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Outdoor Education Inspires Young Writers

Grade 4 students use their outdoor education trips as inspiration to help build their writing and storytelling skills

SMUS in the News: Students Raise Awareness on World Oceans Day

Grade 4 students took part in World Oceans Day by helping to educate the public about the impact humans have on our oceans

Grade 4 String Musicians Make Their Public Debut

After just three months of learning music, our talented young strings musicians took the stage this week and showed off their skills

2016 Junior School Closing Ceremonies

For the youngest at our school, summer vacation started Thursday after each of the Kindergarten to Grade 5 students proudly crossed the stage, waved to...

Grade 4 Students Try Their Hand at 3D Printing

The mechanical buzz of the 3D printer moving back and forth is what first catches their attention. Then once the students see (and learn...

Students Walk All Over Canada to Learn About Country’s History

What is in the humongous black tube? That was the mystery Grade 4 social studies students faced when they returned to SMUS after their winter holiday. Before...

Grade 4 Classes Explore Their World Using Maps

At the Senior School, Ms. Kirsten Davel is well known for her geography expertise and for championing GIS mapping (geographic information system) as a fun and unique...

Museum Trip Makes First Nations Lessons Come Alive

The Royal BC Museum, right in our own backyard, is a treasure trove of our province's rich history and a great educational resource. That is why...

Marine Biology and Philanthropy: A Visit to the Vancouver Aquarium

Grade 4 students headed across the water this week for a memorable visit to the Vancouver Aquarium. This field trip was more than just a...

Grade 4 Musicians Make Live Performance Debut

Playing a stringed, bowed instrument is no cake walk. It takes a lot of practice to get the technique correct, and a lot of...

Animal Habitats On Display

Before the holiday break, our Grade 4 students hosted parents and fellow students for an exhibit of animal habitats. Each student researched a particular...

Junior Students Get Creative

by Jane Rees, Grade 4 teacher The students in 4J have launched their writing workshop and published their first piece. On Friday, Nov. 4th we...

Junior Students Learn Teamwork Outdoors

The Grade 4 classes spent a beautiful day at Camp Pringle on Shawnigan Lake developing teamwork skills and trying new activities. Students challenged themselves...

Grade 4 Classes Share First Nations Knowledge

by Finn and Izzy The Grade 4 students presented a gallery walk for their Social Studies project on a certain First Nations region of Canada....

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