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Through Their Eyes: Exploring the Past from Multiple Perspectives

David Lynch highlights the redesigned Grade 10 Social Studies course that brings multiple perspectives and voices into students' learning

Unexpected Lessons Outside the Classroom

Reagan Daly writes about how the themes of sustainability, leadership and service are embedded in the Grade 10 Experiential Program

Student-Run Café Supports Green Coffee Farming in Brazil

Grade 10 students give back to a small coffee farm in Brazil to help it become a more environmentally friendly business

Grade 10 Students Brew Up a Unique Coffee Project

Business students and Grade 10 experiential students work together to roast, market and sell coffee beans

Grade 10 Students Sail Aboard the Pacific Swift (VIDEO)

Climb aboard the Pacific Swift with Grade 10 students who are learning outside the classroom! Watch them talk about their outdoor ed sailing experience

Grade 10 Students Depart for Experiential Learning Pursuits

Grade 10 students head out on 'the pursuit' to immerse themselves in real-world activities and environments for experiential learning

Grade 10 Students Reflect on Experiential Opportunities

Three students write about their experiences so far in the unique Grade 10 experiential program

2016 Senior School Closing Ceremonies

On Friday afternoon, the Senior School Closing Ceremonies were held, marking the official end of the school year for the Grade 9-11 students. Among...

The Pursuit – The Culmination of a Grade 10 Experiential Year

After extensive research and collaboration, SMUS faculty designed a unique program for Grade 10 students focusing on experiential learning. Weaving hands-on and real-world opportunities...

Experiential Learning: Was Mr. Buckingham Murdered?

Was it Mr. Jackson in the lunch room with the knife? Or was it Professor Plum in the laboratory with the lead pipe? It's early Monday...

Higher Learning and Life: A Look at Our Grade 10 Experiential Program

This September the school took a big step forward in offering a Grade 10 experiential program that blends into everyday classes, applies the lessons...

Taking ‘Appropriate Risks’ to Make for a Great School Year

When Mr. Andy Rodford (Director of the Senior School) addressed students this week at the opening day assembly, he encouraged students to take "appropriate risks" over...

Senior Students Celebrate School Year’s End

As the school year comes to an end, students and staff alike take the time to think back to September and reflect on all...

Transformed Grade 10 Program Opens Doors to a World of Experiences

On Tuesday, we hosted our Course Information Evening to provide insight and information to parents and students about the programs SMUS has to offer in the coming...

Adventures in Experiential Education

Every year at this time, a group of eager Grade 10 students challenge themselves with an experiential education. For the third term, the students...

A Fitting Close to the Grade 9 and 10 Year

by Darin Steinkey, Senior Houseparent, Timmis House A colleague sitting next to me mentioned how much she enjoyed what she called the "lighter" closing ceremony....

Diverse, Polite, Driven: Grades 9 and 10 Close Out Their Year

It was a night of music, awards and proud parents. The Grades 9 and 10 Closing Ceremony honoured the hard work of these classes...

Grade 9 and 10 Closing Ceremonies

SMUS celebrated the work of the Grade 9 and 10 students over the past year at a special ceremony. Students gave speeches, performed music...

Grade 9 and 10 Students Celebrate the Year

by Erin Anderson, editor Grade 9 and 10 students had their own closing ceremony, which celebrated their contributions to the Senior School over the past...

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