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Alexis Lang Lunn

Our Welcome

Community. This is an important and often repeated word at SMUS. In fact, it is one of the Strategic Priorities in the new strategic...
Alexis Lang Lunn

A Warm Welcome Awaits

Long before a student finds herself sitting in a Crothall classroom, playing a violin in the Schaffter Hall strings room, or working in the...
Paul Leslie

Toward a Diverse Community

Independent schools in Canada strive to be learning communities that are as diverse as the communities they serve. At SMUS, our goal is to...
Paul Leslie

Open House Season is Here

Paul Leslie, Director of Admissions and Engagement, previews what families can expect from Fall Spark Open House.
Paul Leslie

Before and After: Why Families Choose SMUS

Mr. Paul Leslie, Director of Admissions, writes about the role SMUS plays in transforming students

SMUS’s Club Hub: Admissions Ambassadors

SMUS students have access to a wide variety of extracurricular opportunities that interest them. We offer more than 100 fun and rewarding clubs or councils that provide students...

Experience the SMUS Community at Open House: February 20

by Paul Leslie, Director of Admissions The SMUS Open House is an opportunity for families to visit our Junior, Middle and Senior school campuses and get...

Open House: 10 Good Things about the Junior School

Kathleen Cook, Assistant Director of the Junior School On Friday, October 24 the Junior School welcomed many visitors to the Open House. As a part...

Throwing the Doors Wide Open

Eager to show their pride in the school, our Grade 5 leaders have been touring prospective parents around the Junior School. This is what...

Parents Tell Us: Why SMUS?

Why do parents choose SMUS for their kids? This week, the SMUS Open House will bring a lot of new families to campus, some...

Open House Ambassadors Share Their Favorite Things

On Friday, the Junior School will welcome many Open House visitors, who will be greeted by our Grade 5 students. As our school leaders,...

SMUS Expands to Welcome a New Class

by Nancy Richards, Director of the Junior School This week, a very special event took place at the Junior School. We enthusiastically welcomed the kindergarten...

Inside Open House

Next Friday, on October 21, SMUS is holding its first Open House of the year. Despite becoming a staple SMUS event in recent years,...

SMUS in the News: Why You Should Attend the SMUS Open House

OurKids.net Blog September 21, 2011 Why You Should Attend the St. Michaels University School Open House

New Year, More Students

by Sue Saunders, Director of Admissions The first week of September is an exciting time, especially for admissions. We welcome the families who we have...

School in Full Swing

Last week, SMUS welcomed almost 200 new students, including 85 new boarders. Our returning boarders were on hand to help the new arrivals find...

Student Ambassadors Show Off SMUS

Every year, potential new students and their families come to see what SMUS is all about. Our student ambassadors spend their spare periods giving...

New Students Bring Much to SMUS

Each year, our school seems to get even more diverse and 2008-2009 will be no different. Our 206 new students have come to us...

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