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Adrienne Davidson

Some Holiday Magic

Adrienne Davidson writes about the daily dose of inspiration and magic that comes from community support for our school

Ariel Khoo: Discovering a Passion for Rowing

When Ariel Khoo tried out for a new sport last September, she never imagined that nine months later she would have two national silver...
Adrienne Davidson

What is Our Culture of Philanthropy at SMUS and Why Does it Matter?

Adrienne Davidson, Director of Advancement and Campaigns, highlights how the Annual Appeal is vital to the success of our school
Adrienne Davidson

Introducing Adrienne Davidson, Director of Advancement & Campaigns

Get to know Adrienne Davidson, our new Director of Advancement & Campaigns
Shara Campsall

Supporting Our Student Athletes

As we race to the finish line of our Annual Appeal, I am reminded how our athletes across all campuses and sports are impacted...

David Kim ’05: Helping Students Reach Their Full Potential

David Kim is the person he is today because generous donors supported financial assistance that allowed him to get a SMUS education

The Lasting Impact of Financial Assistance

Financial assistance helps bring amazing students to SMUS, and a SMUS education has a lasting impact on their lives

How Our Community Supports Students in the Classroom

Many projects at SMUS that support student learning in the classroom would not be possible without the support of the Annual Appeal
Paul Leslie

Toward a Diverse Community

Independent schools in Canada strive to be learning communities that are as diverse as the communities they serve. At SMUS, our goal is to...
Mark Turner Annual Appeal

Helping Our Head of School Provide Opportunities

Head of School Mark Turner reflects on the Annual Appeal and how it impacts every student and every opportunity
Shara Campsall

Every Student, Every Opportunity

Shara Campsall provides an introduction to this year's Annual Appeal campaign: "Every Student, Every Opportunity".

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