Leadership & Service

Virtue of the Month – Detachment

Junior School counsellor Tessa Lloyd highlights detachment as the Virtue of the Month

Compassion, Empathy and Community Engagement

Kathleen Cook highlights how compassion and empathy are woven into Junior School lessons

Students Buddy Up for Language Learning

The Foreign Language Reading Buddy Program pairs students learning Chinese, French and Spanish with a classmate proficient in the language

Grade 8 Students Highlight Mental Health at Leadership Conference

Teacher Tanya Lee highlights why Grade 8 students chose to focus their leadership conference on mental health

Virtue of the Month – Excellence

Junior School counsellor Tessa Lloyd writes about January's Virtue of the Month: Excellence

Student-Run Café Supports Green Coffee Farming in Brazil

Grade 10 students give back to a small coffee farm in Brazil to help it become a more environmentally friendly business

Service Opportunities