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AP Students Travel to Bamfield for Hands-On Environmental Science

Grade 12 student Gina Brown writes about the AP Environmental Science field trip to the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre

French Speakers Head Downtown for The Amazing Race

French students at the Middle School are learning about places, towns and how to effectively navigate a city using directions, so what better way to...

Grade 6 Students Look to Solve Issues of Urbanization

As part of their City 2020 final project, Grade 6 Humanities students were presented with a driving question: “As urban planners, how can we...

Middle School Tech Students Get Behind the Wheel of a Race Car

Last week, students participating in the Middle School's technology exploratory visited a very interesting workplace: VRX Advanced Simulators, located in the industrial park by Victoria...

AP Students Get Behind-The-Scenes Tour of B.C. Legislature

by Olivia Roberts, Grade 11 On June 1, all three AP Comparative Government and Politics classes went on a field trip to visit the British...

Museum Trip Makes First Nations Lessons Come Alive

The Royal BC Museum, right in our own backyard, is a treasure trove of our province's rich history and a great educational resource. That is why...

Building Sweet Friendships on Service Outings to Care Home

by Kathleen Cook, Assistant Director of the Junior School As a part of a school-wide commitment to external community service for all the students at...

Marine Biology and Philanthropy: A Visit to the Vancouver Aquarium

Grade 4 students headed across the water this week for a memorable visit to the Vancouver Aquarium. This field trip was more than just a...

A Sanctuary of Experiential Learning: Swan Lake Christmas Hill

Microscope Discoveries is a school program offered at the Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary. On a warm but rainy fall morning, Grade 6 students...

A Trip Into Victoria’s Past

by Gabriel, Grade 7 Our field trip was exciting and mysterious. Our Grade 7 Mandarin class explored Victoria's Chinatown, the oldest in Canada, in which...

Inspiration at the Vancouver Island School of Art

by Angelina Agathoklis, art teacher This week, the Grade 5 students had the opportunity to attend an art show at the Vancouver Island School of...

Bamfield Trip Fuels Environmental Science Experience

Way back in 2013, our AP Environmental Science students travelled to Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre. Soon after they returned, we received this great report...

Getting to the Heart of Anatomy at UVic

by Nicky Newsome, Grade 5 teacher This week, we visited the Medical Sciences Building at the University of Victoria! Students were treated to fascinating pictures...

A Deeper Understanding of First Nations Culture

by Angelina, Grade 6 On Tuesday, November 5th, the Grade 6 Humanities classes had the opportunity to visit the Royal BC Museum with Leslie McGarry....

Compost Education

by Maggie S, Grade 2 Last week the Grade 2 class went to the Compost Education Centre. We learned how the compost cycle works. We...

Boning Up On Anthropology

As part of their animal study, the Grade 2 class visited UVic’s Anthropology Department, where they learned interesting facts about animal bones and teeth...

Miraculous Marine Creatures

On a visit to the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre, Grade 6 students witnessed our amazing local marine life in action, including the camouflage abilities...

A New Angle on Our City

Geography 10 students took a closer look at how Victoria works as a city on a field trip this week. Exploring the BC capital,...

AP Environmental Science: (Cold & Wet) Hands-On Learning

by Becca Clayton, Grade 12 student There’s just something about digging your hands into what you’re learning (though you may have cold and wet hands...

Field Trip Yields Deeper Understanding of First Nations

by Terra, Grade 6 On Wednesday, the Grade 6 Humanities classes all set off to the Royal BC Museum. For many of us, the museum...

Outdoor Education Climbers Not Repelled by Long Trip

by Vivian Lam, Grade 11 For our out-trip, we (a group of 19 kids including the Grade 12 leaders) went to Penticton to rock climb. Photo...

Ocean Centre Visit Spawns Artwork

Some Senior School artists visited the Ocean Discovery Centre to complete assignments working with moving subjects. There were no shortage of captivating creatures to...

Mandarin Students Take In Chinatown

by Lucas, Grade 8 On Wednesday, October 17th, the Grade 7 and 8 Mandarin classes went on a very educational and entertaining trip to Victoria’s...

Grade 7 Voices in the Wilderness

Pictures by Zyoji Jackson by Sophie, Grade 7 On May 1, the Grade 7 science classes went on a field trip to Goldstream Park. While we...

Compost Education Fertile Ground for Young Minds

by Margaret Lincoln, teacher The Kindergarten children attended a compost education field trip at Beacon Hill Park on Wednesday. This event was put on by...

A Day on the Farm

by Cheryl Murtland, geography teacher AP Human Geography students had the opportunity to experience first-hand the innovations in dairy farming. After studying a unit on...

Pint-Sized Pioneers Dig History

Our Grade 3 class visited Helmcken House to experience life in colonial times. They also spent time in their classroom playing games and practicing...

UVic and SMUS Students Swap Stories

by Heather Sandquist, Grade 4H teacher Our recent field trip to UVic was the culminating piece of our study of elements of design found in...

Grade 6 Students Discover Ocean Life

At the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre, SMUS students got a chance to see some local aquatic species up close. The centre has a variety...

Students Sink Their Teeth into Bat Unit

The Grade 1 students spent their morning at Frances King Park, which is home to various species of bats. The students were capping off...

Grade 6 Students Explore Lake Life

Grade 6 students visited Swan Lake to learn about the various creatures, large and small, that live in and out of the water. Here's...

Middle School Students Share We Day Experience

by Mark Piazza, Grade 8 On Thursday, October 13, I was fortunate enough to have attended We Day at Rogers’s arena in Vancouver. It is...

Art 10 Students Go "Behind the Scenes"

by Alicia Knight, Grade 10 The Grade 10 Visual Arts classes visited a special exhibit at the Royal BC Museum at the end of September....

Prefect Council Retreats!

Pictures by Cheryl Murtland by Alexis Thind, Grade 12 boarder As a group of twenty newly elected prefects, we traveled to Seattle for a leadership experience...

Middle School PE Classes Learn to Cook

Cross-grade PE classes are doing something new this year. Thanks to the Middle School's burgeoning health and nutrition program, students are spending two classes...

Environmental Science Students Examine Waste

by Kieran Hyatt and Hannah Nielsen, AP Environmental Science students Over the past few weeks the AP Environmental Class had the opportunity to visit both...

Grade 6 Scientists Study Swan Lake

by Ben, Grade 6 I liked the Swan Lake field trip a lot. The beginning was fun when we got to catch animals and some...

Art Students Sketch at Royal BC Museum

by Colin Smith, Grade 12 This week on October 5th, the AP Studio Art class went downtown to the Royal BC Museum. The intention was...

Grade 1 Students Go To Jail

by Amalia, Grade 1 student When the Grade 1 class went to the Saanich Police and Fire Station, we saw Taz the police dog, we...

AP Art Students Explore Vancouver

by Kelsey Bjola, Grade 11 On Friday, November 27th, the AP Studio Art class, as well as some Grade 11 art students, made the voyage...

Grade 5 Students Time Travel

by the Grade 5 class A few days ago, both of the Grade 5 classes and Mr. Chan, Ms. Newsome and Ms. Yorath want to...

Grade 1 Students Go to University

See slideshow This week, the Grade 1 class visited the University of Victoria in order to learn about post-secondary education. The students were able to...

AP Japanese Students Take a Trip

by April Hall, Grade 12 Last week, the AP Japanese 12 class took a field trip to Vancouver. We all rolled out of bed in...

AP Students Study Art in Seattle

by Laura Gilmore. Grade 12 On Thursday, January 29th, a group of AP Studio Art and AP Art History students embarked on a journey to...

Students Travel to the Centre of the Universe

The Grade 3 students continued their study of space this week as they visited the Centre of the Universe, an educational centre at the...

Students Journey to See Salmon

Students from all three schools visited Goldstream Park last week to witness the salmon run, a natural phenomenon in which an estimated 40,000 salmon...

Learning about BC's First Peoples

The Grade 4 classes have been studying Native culture in British Columbia as part of their Social Studies curriculum. As part of their learning,...

Kindergarten Class Dives into Ocean Studies

The youngest SMUS class has spent the first official month of winter under the sea, learning about its aquatic inhabitants through a wide range...

Grade 5 Classes Explore Underground

The two Grade 5 classes have both been learning about the history of slavery in North America through a study of the novel Underground...

Grade 1 Students Go Batty

In the spirit of the season, Alison Galloway’s Grade 1 class has been spending a lot of their time studying bats. In preparation for...

Junior School Explores Soil and History

Last week, Grade 2 and 5 students expanded on their studies with interesting day trips. Gordan Chan’s Grade 5 class ventured to Fort Langley,...

SMUS Students Study the Open Sea

This week, 33 SMUS students headed out onto the Pacific Ocean to take their marine science studies out of the classroom. The Grade 9...

Studio Art Students Study Blackwood's Colours

The Advanced Placement Studio Art class took a tour of Canadian artist David Blackwood’s latest exhibit at the Winchester Galleries. Students examined the use...

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