Service Hours Tracking

Once you have volunteered, you will want to keep track of your hours. The system we use at SMUS is You can access this by signing in to Family Connection and choosing the x2VOL link on the left hand side. If you don’t use Naviance yet see “How do I log in?” below.

It is an online tracking system. Below you will find some frequently asked questions and a step- by-step guide to using the system.


Q: How do I log in?

There are a few scenarios for logging in.

1.The ideal one is to log in through Naviance/Family Connection. Click on the x2VOl link under “Resources” on the left hand side of your screen in Family Connection. See the blog post that takes you through the log in process through Family Connection. Or scroll down to see the slide-by-slide instructions to log in and log hours.

2. If you haven’t used Naviance/Family Connection yet, you can log in through To do this, visit the website and enter your email address ( and your password (it is pre-set to your student number). If it is your first time logging in to x2VOL, you will have to:

-Go to
-Click on “join” at the top right.
-In the text box start typing “St. Michaels University School” and it will pop up. Select it! **Don’t forget the period after St.
-Enter your last name and your ID, which is your student number. Click “search”.
-If you are in the system, you will pop up and you can finish registering. If you aren’t in the system, you can add your info.

You can log in through the website until you get set up with Family Connection, then you can enter the x2VOL site that way,

Q: I volunteer weekly. Should I enter my hours every time I go?

A: There are a few ways you can put your hours in.

One option is to enter your hours each time you go. Make sure you mark it as a ‘recurring activity’ the first time you put your information in, so you don’t have to re-enter it each time. You can write a reflection the first time you go, and then just keep expanding on it for every new entry. No need for it to be long, it is just a way to keep track of the experience you have.

Another option is to enter your hours every few months. For example, if you volunteer 2 hours a week, every week (8 hours a month) after 4 months you would have 32 hours. You can put them in all at once. When choosing the date, choose the last day you volunteered.

Q: What is the difference between the goals “Off-Campus Service Hours” and “SMUS Service Hours”?

A: Off-Campus hours are when you volunteer for an organization that is not a part of the school, like the BC Cancer Foundation, Swan Lake, Extreme Outreach, a seniors’  home or the Salvation Army.  This needs to be work that you do without getting paid. A few exceptions are SMUS related, like stage crew for the musical or orchestra for the musical.

SMUS Service Hours are for things that you do for the school like Buddy Reading with Mrs. Tweedie, peer tutoring, score keeping, being a prefect, outdoor leadership, boarding duty or helping at the Junior School Barn Dance.

Q. I put my hours in, but I got an email that says they were denied! What does that mean?

A: If you get an email that says your hours have been denied, there will be an explanation at the end of the message explaining why. Most often is is because you selected the wrong goal (eg. you put the hours as off-campus when they should have been SMUS service hours), you didn’t write a reflection, or something like that! Once you have made the changes, you need to re-submit them so they can be approved.

Q: My hours were denied because I needed to get more information in (such as a reflection). I have taken care of the changes but the hours have still not been approved! What should I do?

A: If your hours are denied, you need to re-submit them before they will go back in line to be approved. If you don’t resubmit them, they will just sit in your account, lonely and waiting. Mrs. Parker will never see them! Make sure you resubmit them.

Q: I am a boarder. Do I get hours for being on duty?

A: Yes, you do. You may want to enter them every month or every term (to make it less time consuming for you)! Make sure you choose the goal as “SMUS Service Hours”.

Q: What other things do I get hours for?

Hours that can be entered as “SMUS Service Hours” include:

Outdoor Leadership: 72 hours
Head Boy/Head Girl: 200 Hours
School Prefect: 100 Hours
Head of House: 100 Hours
Head of Council: 50 hours
Head of Clubs: Confer with your Staff Advisor
Boarding Students: Your duty hours
Admissions Tours: Hours spent giving tours
Score Keeping: Hours spent score keeping
Academic Coaching: Hours spent training and coaching
Peers: Hours spent training and practicing

Hours that can be entered as “Off-Campus Service Hours” include:

Grade Out-trips (like the Eco-Village): 3-4 hours per “working service day” of your trip – usually 12 hours total
Experiential Program: Hours volunteered for the Service days
Musical Crew and Orchestra: Hours spent on the musical
Service Trips: 4 hours for each “working service day” of your trip – check with the chaperone

Below are the steps you need to follow to login and to enter your hours.