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Keith Driscoll

Ensuring a Sustainable Future

We are taking steps to improve our ecological footprint and ensure we empower students with the knowledge and skills to thrive in a sustainable world

Coastal Cleanup

When the pandemic hit BC's tourism industry, Maureen Gordon ’88 helped spearhead a cleanup of BC's Great Bear Rainforest

SMUS in the News: Kate O’Connor ’20 Named a Top Environmentalist Under 25

Kate O'Connor '20 is named to The Starfish Canada's Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25 list for 2020

Sustainability Day: Small Changes Make Big Differences

The Middle School Sustainability Council highlights how "no one is too small to make a difference" when it comes to protecting our planet

This is a Climate Change Wake-Up Call

Grade 12 student Firinne Rolfe highlights the need for action on climate change

Celebrating Earth Day

Leaders of the Green Team highlight the importance of Earth Day amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Unexpected Lessons Outside the Classroom

Reagan Daly writes about how the themes of sustainability, leadership and service are embedded in the Grade 10 Experiential Program

‘Now is the Time to Take Action on Climate Change’

This week's Senior School chapel featured our Green Team and sustainability prefects talking about sustainability and climate change

SMUS in the News: Dr. Curran Crawford ’96 Looks at Converting CO2 to Rock

Dr. Curran Crawford '96 speaks with the CBC about his work to reduce carbon emissions from the global atmosphere

SMUS in the News: Students Raise Awareness on World Oceans Day

Grade 4 students took part in World Oceans Day by helping to educate the public about the impact humans have on our oceans
Grade 7 Species Exhibits

Grade 7 Students Display Their Work at the Royal BC Museum

Grade 7 science students researched different species and spent time at the Royal BC Museum talking with museum guests about their projects

AP Students Travel to Bamfield for Hands-On Environmental Science

Grade 12 student Gina Brown writes about the AP Environmental Science field trip to the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre

Junior School Celebrates Being Environmentally Friendly

Kindergarten and Grade 5 classes are trying to make the world a little greener by drawing environmentally friendly messages on Thrifty Foods paper grocery bags....

SMUS’s Club Hub: Sustainability and Outdoor Council

SMUS students have access to a wide variety of extracurricular opportunities that interest them. We offer more than 100 fun and rewarding clubs or councils that provide students...

The Diversity of Living Things: A Visit from SeaQuaria

Recently, SeaQuaria, a local organization that brings sea life into the classroom, visited the Grade 6 classes to introduce the new critters that will...

Tolmie’s Rugged Hill: A Grade 7 Perspective

by Angelina & Josh, Grade 7 On Thursday, September 11th, the Grade 7 Science students at the Middle School went with Mr. Floyd, Mr. Jackson...

A Day Aboard CCGS Tully with Ocean Networks Canada

SMUS Science department head Mike Jackson spent September 17 with an Ocean Networks Canada dive team on the CGCS Tully in the Saanich Inlet.

Earth Awareness Week

Following a wonderful student-led assembly to kick off Earth Awareness Week at the Junior School, the children have all been involved in a week...

Arboreal Life at SMUS

Our campus is now officially in bloom and over the break we had a visit from Verna Mumby of Mumby Tree Services, who is...

Climate Change Showdown

Our Middle School has had the environment on its mind this week. Last Friday, the Eco-warriors won a presentation from the BC Sustainability Energy...

Students on Ice in Antarctica

by Tessa Owens, Grade 11 This winter, I was lucky enough to participate in a two-week international scientific expedition to Antarctica called Students on Ice....

Junior School Gets Greener

by Diana Nason, librarian We introduced the recycling and composting program a few years ago and the students have been quite committed. Recycling is a...

Bamfield Trip Fuels Environmental Science Experience

Way back in 2013, our AP Environmental Science students travelled to Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre. Soon after they returned, we received this great report...

Education Comes Naturally

by Margaret Lincoln, teacher The Kindergarten class's visit to the main campus was part of an integrated unit on features of local outdoor environments....

Eco-Warriors in Their Natural Habitat

by Terra, Grade 7 On October 29th, the Middle School Eco-Warriors went down to Uplands Park and worked on restoring the Garry Oak ecosystem there....

Shifting the Power

by Tessa Owens, Grade 11 From October 4-7th, hundreds of activists hailing from across Canada met in Victoria, British Columbia. They were united as part...

Compost Education

by Maggie S, Grade 2 Last week the Grade 2 class went to the Compost Education Centre. We learned how the compost cycle works. We...

No Batteries Required

Just in time for Earth Week, we spoke to Ann Makosinski, whose human-powered flashlight just won her a trip to the Canada-Wide Science Fair....

Bovine Role in Human Geography

What does milking a cow have to do with geography? Surprisingly, a lot. Our AP Human Geography class visited a local dairy farm as...

AP Environmental Science: (Cold & Wet) Hands-On Learning

by Becca Clayton, Grade 12 student There’s just something about digging your hands into what you’re learning (though you may have cold and wet hands...

SMUS at UN Earth Summit!

Tessa Owens, in grade 9, has been committed to communicating her concern about the environment for a long time. Three years ago she was...

The Conflict Inside Our Cell Phones

by Sarah Graham, Grade 10 In the last couple of years a new blood diamond has come to light: blood minerals. Since the electronics boom...

Grade 8 Boarders Farm for a Cause

Photos by Kevin Lin by Jerry, Grade 8 Boarder In honour of Earth Day, all the Grade 8 boarders went to Woodwynn Farms on Saturday, April...

Compost Education Fertile Ground for Young Minds

by Margaret Lincoln, teacher The Kindergarten children attended a compost education field trip at Beacon Hill Park on Wednesday. This event was put on by...

Scholar in Residence: Gwynne Dyer’s Less Dire View

by Darin Steinkey, writer In his first visit in five years, journalist, author and military historian Gwynne Dyer spoke about his book Climate Wars this...

Dead Batteries Save Lives

by Jonathan and Christopher, Grade 7 & 8 A group of Free the Children members travelled to Vancouver to attend We Day in October. At...

Kindergarten Class Swims Through Salmon Unit

by Margaret Lincoln, Kindergarten teacher The Kindergarten students embarked on an inquiry unit to find out about the connection humans have to the journey of...

Planting SEEDS of Sustainability

From pulling broom on Mt. Tolmie to favouring re-useable bags, purchasing bikes for boarding or replacing the aging boiler in School House, SMUS is...

Students Sink Their Teeth into Bat Unit

The Grade 1 students spent their morning at Frances King Park, which is home to various species of bats. The students were capping off...

SMUS Seniors Embark on a Tar Trek

by Darin Steinkey Here's an excerpt from Liam Maclure and Daniel Cameron's (fictional) summer to do list: cut grass clean room hang out with friends investigate giant multinational oil...

Solar Panels Heat Up Boarding

Photos, graphs and charts by Craig Farish Last year, the sustainability department at SMUS installed a solar hot water heating system on the top of...

Kindergarten Class Teaches Parents About Marine Life

The Kindergarten children invited their parents to school to share their learning about our unit on "Our Big Blue Planet". The "big ideas" we...

Grade 6 Students Learn Systems Theory

The Parents' Auxiliary brought in guest speaker Russel Horowitz to talk to Grade 6 students about systems theory and the problems humanity is facing...


Water... in the form of rain can be such a nuisance, especially this late in the spring. I was thankful that it didn’t rain...

The Tragedy of the Commons

Garrett Hardin first wrote about the tragedy of the commons in the journal Science in 1968. In this seminal work, Hardin described the dilemma...

The Junior School Green Team

Sustainability is one of the Five Streams of Leadership at SMUS. Before the break, anticipating Earth Week in the middle of April, I had the...

Environmental Science Students Examine Waste

by Kieran Hyatt and Hannah Nielsen, AP Environmental Science students Over the past few weeks the AP Environmental Class had the opportunity to visit both...

Grade 4 Students Learn About Underwater Life

by Terra Before Nickolai, Rick, Jamie and Stephanie presented the VENUS project to my class, I never realized how advanced scientific technology had gone underwater....

Grade 6 Scientists Study Swan Lake

by Ben, Grade 6 I liked the Swan Lake field trip a lot. The beginning was fun when we got to catch animals and some...

Earth Week

by Erin Anderson, editor Earth week is upon us yet again. From April 16-22, students and staff will be paying extra attention to their environmental...

Junior Students Try to Save the Farm

by Jamison, Grade 5 It was a really nice day out and it was the end of the day. Almost everyone brought a donation for...

Environment Club Covers Composting

Last week, the Junior School Environment Club had a special guest from the Greater Victoria Compost Education Centre. In the first term of the...

Earth Week

This week, the E-team celebrated Earth Week and encouraged students to participate in eco-friendly activities to help SMUS and the Earth stay green. Mr....

E-team Cleans up Waste at Middle School

While environmental action is nothing new for SMUS, this is the first year the Middle School has had its own E-team. The Senior School...

Old SMUS Computers Retire Abroad

New students aren’t the only arrivals to SMUS this year. Once again, the SMUS IT team has spent their summer setting up new computers...

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