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Grade 8 Students Set to Premiere an Original Movie

Middle School teacher Duncan Frater and the Grade 8 cohorts create and film an original movie to give students a memorable year-end experience

Grade 8 Students Highlight Mental Health at Leadership Conference

Teacher Tanya Lee highlights why Grade 8 students chose to focus their leadership conference on mental health
Grade 8 CAIS Leadership Conference group

What Kind of Leader Am I?: Reflections from Leadership Camp

Grade 8 student Sophia T. writes about what she learned and the skills she gained at the CAIS Middle School Leadership Camp

Opa! Grade 8 Students Return from Unforgettable Greece Trip

After learning about Greece in school, a group of Grade 8 students travelled to the Mediterranean country at the start of Summer Break

Student Q&A: Grade 8 Leadership Conference

We chat with Grade 8 student Neil P. about his experience as one of the student organizers of the Grade 8 Leadership Conference

Reflecting on a Great Grade 8 Leadership Conference

Middle School student Sophia H. writes about the experience of organizing and taking part in the Grade 8 leadership conference

Grade 8 Students Ask, “What is Your Weird?”

Grade 8 student organizers of the Accepting 2 Connecting leadership conference highlight the importance of "embracing your weird" and accepting everyone for who they are

SMUS Goes Greek

Earlier this summer, a group of Grade 8 (soon-to-be Grade 9) students headed around the world to visit Greece. The students were all members of...

2016 Middle School Closing Ceremonies

The annual Middle School Closing Ceremonies is a highlight of the school year – albeit held on the very last day of the year...

French Speakers Head Downtown for The Amazing Race

French students at the Middle School are learning about places, towns and how to effectively navigate a city using directions, so what better way to...

Grade 8s Ready to Host Inspiring Leadership Conference

Grade 8 students are walking the talk next week, as they put their passion for leadership into action by organizing and hosting a leadership conference...

‘SMUS Reads’ Event Brings Community Together Around Literacy

At the start of the school year, every Middle School student was gifted a book. And not a math textbook or a dense history...

Grade 8 Students Learn at Leadership Camp

Last weekend, six Grade 8 SMUS students (along with Mr. Jackson) travelled to Ontario to participate in the CAIS Middle School Leadership Conference More than...

Grade 8 Students Anticipate Life at the Senior School

Four Grade 8 students who've enjoyed their time at the Middle School reflect on their experiences in Grades 6-8

Middle School Students Gain Worldly Views at Model UN

Do you know what the German government's stance on drone use is? What about Finland's? Or the Philippines'? If you're curious, just ask the...

Grade 8 Girls End Basketball Season on High Note

by Coaches Lisa Hyde-Lay and Charles Ford The SMUS Grade 8 girls basketball team enjoyed a very successful season this year. In the Victoria Middle...

From Surviving to Thriving: Grade 8 Students Shine as Leaders

Last Friday, Grade 8 students from Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland descended on SMUS to participate in a unique, student-organized leadership conference, From...

Grade 8 Girls Serve Up Competitive Volleyball Season

by Brady Doland, coach The Grade 8 girls volleyball season started off swiftly, with 26 girls committing to team try outs. After three tryout sessions, coaches...

Project-Based Learning: Grade 8 Students Turn Injustice into Service

Hard-working Grade 8 students had a financial incentive to do their best this week, as they became legitimate human rights advocates in an attempt to...

Exploring the Renaissance

Grade 8 students recently completed their projects on the Renaissance, which they presented to each other this week as a way to share in...

YALP: Local Activists Inspire Grade 8 Students

by Aysha and Taylor, Grade 8 Aysha: Inspiration When I was younger, I would see people on the streets who looked ragged and scruffy. I never...

A Look Into The Eye

As part of their biology unit, Science 8 students get to dissect a real ocular specimen from some bovine donors. For their lab, students...

The Proof is in the… Sandbox?

by Kennedy Aragon-Scriven, Grade 8 On Monday, September 12, the Grade 8 math classes got together — outside the classrooms — along with their teachers...

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