SMUS’s 50th Jubilee Anniversary

During the 2021-22 school year, St. Michaels University is celebrating our Jubilee anniversary, marking 50 years since the amalgamation of St. Michael’s School and University School in 1971.

While the Jubilee is a celebration of St. Michaels University School, we will also pay tribute to the legacy of our founding schools dating back to 1906 (University School) and 1910 (St. Michael’s School).

You’re encouraged to keep an eye on this space for Jubilee-related stories, photo galleries and more throughout the school year.


Introducing Our Campus Master Plan

We are excited to launch our new Campus Master Plan, which outlines a vision, guiding principles, and direction for future development of the Richmond Road campus

Launching Our Jubilee Festivities

Our school community comes together for an event to kick off our Jubilee year that celebrates 50 years since amalgamation

Celebrating Our Jubilee Year

Head of School Mark Turner highlights our upcoming Jubilee year, celebrating 50 years since the amalgamation that created St. Michaels University School

The History of SMUS’s Amalgamation

Learn about the 1971 amalgamation of our two founding schools, as we begin celebrating 50 years of St. Michaels University School

The Architect and The School Founder

Famed architect Francis Rattenbury is one of the people whose generosity in the early days of St. Michael's School helped the school grow
Mark Turner

A Letter to Parents – April 23, 2021

Head of School Mark Turner looks ahead to the 2021-22 school year and the importance of recognizing SMUS's 50-year Jubilee