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Grade 2 Students Raise $6,000 to Help Others Access Clean Water

Students are inspired to fundraise to build a well for a community that doesn't have access to clean drinking water after learning about the water cycle

SMUS in the News: Grade 2 Singers Earn Second Place in Canadian Music Class...

Grade 2 singers earn second place in the Primary Vocal category of the Canadian Music Class Challenge

Outdoor Education: Learning to Build a Connection with Nature

Our outdoor education program blurs the line between learning and building a connection with nature

Grade 2 Students Give Back With Souper Bowls

Grade 2 students bought a bowl and visited Fired Up! to paint their one-of-a-kind dish, which will be donated and used at the Souper Bowls of Hope.

2016 Junior School Closing Ceremonies

For the youngest at our school, summer vacation started Thursday after each of the Kindergarten to Grade 5 students proudly crossed the stage, waved to...

Eggs-periential Learning 2.0: Ducklings Hatch at the Junior School

On the heels of the recent exciting news that our Grade 2 classes successfully hatched a trio of baby chicks, we're proud to announce...

Eggs-periential Learning: Grade 2 Classes Welcome Baby Chicks

Mr. Giggles, Cottonball and Fluffy are the three newest members of our Grade 2 population, after the trio of baby chicks hatched in class Tuesday...

Grade 2 Arctic Studies Culminate in Inuit Games Celebration

All term, the Grade 2 classes have been studying the Arctic and the traditional ways of life of the Inuit people. From lessons on...

Grade 2 Students Learn Real-World Math With Hands-On Lesson

Fifteen or 20 years ago, you'd be hard-pressed to find a math teacher who hadn't told their class at some point during a conversation...

A Lesson in Baking, Math and Altruism

The sweet smell of fresh gingerbread cookie dough filled the hallways of our Senior School this week, as Grade 2 students rolled up their...

A Grade 2 Musical

by Sierra I am doing a musical called The Drum and it is about Jordan, a little girl who wants a drum. Jordan is given...

Baking For A Brighter Holiday

By Nina Duffus, teacher Our Grade 2 students have continued their annual tradition of making and selling gingerbread. The 22 students have weighed, measured, rolled,...

Compost Education

by Maggie S, Grade 2 Last week the Grade 2 class went to the Compost Education Centre. We learned how the compost cycle works. We...

The Moral of the Musical

by Sharon Goodman, teacher Our Grade 2 students recently performed The Cuckoo, a Mexican folktale that tells the story of how the Cuckoo lost her...

Boning Up On Anthropology

As part of their animal study, the Grade 2 class visited UVic’s Anthropology Department, where they learned interesting facts about animal bones and teeth...

Christmas Cheer Never Tasted So Good!

by Nina Duffus, Grade 2 teacher The Grade 2 class has been learning weights, measures, baking, decorating, packaging, finance and sales skills - and a...

Grade 2 Class Stages Mini-Musical

The Grade 2 class is presenting a mini-musical called A Race to the Finish on Friday. They have worked with Mrs. Duffus and Mrs....

Junior School Students Put on a Musical

by Marina The Grade 2 class did a musical called Stone Soup. We performed it for the Junior School and our parents on April 15th...

Grade 2 Bakers Whip Up Some Gingerbread

by Amalia, Grade 2 We are making delicious gingerbread in Grade 2! We got to mix the dry dough in our class and we did...

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