Duke of Edinburgh Award

About The Award

The Award is a non-competitive programme in which participants set and achieve personal goals for community service, skills, fitness, and adventure. It is a great way to explore new interests and try new challenges you might not have done otherwise, and even stretch your ‘comfort zone’. The Award is open to all young Canadians age 14 yrs to 24 yrs old, and has 3 levels:

  • Bronze (for ages 14 yrs and up)
  • Silver (for ages 15 yrs and up)
  • Gold (for ages 16 yrs and up)
Participants can expect to spend at least 6 months completing the Bronze level, and a year or more on Silver or Gold, depending on whether the participant registers as a direct entry or continues from one level to the next. You must complete your Award before your 25th birthday.

If you have any questions about the award, please see Mrs. Anderson or Mrs. Parker in the Leadership office.

Read more about Time Requirements here, or download this Summary and Conditions chart as a one-page reference for requirements of Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award challenges you to set and accomplish personal goals in 4 or 5 different areas:

  • Service
  • Skill
  • Physical Recreation
  • Adventurous Journey
  • Residential Project (for Gold Level only)

These components may be completed simultaneously or one at a time. As a result, the total amount of time required to complete The Award will be slightly different for each participant.

Award achievers receive a pin and certificate to mark their achievements, and may be able to attend a ceremony within their Province or Territory (depending on Award level and ceremony availability). Gold Award ceremonies are only presided over by the Governor-General of Canada, or by a member of the Royal Family.

You also earn school credits for each level:
Bronze level – 2 Grade 10 credits
Silver level – 2 Grade 11 credits
Gold level – 2 Grade 12 credits

Get started on your Award today!  Doing The Award will make a difference in your life!

Continue reading below for more about The Award programme, and ideas on the kinds of activities you can do.

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Connect with your Community!

“For my community service I raised funds for families in Africa. Not only did this experience open my eyes to how privileged my life is and how important it is to think of those who don’t have the luxuries we do; it also pushed me out of my comfort zone and transformed me from an introvert to a more engaged, active member of my school community.”

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Explore your Potential!

“The Award was perfect for my daughter in that it let her take things she was already doing and improve upon them at her own pace. She became so motivated and inspired that she’d take on things beyond what she needed to do in order to achieve each level of The Award. She ended up having nearly double the hours for almost every requirement.”

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Experience the Outdoors!

“Dog sledding was not something I would have ever thought about doing if I hadn’t been involved in The Award. This trip was like nothing I had ever experienced. We were outside in the snow for the whole day, sledding, chopping wood, and taking care of our pack of dogs. Working so closely with the dogs was incredible.”

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Get Moving!

“The Award helped me learn how to set and achieve goals; that’s what made it such an unbelievable program. It wasn’t about setting goals that were so far out of reach they’d never be attained, rather about setting manageable goals and working toward them, step by step.”

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Spend Five Days Working with Others!

“It was on top of Mount Kenya that I learned that I can accomplish anything when I set my mind to it and that nothing is impossible.”