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Super Happy Awesome News

Grade 5s Present a ‘Super Happy Awesome’ Virtual Musical

Hear from some of the performers ahead of this year's Junior School virtual musical, Super Happy Awesome News

Everything I Need to Know About Leadership I Learned in Grade 5

The Grade 5 leadership assembly is key piece of our leadership program as we help students develop the skills to be the leaders of tomorrow

Watch Robot vs. Jeremy, A Grade 5 Sci-Fi Musical

Junior School community comes together to write and film an original movie during COVID-19 isolation

5 Public Speaking Tips for Children

Speeches from our Grade 5 students highlight how young children can gain the skills to be confident public speakers

Grade 5s Bring Ogre-the-Top Musical to the Stage

We chat with a few of the talented young performers in this year's Grade 5 musical, Shrek the Musical JR.
Grade 5 Opera: The Barber of Seville

Grade 5 Opera: Performers Reflect on The Barber of Seville

Our talented Junior School performers reflect on this year's Grade 5 opera, The Barber of Seville

Grade 5 Students Stage Tale As Old As Time

The SMUSpaper sits down with Grade 5 students who are ready to perform "Beauty and the Beast Jr." this week at the McPherson Playhouse

Carrying the Torch for Olympic Values

An opportunity to work with the International Olympic Commission has allowed the Junior School’s Gary Barber to share the spirit of Olympism with children...

2016 Junior School Closing Ceremonies

For the youngest at our school, summer vacation started Thursday after each of the Kindergarten to Grade 5 students proudly crossed the stage, waved to...

Grade 5 Opera “Die Fledermaus” Hits the McPherson Stage

The story of Die Fledermaus can be a bit confusing, so to prepare you for the Grade 5 opera (running Thursday and Friday at...
Grade 5 Opera

Celebrating 10 Years Since Grade 5 Opera Debut

It's been a decade since 11-year-old Lindon Carter stood onstage at the McPherson Playhouse in SMUS's first-ever Grade 5 opera, Johann Strauss II's Die Fledermaus. "That was a...

Olympic Values, History Celebrated at the Junior School

Grade 5 students at the Junior School, under the leadership and guidance of Mr. Gary Barber, spent the last 10 weeks researching, studying and learning all things Olympic...

Grade 5 Students Connect History and Outdoor Education

Last Thursday, our Grade 5 students went to Mount Doug Park to learn more about First Nations people. Taking them to Mount Doug was...

Grade 5 String Orchestra Performs at Junior School

On Friday morning, Grade 5 students brandished their bows – the musical tool, not the arrow-shooting weapon – to serenade classmates, teachers, parents and grandparents...

Grade 5 Students Share Insight into Qualities of Leadership

Last week, each of our Grade 5 students bravely stood up in front of the whole school (plus a large crowd of proud parents)...

Grade 5 Students Grow Out of the Junior School

This year's Grade 5 class enjoyed its final days at the Junior School this week. After spending the school year as the oldest students...

Junior School Students Look Forward to a Musical Experience

After months of practicing dance routines, memorizing song lyrics and skits, and run-throughs of That's Entertainment!, the Junior School is proud to present the...

Grade 5 Students Rise to the Challenge of Staging a Musical

Putting on a school musical is never just a walk in the park. They're always a lot of fun and very rewarding, whether you're...

Grade 5 Students Bow and Pluck to Make Beautiful Music

Even the most famous rock stars get butterflies in their stomachs before they go onstage and put on a memorable show. But when our Grade 5 students...

Junior Geocaching

On October 16th, Grade 5 students took part in a Geocaching event put together by Mr. Pope at the Richmond Road campus. Students used...

The Grade 5 Class Takes the Lead

On Friday, October 3rd the Grade 5 students participated in a special Leadership Assembly. Ms. Richards, Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Cook spoke about leadership...

Grade 5 Opera: The Gypsy Baron

The curtain has fallen on the Grade 5 opera production of The Gypsy Baron. Our young cast gave two great performances at The Royal...

Grade 5 Students Prepare for Opera Debut

On June 4, our Grade 5 students will take the stage at the Royal Theatre to present The Gypsy Baron, an operetta by Johann...

Grade 5 Students Go Greek

by Theo Yesterday was Greek day and I have learned so much about Greek mythology! I learned a very interesting fact about my god Poseidon:...

Inspiration at the Vancouver Island School of Art

by Angelina Agathoklis, art teacher This week, the Grade 5 students had the opportunity to attend an art show at the Vancouver Island School of...

Grade 5 Athletes Get Into Squash

Racquet sports are considered to be an important part of the Junior School Sports Program and over the past few months our Grade 5...

Getting to the Heart of Anatomy at UVic

by Nicky Newsome, Grade 5 teacher This week, we visited the Medical Sciences Building at the University of Victoria! Students were treated to fascinating pictures...

What Does Leadership Mean to You?

Grade 5 students have a large leadership role at the Junior School. To commemorate this, we have an annual assembly where each student shares...

iSpy: A Musical

by Stephanie Geehan, teacher It has been a lot of fun putting together this musical. The journey began around this time last year, when I...

Fun on the Courts

by Gary Barber, PE teacher Racquet sports are considered to be an important part of the Junior School sports program and over the past few...

Recognizing Our Young Leaders

On Monday, the Grade 5 students participated in a special Leadership Assembly. Ms. Richards and Mrs. Cook spoke about Leadership at the Junior School...

Students Prepared for Opera Opening

by Duncan Frater, Director On May 28 and 29, the Grade 5 students will take the stage at the Royal Theatre to perform an abbreviated...

Greek Gods Rise at Junior School

by Olivia, Grade 5 We had a fun Greek festival. Before today we studied a Greek god or goddess of our choice. Using our knowledge,...

Grade 5 Students Talk Leadership

Grade 5 students shared their thoughts on leadership at the annual leadership assembly, where the Grade 5 students are acknowledged for their role as...

Grade 5 Musical Is a Magical Show

by Nancy Richards, Junior School Director The opening night of “Pirates in Wonderland” at the Junior School was a tremendous success! The Grade 5 classes...

Junior School Students Share Photos

by Kathleen Cook (on behalf of the Junior School Service Committee) The Grade 5 children were invited to participate in an exciting International Photography Project...

Junior Students Workshop Their Writing

by Nicky Newsome, Grade 5 teacher This year Grade 5 students have been participating in Writing Workshops. These are explicit writing lessons that have a...

Grade 5 Students Talk Leadership

by Kathleen Cook, Junior School staff member On Friday, October 15th, the Grade 5 students participated in a special Leadership Assembly. Ms. Richards and Mrs....

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