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SMUS in the News: Ajay Parikh-Friese ’16 Lands Roles on Netflix Series

Alumnus Ajay Parikh-Friese '16 stars in two new Netflix series, Lost in Space and ReBoot: The Guardian Code
Tessa Pihl

SMUS in the News: Tessa Pihl ’14 Sets Sights on Feature Film Career

Alumnus Tessa Pihl '14 sits down with the Kelowna Daily Courier to talk about her acting career

SMUS in the News: Sarah Donald ’90 On Stage at The Belfry

August 10, 2016 Oak Bay News Sarah Donald '90 Modern motherhood on stage

Grade 7 Students Perform Shakespeare in the Park

The 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death was an appropriate backdrop for the Humanities 7 students to bring the magic of The Bard's words...

REVIEW: Opening Night of The Phantom of the Opera

The SMUS production of The Phantom of the Opera premiered on Thursday, February 25. The opening night cast starred Ajay Parikh-Friese as the infamous...
Two students from the SMUS Senior School production of Phantom of the Opera

Behind the Mask: Meet the Phantom of the Opera

Tonight the Senior School production of The Phantom of the Opera debuts to a nearly sold-out crowd at the McPherson Playhouse. For months, students,...

SMUS in the News: The Phantom of the Opera Production

February 24, 2016 Senior School production of The Phantom of the Opera Saanich News St. Michaels students stage Phantom of the Opera at McPherson Shaw TV (see video above)

Phantom Performers: Meet SMUS’s Two Viscount Raouls

The clock is ticking, and we are now less than one week away from the debut of the Senior School musical, The Phantom of...

Phantom Performers: Meet SMUS’s Two Christine Daaés

After months of hard work, long rehearsals and dedication, the Senior School musical production of The Phantom of the Opera debuts at the McPherson...

Beyond the Blonde: Meet SMUS’s Lead Actors

After months of hard work, our Senior School presentation of Legally Blonde: the Musical opens tonight! Students, staff, parents and volunteers have been at it...

Beyond the Blonde: Senior School Musical Behind the Scenes

by Kyus Hicks, Grade 12 Since watching Guys and Dolls while visiting the school in Grade 9, I knew that I wanted to be a...

The “bravo” moment

At the end of the show – be it an opera, concert, or play – someone in the audience leaps up, waves a hand...

Fall Theatre Production Captures Life of Anne Frank

by Morgan McLeod, Head of Theatre A mere two months ago, we had our first read through of The Diary of Anne Frank. It was...

From Secret Garden to Shakepeare

After taking on the role of Mary in the SMUS production of The Secret Garden last year, Grade 12 student Ellen Law spent her...

SMUS in the News: Shakespeare By the Sea

Times Colonist August 21, 2013 Ellen Law '14 and Jack Hayes '12 Review: Natural effects light up Midsummer Night's Dream by the sea

Something Wicked for SMUS Boarders

"You are an ambitious soul, Macbeth. You long for greatness, but will you be wicked enough?"by Martha Cohn, Grade 10 boarder On Tuesday evening, October...

Original Trilogy Wraps Up with Wakeful Sleeper

by Kaylaa Dornan, Grade 12 Jennifer Fraser’s play Wakeful Sleeper opened last week at St. Michaels University School and was the final piece in a...

Parents and Students Get a Chance to Act

by Jennifer Fraser, English teacher Next week, Scholar in Residence Kayte Summers, actor and drama therapist, will conduct two interactive workshops next week: an afternoon...

Scholar in Residence Combines History and Performing Arts

Historical figure Harriet Tubman visited SMUS last week, in the form of veteran performer Leslie McCurdy. Starting her day at the Junior School, she...

A Memorable Afternoon of Middle School Recitations

Last week, the SMUS Middle School students performed at their recitations finals. Recitations - a long-held school tradition where students memorize poems, monologues and...

Student Theatre Offers Cathartic Drama

by Sydney Fraser, Grade 11 Aristotle’s Poetics, the latest play to be performed by SMUS’ Student Theatre Society, explores the lives of people who live...

SMUS Student Theatre Society Presents Distortion

Next week, the SMUS Student Theatre Society unveils its latest show, an original play co-written by SMUS teacher Jennifer Fraser. Distortion tells the story...

AP French Class Performs Cyrano de Bergerac

This Tuesday, the AP French class performed an abridged version of the Cyrano de Bergerac tale. In full costume, the performers turned out an...

Students Compete in Film Festival Contest

The Victoria Film Festival includes FilmCAN, a contest for young filmmakers, where the favorite videos go on to be played in the film festival....

Performing in Senior School Recitations

by Sarah Khan, Grade 12 My palms were sweaty. Nerves had begun to take hold, and I had just discovered that my performance was to...

Middle School Students Perform Recitations

by Rachel, Grade 8 On Tuesday, November 30th, we had our Middle School Recitations. I was one out of 16 students who was picked to...

A Good Night for Theatre

Next week, the SMUS Student Theatre Society will launch its third production. Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) is a comedic play from Canadian playwright...

SMUS Gets Dramatic

Last week was the first Drama Night of the year, a night when any student can sign up to put on any kind of...

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