase, and sadly, this basic lexicon may never improve. Mens sana in corpore sano. The motto of the old...

Balance and resilience

  I am fond of “twins” in the SMUS lexicon. For instance: “passion and compassion”, “truth and goodness”: the term “twins” suggests the inseparability of...

Health, wellness and balance

The shift in health and wellness focus in recent decades has given more complex meaning to one of the School’s mottos, mens sana in...

Ideas that are pearls: balance

Some ideas are like that grain of sand inside the oyster, nestled in a spot where it absorbs the elements that coat it. In...

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