SMUS Life features stories from the school that happen outside of the classroom, music room or gymnasium: from boarding life, assemblies, Chapel and student travel to student-written stories from The Jag student newspaper.

David Kim ’05: Helping Students Reach Their Full Potential

David Kim is the person he is today because generous donors supported financial assistance that allowed him to get a SMUS education

Sun Shine

The new Sun Centre student commons and dining hall is at the heart of student life and community
Becky Anderson

Beyond the Classroom Walls

As we may recall from our own educational experiences, there is so much worthwhile learning that happens outside the traditional classroom: in the art...

Brown Hall Upgrades Bring New Opportunities

The school's former dining hall underwent a seismic upgrade this school year, which brings with it the creation of newfound space for our community

Student Travel

The Jag Student Newspaper