Middle School

SMUS Bids Farewell to Three of the Best

With almost 75 years of combined teaching experience at SMUS, we wish Jim de Goede, Lisa Hyde-Lay and Lindy Van Alstine a fond farewell....

2017 Middle School Closing Ceremonies

The Middle School Closing Ceremonies provide an opportunity not only for students to look forward to summer break but also to reflect on the year that...
Head of School Bob Snowden

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Bob Snowden

Head of School Mr. Bob Snowden, who retires at the end of this school year, is highlighted in the SMUS Teacher Feature

“Best Exploratory Ever” Pairs Middle Schoolers with Local Seniors

"I don’t know if there will ever be something at school that will impact me the way this did." Middle School students reflect on a unique partnership they made with residents at a local seniors home
Lindy Van Alstine

SMUS Teacher Feature: Ms. Lindy Van Alstine

Middle School science teacher Ms. Lindy Van Alstine, who retires this year after 26 years at SMUS, is featured in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature

Athletics Week in Review: June 2

Tennis, golf, cricket and track and field are covered in this edition of the SMUS Athletics Week in Review