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SMUS Teacher Feature: Mrs. Beth Johnston

Chemistry teacher Mrs. Beth Johnston is highlighted in this week's Teacher Feature. She's also opening up her classroom as part of Fall Spark Open House on Oct. 20

Experiential Learning: Was Mr. Buckingham Murdered?

Was it Mr. Jackson in the lunch room with the knife? Or was it Professor Plum in the laboratory with the lead pipe? It's early Monday...

AP Students Perfect Their Chemistry

by Christina Chwyl and Clayton Fair, Grade 12 Phenomenal flashes of light, crazy colour changes and shrilling sounds were abundant at the school's first “Chem...

Grade 5 & 6 Students Build Edible Atoms

Grade 6 students hosted some special visitors from the Junior School this week when Grade 5 classes came to the Middle School to build...

Hinton Chair Settles Into SMUS

Every year, the Hinton Chair position allows SMUS to bring in an excellent teacher for one year, creating an opportunity for new ideas, collaboration,...

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