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“Best Exploratory Ever” Pairs Middle Schoolers with Local Seniors

"I don’t know if there will ever be something at school that will impact me the way this did." Middle School students reflect on a unique partnership they made with residents at a local seniors home

SMUS in the News: SMUS Students Bridge the Generations with Seniors

The Saanich News highlights a wonderful community project that connected our Middle School Exploratory students with seniors at a local retirement home

SMUS Goes Greek

Earlier this summer, a group of Grade 8 (soon-to-be Grade 9) students headed around the world to visit Greece. The students were all members of...

Grade 8 Student Brings Harry Potter Magic into the Classroom

The Middle School will soon be transformed into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, thanks to the passion and ingenuity of a Grade 8 student. Jenna S....

Exploratory: Freedom to Try Something New Without Being Graded!

Once every couple of days in the Middle School timetable, all students in Grades 6 through 8 step outside of the traditional classroom setting...

Middle School Tech Students Get Behind the Wheel of a Race Car

Last week, students participating in the Middle School's technology exploratory visited a very interesting workplace: VRX Advanced Simulators, located in the industrial park by Victoria...

Exploratory is All About Your Passions and Trying Something New

The Exploratory program at the Middle School gives students in Grades 6 through 8 a chance to try new things, pursue their passions or...

Student Travellers Return from Service and Culture Trip to Greece

Learning about Greece from a classroom is interesting; learning about the Mediterranean country and its rich history by actually travelling there is unforgettable. Last school year, Middle...

Middle School Explorers Set Out For Weekend Camp Experience

by Matthew, Grade 8 I love cities. I admire places such as Hong Kong and New York for their pace, skyscrapers and for how urban...

Hands-On Learning Through Exploration

Our Middle School Exploratory Program is a great way for students to expand their interests; where the thrill of learning something new becomes priority...

Exploratory Camping Trip Leaves Lifelong Memories

by Zyoji Jackson, Middle School teacher “One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.” – William Shakespeare. While I cannot assume exactly what Mr. Shakespeare had in...

Tynker-ing with Code

by Anna Miller, teacher The next exploratory term at the Middle School is going to be an exciting one and a huge learning experience for...

A Look at Exploratory

Our exploratory program allows Middle School students to choose their own elective course. Each year, teachers come up with new activities and students select...

Exploring Exploratory

The Exploratory program is a unique Middle School offering that allows students to try new activities without an academic component. Bringing all three grades...

Handmade Fashions Hit the Runway

by Maddi T, Grade 6 The Project Runway exploratory was the best exploratory that I have ever done! We had so much fun learning how...

Exploring Exploratory: A New Way to Learn

One of the unique programs at the SMUS Middle School, Exploratory classes, allow students to try out different activities in a relaxed atmosphere. Students...

Middle School Students Debut Businesses


Exploratory: What’s Happening

by Amanda and Amita Last exploratory, we spent our class visiting some of the other exploratory classes. We visited the cross-stitching, broadcasting, wood-working, games, house...

Exploratory Students Take Over the Middle School Blog

by Erin Anderson, editor of the SMUS Review On November 1, the Middle School began a new series of exploratory classes, where students can choose...

Students Entertain Seniors

See slideshow This week, one of the Middle School exploratory classes visited the Luther Court Society care facility, where they performed music for a very...

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