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Introducing Our Campus Master Plan

We are excited to launch our new Campus Master Plan, which outlines a vision, guiding principles, and direction for future development of the Richmond Road campus

Highlighting Our Upgraded Facilities

We highlight the renovations and upgrades made to our campuses this summer, ahead of the 2021-22 school year

Sun Shine

The new Sun Centre student commons and dining hall is at the heart of student life and community

Brown Hall Upgrades Bring New Opportunities

The school's former dining hall underwent a seismic upgrade this school year, which brings with it the creation of newfound space for our community

Walk Around SMUS in Our New Virtual Campus Tour

Tour around St. Michaels University School using our newly updated Virtual Campus Tour

SMUS in the News: Grand Opening of the Sun Centre

The grand opening of the Sun Centre dining hall and student commons is featured in the Saanich News

Sun Centre Grand Opening Kicks Off the New School Year

The Sun Centre, our new dining hall and student commons, has its grand opening to mark the start of the 2018-19 school year
Junior School revitalized learning environment

Facilities Upgrades Revitalize School Spaces

Renovations and upgrades to classrooms and other facilities over the winter break have brought new life to some learning spaces.

New Spaces at SMUS

Students and teachers returned to St. Michaels University School this week to find some big changes had occurred over the summer.

Sun Centre Construction on Track for Spring 2018 Opening

Watch a time-lapse of the Sun Centre construction project. Our new dining hall and student commons is beginning to take shape

Our Past and Future Reflected in the Sun Centre

This week I announced that we are beginning construction of the Sun Centre, our new Dining Hall and Student Commons. The Sun Centre –...
Snowden Library

Senior School Library Named in Honour of Bob and Joan Snowden

Senior School library is named and dedicated in honour of Head of School Bob Snowden and his wife Joan for their contributions to the school

A Joyful Return to the Junior School

Students were all smiles (okay, a couple of them were a little sad to say bye to mom and dad) to return to the...

Middle School Library Gets Upgrade for 21st-Century Learning

Libraries aren’t what they used to be – just ask Middle School teacher-librarian Ms. Sarah Craig. “Well, in classic libraries there was no talking, no...

The SMUS Chapel: Reworking Space for Our Growing Community

More than half a century ago the school community came together to do something extraordinary: build the Chapel. In the early 1960s, the school –...

New Students and Spaces at Junior School

There were lively conversations, smiles and hugs at Junior School on Wednesday as students and parents alike returned for another year, eager to meet...

Two Steps Closer to a Graceful Space

by Nancy Richards, Director of Junior School Over the past week, our Junior School faculty, parents and neighbours have had opportunities to share their thoughts...

Our Growing School

by Nancy Richards, Director of Junior School The school year is off to a fantastic start and everyone at the Junior School is talking about...

Building buildings

Last week I referred to the sacrifice of Malala Yousafzai. Today in Senior Chapel, Rev. Fletcher showed some pictures of the town in the...

Double the Fun at the Junior School

by Nancy Richards, Director It is an historic week for SMUS as another Kindergarten class is added to the Junior School! Thirty-five four- and five-year-olds...

SMUS Expands to Welcome a New Class

by Nancy Richards, Director of the Junior School This week, a very special event took place at the Junior School. We enthusiastically welcomed the kindergarten...

Solar Panels Heat Up Boarding

Photos, graphs and charts by Craig Farish Last year, the sustainability department at SMUS installed a solar hot water heating system on the top of...

The Quad

I didn’t really encounter the qualities and virtues of quadrangles until I went to university. University College at University of Toronto has a quad...

Survey Leads to Changes at Brown Hall

Recently, Brown Hall conducted an in-depth survey of staff and students, to find out how happy they were with Brown Hall. Thanks to an...

New Technology for the Junior School Classrooms

by Jane Rees, Junior School Teacher New technology at the Junior School is helping to engage pupils and motivate learners in the classroom. iBoards are...

What’s New at SMUS?

by Erin Anderson, editor Over the summer, SMUS certainly wasn't idle. As our summer programmes filled the campus week after week, we also found the...

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