Carol Service: Traditions and Rituals Connecting a Community

The SMUS community gathers for the annual Carol Service to enjoy music and thoughtful student reflections

Celebrated Storytellers Talk First Nations History and Respect

Authors Roy Henry Vickers and Robert 'Lucky' Budd spoke with students about First Nations history and respect

SMUS in the News: Tessa Lloyd on Fatherhood and Famous Canadian Dads

Junior School counsellor Tessa Lloyd speaks with Global News's The Morning Show about her new book, Forty Fathers

Remembrance Day: ‘Today We Remember Them All’

The SMUS community gathered to celebrate Remembrance Day and honour the men and women who fought for their country

Help Share the News That The Best School Year Ever is Back!

Check out the new The Best School Year Ever® video and learn more about this year's scholarship contest.

SMUS in the News: Students Celebrate Victoria-Hosted Pan Am Cross Country Nations Cup

SMUS hosts the announcement of the Pan Am Nations Cup to coincide with the international cross country event in Victoria

Ariel Khoo: Discovering a Passion for Rowing

When Ariel Khoo tried out for a new sport last September, she never imagined that nine months later she would have two national silver...
Tim McGee QC

Introducing Tim McGee QC, Chair of the Board of Governors

Meet Tim McGee QC, the new Chair of the SMUS Society Board of Governors
Forty Fathers by Tessa Lloyd

SMUS in the News: Counsellor Tessa Lloyd Talks New Book ‘Forty Fathers’

Junior School counsellor Tessa Lloyd sits down with the Vancouver Sun to talk about her new book on fatherhood, Forty Fathers

Mark Finamore Wins ‘Power of Youth’ Contest for Coffee Fundraiser

Grade 12 student Mark Finamore wins $2,500 for the Me to We Club to help tackle homelessness in Greater Victoria

Welcome to the New SMUS Photo Gallery

The new SMUS Photo Gallery gives you access to more than 360,000 photos taken over nearly two decades

What is an Appropriate Way to Mark Orange Shirt Day?

In 1973, Phyllis Webstad arrived at the St. Joseph Mission Residential School in Williams Lake, British Columbia. Having just turned six years old and...

Should We Lower the Voting Age in Canada?

'Students of a young age have informed opinions and can make choices that are important to them'

Building a Student Community in Boarding

Student leaders help their fellow housemates find a home and build a caring community at boarding school

GALLERY: First Week of the 2019-20 School Year

The first week of school has been jam-packed full of fun and memorable moments for students and teachers
Adrienne Davidson

Introducing Adrienne Davidson, Director of Advancement & Campaigns

Get to know Adrienne Davidson, our new Director of Advancement & Campaigns
Ritch Primrose

Ask SMUS: What Has Changed About the SMUS Smartphone Policy?

Mr. Ritch Primrose writes about the phone policy at the Senior School that prioritizes student health and wellness
Head Prefects Kenzi Farish and Max Nishima

Meet Kenzi and Max, Our 2019-20 Head Prefects

Meet Kenzi and Max, the two Grade 12 students who were elected to be our Head Prefects for the 2019-20 school year

Opa! Grade 8 Students Return from Unforgettable Greece Trip

After learning about Greece in school, a group of Grade 8 students travelled to the Mediterranean country at the start of Summer Break

2019 Junior School Closing Ceremonies

Students, teachers and families come together for Closing Ceremonies that mark the end of the 2018-19 school year

2019 Middle School Closing Ceremonies

Our Middle School community celebrates the end of the 2018-19 school year at Closing Ceremonies

Congratulations to the Class of 2019!

Congratulations to the Class of 2019! Watch the complete Graduation Ceremony and read the insightful reflections from valedictorian Matthew Owen-Flood
Keith Driscoll

Sunsets and Smiles

This past Sunday our boarding community gathered for the first of what will be several “this is the last time we do this together...

Outdoor Education: Learning to Build a Connection with Nature

Our outdoor education program blurs the line between learning and building a connection with nature

David Kim ’05: Helping Students Reach Their Full Potential

David Kim is the person he is today because generous donors supported financial assistance that allowed him to get a SMUS education
Allison Peace

4 Tips for Supporting Your Child’s Mental Health

Personal Counsellor Ms. Allison Peace offers invaluable tips for parents to support their child's mental health

Spring Break Service Trip 2019: Tanzania

Grade 10 student Devon Mills reflects on the Spring Break service trip to Tanzania

Spring Break Trip 2019: Europe

Grade 10 students McKenna Williams and Amalia Mairet write about the Spring Break trip to Europe.

Spring Break Service Trip 2019: Costa Rica

Grade 11 student Linden Girardeaux writes about the Spring Break service trip to Costa Rica

Sun Shine

The new Sun Centre student commons and dining hall is at the heart of student life and community
Becky Anderson

Beyond the Classroom Walls

As we may recall from our own educational experiences, there is so much worthwhile learning that happens outside the traditional classroom: in the art...

Brown Hall Upgrades Bring New Opportunities

The school's former dining hall underwent a seismic upgrade this school year, which brings with it the creation of newfound space for our community

Spring Break Europe Trip: March 20-26

Mr. Eliot Anderson recaps the last leg of the Senior School music students' Spring Break trip to Europe
Richard Brambley

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Richard Brambley

Meet Mr. Richard Brambley, our incoming Director of Middle School, in this SMUS Teacher Feature

Spring Break Europe Trip: March 16-19

The SMUS music students travelling through Europe during Spring Break made their way to England this week

Spring Break Europe Trip: March 13-15

After a long travel day, a large group of SMUS students arrive in Germany, the first stop on the Spring Break music trip to Europe

Fun Outdoor Activities for Spring Break

Mr. Jamie Pope highlights fun activities to enjoy outdoors during Spring Break

The Winner of The Best School Year Ever 2019 is…

Find out who won The Best School Year Ever contest and a scholarship to SMUS for the 2019-20 school year

The Lasting Impact of Financial Assistance

Financial assistance helps bring amazing students to SMUS, and a SMUS education has a lasting impact on their lives
2018 SMUS Retirees

Saying Goodbye to Our 2018 Retirees

We say farewell to the faculty and staff who retired in 2018 and look back on their time at our school
David Enns

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. David Enns

Middle School band teacher – and director of Seussical – Mr. David Enns is highlighted in our latest Teacher Feature
Students playing at the Junior School as part of Global Play Day

Students reflect on Global Play Day

On February 8, students at the Junior School celebrated Global Play Day. Global Play Day is an opportunity for the Junior School to highlight...
Rita Lord

Introducing Chief Financial Officer Rita Lord

Meet Rita Lord, the new Chief Financial Officer at St. Michaels University School

Walk Around SMUS in Our New Virtual Campus Tour

Tour around St. Michaels University School using our newly updated Virtual Campus Tour
Laura Keziere

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mrs. Laura Keziere

Ms. Laura Keziere, who has been teaching at SMUS since 1984, is highlighted in our latest Teacher Feature

How Our Community Supports Students in the Classroom

Many projects at SMUS that support student learning in the classroom would not be possible without the support of the Annual Appeal

An Interview With Mr. Xavier Abrioux ’76

An extended interview with Mr. Xavier Abrioux '76 from the Winter 2018 edition of School Ties
Career Day

The Hidden Benefits of SMUS’s Career Day

Career Day offers much more for students than simply learning about a career you're interested in
YourSMUS Instagram Collage

The Top 11 @YourSMUS Instagram Posts of 2018

We highlight the 11 most popular @yourSMUS Instagram posts of the past 365 days!
Mark Turner

A Letter to Parents (End of Term 1 2018-19)

Our Head of School reflects on the last few months, confirms some recent appointments and talks about some plans for January
Megan Blackey

SMUS Teacher Feature: Ms. Megan Blackey

Middle School teacher Ms. Megan Blackey is now in her second year at SMUS. She is originally from Chilliwack and was raised in the...
Mark Turner Annual Appeal

Helping Our Head of School Provide Opportunities

Head of School Mark Turner reflects on the Annual Appeal and how it impacts every student and every opportunity

Carol Service Brings the SMUS Community Together

The SMUS community gathers for the annual Carol Service to enjoy choir performances and thoughtful messages about the holiday season

Lest We Forget: Remembrance Day 2018

The SMUS community gathered to celebrate Remembrance Day and honour the men and women who fought for our country

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Chris Bateman

Mr. Chris Bateman, Head of Visual Art and Design, is highlighted in our latest SMUS Teacher Feature
Keith Driscoll

Past, Present and Future

In light of our Founders' and Scholars' Dinner this week, Mr. Keith Driscoll writes about the past, present and future of our school community
Shara Campsall

Every Student, Every Opportunity

Shara Campsall provides an introduction to this year's Annual Appeal campaign: "Every Student, Every Opportunity".
Gordon Chan

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Gordon Chan

Junior School teacher Mr. Gordon Chan is highlighted in the latest SMUS Teacher Feature

Grade 12 Student Wins Youth Philanthropy Award

Student Diya Courty-Stephens is nominated for a philanthropy award for starting an organization that aims to reduce food waste

What is School Spirit?

The Prefect Council enlists students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 – and our Head of School – to define 'school spirit' at SMUS
Mark Turner

The Importance of Boarding

Mr. Mark Turner discusses why boarding students are important for the whole St. Michaels University School community

Portrait of a Learner: Helping Students Find Balance in Their Busy Lives

Middle School students learn the importance of finding balance in their lives to help set them up for academic success
Mark Turner

Indicators from the CAIS Accreditation Report

Head of School Mr. Mark Turner writes about our school's recent CAIS accreditation
Reagan Daly

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Reagan Daly

Teacher, houseparent and Head of Experiential Education, Mr. Reagan Daly is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature
Paul Leslie

Before and After: Why Families Choose SMUS

Mr. Paul Leslie, Director of Admissions, writes about the role SMUS plays in transforming students

New Junior School Playscape Emphasizes Imagination

Upgrades to the SMUS Junior School playscape this summer highlight the importance of "open-ended", imaginative play
Mark Turner

Foundation Fortnight

Head of School Mr. Mark Turner writes about the "looking, listening and learning" he has been doing this school year

Meet our 2018-19 Head Girl and Head Boy

Meet Morgan Warner and Ewan Halliday, elected Head Boy and Head Girl for the 2018-19 school year at St. Michaels University School

SMUS in the News: Grand Opening of the Sun Centre

The grand opening of the Sun Centre dining hall and student commons is featured in the Saanich News

Sun Centre Grand Opening Kicks Off the New School Year

The Sun Centre, our new dining hall and student commons, has its grand opening to mark the start of the 2018-19 school year

SMUS Teacher Feature: Ms. Kate Knight

Ms. Kate Knight was recently named Interim Director of the Middle School for the 2018-2019 school year. Kate was born in Penetanguishene, Ontario and raised...
Head of School Mark Turner

SMUS in the News: Mr. Mark Turner Arrives at SMUS

Head of School Mr. Mark Turner speaks with the Saanich News about his arrival to SMUS
Mark Turner

Welcome to the 2018-19 School Year

Head of School Mr. Mark Turner welcomes the community back in his first address to the SMUS community of the school year
Ritch Primrose

‘Be Present. Phones Off and Away’ – Explaining Our New Smartphone Policy

Mr. Ritch Primrose, Director of Health and Wellness, writes about the new smartphone policy at the Senior School this school year

Congratulations to the Class of 2018!

Congratulations to the Class of 2018! Valedictorian Dalal Tubeishat shares her thoughts on behalf of the SMUS graduates

2018 Middle School Closing Ceremonies

Watch the full Middle School Closing Ceremonies that marks the end of the 2017-2018 school year

2018 Junior School Closing Ceremonies

To mark the end of the school year, two Grade 5 students wrote a prayer with Rev. Keven Fletcher that highlighted what they are thankful for at the Junior School

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About SMUS Chapel (Part 3)

The last in Rev. Keven Fletcher's series on SMUS Chapel touches on getting more out of Chapel

CONTEST: Shoot Video of Life at SMUS and Win!

Want to win one of five Amazon gift cards? We want Senior School students to share their videos that show what it's like to be a SMUS student
Head Prefects Ewan and Morgan

2018-2019 School Prefects

Introducing the SMUS Prefect Assembly and Link Leaders for the 2018-19 school year

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About SMUS Chapel (Part 2)

This week's article in a series by Rev. Keven Fletcher delves into what happens during weekly Chapel services.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About SMUS Chapel (Part 1)

Rev. Keven Fletcher answers some questions about the history and context of chapel in the first in a series on SMUS Chapel

Spring Break Trip 2018: Singapore/Cambodia (Part 2)

Grade 11 student Matthew Owen-Flood writes about the Spring Break trip to Singapore and Cambodia.

Spring Break Exchange: Ecuador

Two Senior School students write about their exciting exchange trip to Quito, Ecuador during Spring Break.

Spring Break Service Trip 2018: India

Grade 12 student Atheer Al Hinai writes about the Spring Break service trip to India

Spring Break Rugby Trip: Australia

Grade 12 student Ranon Ng writes about the timeless memories made on the SMUS rugby trip to Australia.

Introducing Our New Alumni Relations Officer

We are pleased to introduce Denise Rees, our new Alumni Relations Officer

Spring Break Trip 2018: Singapore/Cambodia (Part 1)

Grade 11 student Nathan Yang writes about his memorable Spring Break trip to Singapore and Cambodia with the school

Looking Ahead to Health and Wellness Week

Mr. Ritch Primrose highlights the work of Dr. Greg Wells, the keynote speaker for our upcoming Health and Wellness Week

Spring Break Service Trip 2018: Nicaragua

15 students traveled to rural Nicaragua over Spring Break and experienced an amazing blend of nature, community involvement, warm people, and unique experiences.

SMUS Rugby Tour: March 20-23

The SMUS Rugby Tour continues, as the athletes head to Wollongong and return to Sydney for their final games

SMUS Rugby Tour: March 18-19

The 2018 SMUS Rugby Tour continues on through Australia with their arrival in Canberra and games against St Edmund's College

2018 Rugby Tour: March 15-17

The 2018 SMUS Rugby Tour continues on through Australia with games against All Saints' College in Bathurst

2018 Rugby Tour: March 10-13

The 2018 SMUS Rugby Tour hits the road and heads to Australia – by way of Vancouver and a quick stop to watch the World Rugby 7s tournament

And The Winner of The Best School Year Ever Is…

Find out who won The Best School Year Ever full-year boarding scholarship to St. Michaels University School for the 2018-2019 school year.

Catching Up with the Cast of Catch Me If You Can

Meet a few of the talented students performing onstage in this year's Senior School musical, Catch Me If You Can – running March 1-3 at the McPherson Playhouse
Levidrome - Times Colonist

SMUS in the News: Let’s All Say ‘Levidrome’!

The Times Colonist highlights the continued push to get Grade 2 student Levi Budd's word 'levidrome' into the dictionary

Reflecting on a Great Grade 8 Leadership Conference

Middle School student Sophia H. writes about the experience of organizing and taking part in the Grade 8 leadership conference
Junior School revitalized learning environment

Facilities Upgrades Revitalize School Spaces

Renovations and upgrades to classrooms and other facilities over the winter break have brought new life to some learning spaces.

Head’s Up: An Interview with Mark Turner

Grade 12 student Samina Makhanbetazhiyeva interviews Head of School designate Mark Turner about his passions, challenges and future role at the School.
10 Years of SMUStube

SMUSTube Celebrates Anniversary With Milestones

SMUSTube celebrated it's 10th anniversary in 2017 by reaching a number of milestones.

Bob the Builder

We look back at the legacy of recently retired Head of School Bob Snowden, after serving 22 years in the leadership role at St. Michaels University School
Ryan Taylor

Ryan Taylor ’11: A Dream Big Profile

Alumnus Ryan Taylor '11 talks about the impact SMUS and financial aid had on his life – and why it inspired him to give back to the school
Carol Servicevideo

Carol Service: A Time to Unwind

Students from our Junior, Middle and Senior Schools gathered to celebrate the season with songs and reflections.
Reading with buddies in the Snowden Library

Buddy Reading Club Promotes Literacy and Friendships

Grade 2 students take the bus to the Richmond Road campus and spend time reading with their Senior School counterparts.

“I’m Looking Forward to Being a Lifer”

Two Junior School students reflect on stories they heard at the Grade 12 Lifers Assembly.
Alex Cecill

The Jag: An Interview With Alex Cecill

The Jag student newspaper sits down with teacher Ms. Alex Cecill to talk about her experience running in the New York City Marathon

SMUS in the News: Oxford Responds to Grade 1 Wordsmith’s ‘Levidrome’ Quest

A rundown of the latest news stories highlight Grade 2 student Levi's quest to get the word 'levidrome' added to the dictionary
Marine Science Club

New Middle School Club is a Great Place to be Crabby!

Grade 10 student Matias Totz writes about the newly founded Marine Science Club at the Middle School
Amy Stark

SMUS Teacher Feature: Ms. Amy Stark

Middle School Humanities teacher Ms. Amy Stark is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature
Levidrome - Oak Bay News

SMUS in the News: Student’s “Levidrome” Pitch Gains Momentum with William Shatner, Urban Dictionary...

Grade 2 SMUS student Levi's progress to get 'levidrome' into the dictionary is chronicled in a series of Oak Bay News articles

A Prayer of Remembrance

Rev. Fletcher's words from the Remembrance Day Service highlight why the day has a deep significance for our school

Remembrance Day: A Prayer for Humanity

Our Junior School community gathered for Remembrance Day by reading poems, stories and prayers to honour those who served their country
Kenneth Oppel

Author Kenneth Oppel ’85 Named 2017 Distinguished Alumnus

Author Kenneth Oppel '85 was the keynote speaker for our Founders and Scholars Day and he was also the recipient of the 2017 Distinguished Alumnus Award

Why the Playground is an Important Classroom

We explore why the Junior School playground is an important classroom for children to develop skills that are hard to teach in a purely academic setting

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Andrew Murgatroyd

Senior School math teacher – and 2002 grad – Mr. Andrew Murgatroyd is highlighted in this week's Teacher Feature

VIDEO: Aysha Emmerson Talks Acceptance and Inspiration at WE Day Vancouver

Head Girl Aysha Emmerson spoke at WE Day Vancouver about acceptance, mental health and the power people have to support and inspire others

SMUS in the News: Grade 2 Student Pitches ‘Levidrome’ as a New Word

A Grade 2 SMUS student wants to get 'levidrome' into the dictionary. The Times Colonist highlights the definition and story of how levidrome came to be

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mrs. Beth Johnston

Chemistry teacher Mrs. Beth Johnston is highlighted in this week's Teacher Feature. She's also opening up her classroom as part of Fall Spark Open House on Oct. 20

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mrs. Sarah Donatelli

Middle School teacher Mrs. Sarah Donatelli is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature

Grade 10 Students Sail Aboard the Pacific Swift (VIDEO)

Climb aboard the Pacific Swift with Grade 10 students who are learning outside the classroom! Watch them talk about their outdoor ed sailing experience

SMUS in the News: Simon Ibell ’96 Remembered at Vikes Championship Breakfast

The Times Colonist highlights the annual UVic Vikes breakfast, where teacher and coach Ian Hyde-Lay delivered the keynote address on behalf of and in memory of alumnus Simon Ibell

The Best School Year Ever is Back and Bigger Than Ever!

This year The Best School Year Ever® contest is awarding 20 boarding scholarships to high school students from North America

Grade 6s Head to Camp Thunderbird for Outdoor Education Trip

Grade 6 students Damon and Michael write about their fun outdoor education trip to Camp Thunderbird
Eliot Anderson

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Eliot Anderson

Mr. Eliot Anderson, Director of the Senior School, is highlighted in the latest SMUS Teacher Feature
Kathryn Humphries

SMUS Teacher Feature: Ms. Kathryn Humphries

Junior School music teacher Ms. Kathryn Humphries is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature
Andy Rodford

A Great Start to the 2017-18 School Year!

Acting Head of School Mr. Andy Rodford's welcome message to the SMUS community
Prism Award for executive coaching

SMUS in the News: SMUS Shortlisted for Prism Award for Coaching

The Saanich News highlights SMUS being named a finalist for the International Coach Federation's Prism Award

New Spaces at SMUS

Students and teachers returned to St. Michaels University School this week to find some big changes had occurred over the summer.
Shannon Williams

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mrs. Shannon Williams

Middle School teacher Mrs. Shannon Williams is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature
SMUS Prefect Council

#SMUSSelfie Instagram Contest: Meet Your Prefect Council

The first week back at school is the perfect time to make new friends. That's why we're running the #SMUSSelfie Instagram contest with the SMUS Prefect Council
head boy and head girl

Meet SMUS’s 2017-18 Head Boy and Head Girl

Meet Sean Finamore and Aysha Emmerson, elected Head Boy and Head Girl for the 2017-18 school year at St. Michaels University School

SMUS Named as Finalist for International Executive Coaching Award

St. Michaels University School was named a finalist for the international Prism Award, awarded by the International Coach Federation

A Celebration of Life for Simon Ibell

The SMUS community gathered together to celebrate Simon Ibell's life, his accomplishments and his legacy.

The SMUS Class of 2017 “Lifers”

A "Lifer" is a SMUS student that began at the school in either kindergarten or Grade 1 and graduated. Recently, the Grade 12 Lifers...

The Class of 2017

Congratulations to the Class of 2017. Valedictorian Speech by Jamison Schulz-Franco Family. Everyone here tonight is part of a family, within one big family. The big family...

2017 Senior School Closing Ceremonies

  SMUS held the Senior School Closing Ceremonies on Friday, marking the official end of the school year for the Grade 9-11 students. Every year,...

SMUS Bids Farewell to Three of the Best

With almost 75 years of combined teaching experience at SMUS, we wish Jim de Goede, Lisa Hyde-Lay and Lindy Van Alstine a fond farewell....

2017 Middle School Closing Ceremonies

The Middle School Closing Ceremonies provide an opportunity not only for students to look forward to summer break but also to reflect on the year that...

2017 Junior School Closing Ceremonies

Junior School staff and families celebrated the end of the year on Thursday by wishing the best for the Grade 5 students who will...
Head of School Bob Snowden

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Bob Snowden

Head of School Mr. Bob Snowden, who retires at the end of this school year, is highlighted in the SMUS Teacher Feature

SMUS in the News: Punch Buggy

June 11, 2017 CHEK News Grade 10 Experiential Program Punch Buggy: St. Michaels’ students convert classic Volkswagen Beetle into electric car (Photo courtesy of CHEK News)

“Best Exploratory Ever” Pairs Middle Schoolers with Local Seniors

"I don’t know if there will ever be something at school that will impact me the way this did." Middle School students reflect on a unique partnership they made with residents at a local seniors home
Dream Big fund

Dream Big Stories: Ms. Bernadette Abrioux

Math is a tough subject. It's the one students tend to struggle with the most. But Senior School math teacher Ms. Bernadette Abrioux feels she...

Little Gems

Simon Ibell 1977-2017 As many will know from our website, or their own relationships in our extended SMUS family, Simon Ibell died this past weekend...

SMUS in the News: SMUS Bids Farewell to Bob Snowden

The Saanich News writes about Head of School Bob Snowden's retirement after 22 years at SMUS
Andy Rodford

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Andy Rodford

Mr. Andy Rodford, Director of the Senior School and next year's Acting Head of School, is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature
Sid Boegman

Sid Boegman ’16 Returns to SMUS to Talk Gender Identity

The SMUS Pride Alliance celebrated Pride Day this week with a variety of fun activities in the quad. The highlight was a talk and...
Duncan Frater

Dream Big Stories: Mr. Duncan Frater

Choir teacher Mr. Duncan Frater talks firsthand about how the Dream Big annual fund helps students do more of what they love: the arts
Mark Turner

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Mark Turner

Our newly introduced Head of School Mr. Mark Turner is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature

Sun Centre Construction on Track for Spring 2018 Opening

Watch a time-lapse of the Sun Centre construction project. Our new dining hall and student commons is beginning to take shape
Mock Election CTV Vancouver Island

SMUS in the News: Students Participate in Mock Provincial Election

CTV Vancouver Island talks to Senior School students participating in a mock election ahead of the official B.C. election
Dariol Haydock

SMUS Teacher Feature: Ms. Dariol Haydock

Middle School assistant director Ms. Dariol Haydock is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature
Mark Turner

SMUS Announces Mr. Mark Turner as New Head of School

St. Michaels University School is pleased to announce Mr. Mark Turner has been appointed as the new Head of School.

Why Facebook Doesn’t Replace Your High School Reunion

Here's 10 reasons why a high school reunion – or in our case Alumni Weekend – is an experience that a Facebook friendship will never replace

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Evan Fryer

Senior School math teacher, Senior boys soccer coach and Barnacle houseparent, Mr. Evan Fryer leads a very busy life inside and outside of SMUS. Since...
Matt Keil

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Matt Keil

Grade 5 teacher Mr. Matt Keil is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature

SMUS Talks Event Builds Student and Community “Connections”

Senior School students share what they learned from organizing and experiencing the inaugural SMUS Talks event

Dream Big Stories: Ms. Nikki Kaufmann

Ms. Nikki Kaufmann talks about how SMUS's annual Dream Big fund has a direct impact on the school's athletics program and student population

Spring Break Service Trip 2017: Mexico

Grade 12 student Fo Wu writes about the Senior School Spring Break service trip to Mexico

GALLERY: Junior School Students Photograph Health and Wellness Week

Check out the gallery of photos taken by Kindergarten to Grade 5 students during Health and Wellness Week at the Junior School
Denise Lamarche

Ask SMUS: What is Acceptable Cellphone Use at School?

Director of Academics Ms. Denise Lamarche writes about technology and acceptable cellphone use at SMUS
Zyoji Jackson

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Zyoji Jackson

Middle School teacher and senior houseparent Mr. Zyoji Jackson is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature

Spring Break Culture and Service Trip 2017: South Africa

Grade 11 student Samantha Cuell writes about the cultural and service trip to Cape Town, South Africa at Spring Break
Ritch Primrose

Health and Wellness Week Arrives at SMUS

Director of Health and Wellness Mr. Ritch Primrose highlights what's happening at SMUS as part of Health and Wellness Week (April 3-7)

Spring Break Service Trip 2017: Tanzania

Grade 11 student Sara Perelmuter writes about her experience travelling to Tanzania over Spring Break as part of a school service trip

SMUS in the News: Jamison Schulz-Franco ’17 Recognized as “Future 15” Award Recipient

Grade 12 student Jamison Schulz-Franco is recognized by as one of their "Future 15" award recipients

Gurpreet & Zareen: A Dream Big Profile

Alumni Gurpreet (Pete) Leekha ’89 and Zareen Charania ’96 talk about the impact SMUS and financial aid had on their lives – and why it inspired them to give back to the school

The Best School Year Ever: “What is Your Dream?”

"It's always just been a dream of mine to go to boarding school." Find out who is the winner of a full-year boarding scholarship to St. Michaels University School
Principal for a Day Wil

Grade 4 Student Becomes Principal for a Day

Grade 4 student Mr. Wil Woods becomes Principal for a Day at SMUS, and tries to ensure all students have a fun day, too
Alison Galloway

SMUS Teacher Feature: Ms. Alison Galloway

Grade 3 teacher Ms. Alison Galloway is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature

Love: Building Bridges in a Time of Divisiveness

Love. It’s an obvious topic for the week of Valentine’s. Easy. Yet, when we look at what’s happening in the world, it feels as though...
The Best School Year Ever

The Best School Year Ever 2017 Finalists Are…

We are excited to introduce you to the five finalists of The Best School Year Ever contest
Amanda Chen

SMUS Teacher Feature: Ms. Amanda Chen

Middle School Humanities and Mandarin teacher Ms. Amanda Chen is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature

Lieutenant Governor of B.C. Visits the SMUS Junior School

The Lieutenant Governor of B.C. visited our Junior School and took

Dream Big Stories: Ms. Susan Vachon

Ms. Susan Vachon talks about how SMUS's annual Dream Big fund has a direct impact on the education students receive – in this case Learning Resources
Susan MacDonald

SMUS Teacher Feature: Ms. Susan MacDonald

Senior School English teacher Ms. Susan MacDonald is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature

Choosing the Right High School Courses at SMUS

Senior School students will soon pick their classes for next year. Find out everything you need to know to help you choose the right high school courses
Jennifer Leyh

SMUS Teacher Feature: Ms. Jennifer Leyh

Grade 1 teacher Ms. Jennifer Leyh is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. George Floyd

Middle School science and technology teacher Mr. George Floyd is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature

Futures: Individual and Community

Last week I mentioned that I would be sharing some of the Futures Project in coming weeks and months. For those who missed last...

Reflections on a Service Day for Project Somos

Students Aysha Emmerson and Dalal Tubeishat spoke in Chapel this week about Project Somos, a charity in Guatemala that helps single and widowed mothers and their children
sleep and learning

How Sleep Impacts Learning and Development

Listen to Director of Learning Adrian French discuss what happens when we sleep and why it is so important to learning and development

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Peter Butterfield

Choir teacher and boarding houseparent Mr. Peter Butterfield is covered in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature


One of my tasks this year is to complete a futures report: an attempt amid all the currents that flow inside and outside education...
Digital Detox

Digital Detox: Challenging Students to Unplug for the Weekend

"I just can't imagine living without my phone for a weekend." Middle School students and teachers lock their phones away for a digital detox
Becky Anderson

SMUS Teacher Feature: Ms. Becky Anderson

Ms. Becky Anderson, Director of the Junior School, is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature
David Kerr

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. David Kerr

Senior School teacher Mr. David Kerr is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature
Rev. Keven Fletcher wearing a SMUS sports jersey

Dream Big Stories: Rev. Keven Fletcher

Rev. Keven Fletcher talks about how SMUS's annual Dream Big fund has a direct impact on the education students receive – in this case character education

SMUS Teacher Feature: Ms. Shona Lazin

Kindergarten teacher Ms. Shona Lazin is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature

Putting the “Service” in Christmas Carol Service

Our annual Christmas Carol Service brings the community together for a beautiful evening of music and student reflections

GALLERY: SMUS Community Comes Together for Christmas

Students and staff gathered together to celebrate Christmas, sing some carols, have some laughs and enjoy the holiday season
Mike Danksin

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Mike Danskin

Middle School teacher – and SMUS lifer – Mr. Mike Danskin is highlighted in this week's Teacher Feature

Grade 10 Students Reflect on Experiential Opportunities

Three students write about their experiences so far in the unique Grade 10 experiential program

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Kevin Cook

Mr. Kevin Cook, our Director of Service, is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature

At Home With Boarders Without Borders

Our annual Boarders Without Borders event sees boarding students invited into local homes for a home-cooked meal and an authentic Canadian experience
Ritch Primrose

Walking the Talk On Healthy Eating

Mr. Ritch Primrose writes about how eating healthy food impacts the brain, and the newest healthy food options available in the Tuck Shop

Grade 12s Return to Junior School for Lifers Assembly

Our Class of 2017 includes 19 Lifers – students who've been at SMUS since Kindergarten or Grade 1.

Our Past and Future Reflected in the Sun Centre

This week I announced that we are beginning construction of the Sun Centre, our new Dining Hall and Student Commons. The Sun Centre –...

Remembrance Day: Stand in Silence and Remember

The St. Michaels University School community came together on Nov. 10 to mark Remembrance Day

SMUS Teacher Feature: Ms. Nancy Mollenhauer

Middle School teacher Ms. Nancy Mollenhauer is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature

WANTED: (Even More) Amazing High School Students

We're well aware of it: The Best School Year Ever® contest is a little corny. But we're OK with that – because we know that this opportunity changes students’ lives.

SMUS Teacher Feature: Ms. Ruth McGhee

Ms. Ruth McGhee is no stranger to the SMUS neighbourhood. She was born and raised in Victoria, and her childhood home was three houses down...

SMUS in the News: Nancy Mollenhauer Inducted into Victoria Sports Hall of Fame

Middle School teacher Nancy Mollenhauer is inducted into the Victoria Sports Hall of Fame.

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Marcelle Kitengie

Junior School teacher Mr. Marcelle Kitengie is highlighted in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature
Snowden Library

Senior School Library Named in Honour of Bob and Joan Snowden

Senior School library is named and dedicated in honour of Head of School Bob Snowden and his wife Joan for their contributions to the school

GALLERY (Oct. 22-28): Family Fall Fest, Togas and Motocross Racing!

Across our school in all areas – athletics, academics, arts and more – our students were very busy these past seven days.
Adrian French

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Adrian French

Get to know Director of Learning Mr. Adrian French in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Shawn Zhang

Get to know SMUS's newest Middle and Senior School Mandarin teacher, Mr. Shawn Zhang, in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature

GALLERY (Oct. 7-14): Seattle Trip, Cross-Country, Sculpting and More!

It was a short school week this week, thanks to the Thanksgiving long weekend. A large group of boarding students travelled to Seattle for the long weekend to...

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Dave Hlannon

Get to know SMUS's Director of Educational Technology, Mr. Dave Hlannon, in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature

SMUS Teacher Feature: Ms. Tawnya Mullen

Get to know Kindergarten teacher Ms. Tawnya Mullen in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature

“There’s No Such Thing as a Born Leader”

At St. Michaels University School, we believe the idea of the born leader is a myth. What we do believe is leadership is a skill all students can learn.

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Jordan Tessarolo

From studying biochemistry to playing in a professional ultimate frisbee league, get to know Senior School math teacher Mr. Jordan Tessarolo in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature

GALLERY (Sept. 19-23): Terry Fox Run, Outdoor Ed, Volleyball and More!

Here are a handful of photos from the week of Sept. 19-23 at St. Michaels University School.

Digital Detox: Why Students Need to Unplug and Go Outdoors

"When we can do a five-day outdoor education trip and build in time away from technology, we're seeing that it’s really valuable for students."
Crystal Vaughan

SMUS Teacher Feature: Ms. Crystal Vaughan

Get to know Middle School counsellor Ms. Crystal Vaughan in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature


Next week we are convening a group of alumni, parents, staff and students to explore the future of the School. The title for this...

Cultural and Service Trip: Volleyball Tour to Cuba

Right before school started, I traveled to Havana, Cuba along with 12 of my classmates – and volleyball teammates – led by coaches Bendfeld and...

GALLERY: Faces and Fun from the First Week Back at School

Here are a handful of photos from all of the fun events that kicked off the 2016-17 school year
Eric Donatelli

SMUS Teacher Feature: Mr. Eric Donatelli

Get to know physics teacher Mr. Eric Donatelli in this week's SMUS Teacher Feature

Head of School Bob Snowden Announces Retirement

After 22 years at SMUS, Head of School Bob Snowden will retire at the end of the 2016-17 school year
New Boarding Students

6 Tips for New Boarding Students – from Veteran Boarders

The six Grade 12 students elected Heads of our boarding houses offer advice to new boarding students
Starting High School SMUS

10 Tips for Starting High School on the Right Foot

Head of Counselling Ms. Carole McMillan offers advice for starting high school on the right foot

SMUS in the News: SMUS Rocks Out with Musical Theatre Camp

August 23, 2016 Saanich News Summer Musical Theatre Academy SMUS rocks out with musical theatre camp (photo courtesy of Saanich News)

SMUS in the News: Film Camp Puts Focus on Kids

July 29, 2016 Saanich News SMUS's Education Extension: Shoot the Right Stuff Film camp puts focus on kids (photo courtesy of Saanich News)

Teacher Bruce Kuklinski Sets His ‘Cites’ on Rio Olympic Rugby

Middle School teacher Bruce Kuklinski heads to Rio de Janeiro to work as a citing commissioner for Olympic rugby sevens games

SMUS in the News: Feeding Our Future Program Helps Low-Income Youth in Victoria

July 15, 2016 Sodexo's Feeding Our Future program Victoria News Program helps feed youth from low-income families in Victoria CTV Vancouver Island July 14 – CTV News at 6...

SMUS Goes Greek

Earlier this summer, a group of Grade 8 (soon-to-be Grade 9) students headed around the world to visit Greece. The students were all members of...

The Graduating Class of 2016

Congratulations to the Class of 2016. We are proud to add 151 names to the ever-growing list of SMUS alumni, as the graduating class officially...

2016 Middle School Closing Ceremonies

The annual Middle School Closing Ceremonies is a highlight of the school year – albeit held on the very last day of the year...

2016 Senior School Closing Ceremonies

On Friday afternoon, the Senior School Closing Ceremonies were held, marking the official end of the school year for the Grade 9-11 students. Among...

2016 Junior School Closing Ceremonies

For the youngest at our school, summer vacation started Thursday after each of the Kindergarten to Grade 5 students proudly crossed the stage, waved to...

SMUS Says Goodbye to Our Retiring Teachers

SMUS is saying goodbye to a number of longtime familiar faces this, year as five teachers – with more than 100 years of combined...

Athletic Awards 2016

Congratulations to SMUS's student athletes on a great year in sport, and to our 2016 athletic awards recipients

Innovation Hour is “Personalized Learning at Its Best”

What is your passion? Every student at SMUS has a different answer to that question. For some their passion lies somewhere in the realm of arts or...

Reflections from the Outgoing Head Girl and Head Boy

Outgoing Head Girl and Head Boy – Sarah Jones and Jasper Johnston – reflect on their time as school leaders and heads of SMUS's Prefect Council

SMUS in the News: Grade 4 Students Explore the ‘Emerald Forest’

June 8, 2016 CTV Vancouver Island Fish Eye Project presents The Emerald Forest (clip starts at 20:20)

SMUS in the News: Grade 11 Students Have Designs on Parklet Competition

June 8, 2016 Saanich News Fo Wu and Jasmine Yu '17 St. Michaels students have designs on parklet competition

The Rare Birds of China

One of the highlights of my role is to swell with pride when I hear our students or alumni praised. On September 7 – yes,...

Walk for Water Promotes Global Awareness at the Junior School

"If I suddenly said you couldn't drink the tap water, you couldn’t get any clean water, does anybody know where you would go for...

The Mirror: A Chalkboard Talk from the SMUS Middle School

What does an average day entail when you're a Middle School student? To gain a better understanding, I set up seven chalkboards around the school...

THE JAG: Hungry for Hope

It is estimated that every 4 seconds, someone dies from hunger. In the 30 Hour Famine, we go without food so others don’t have...

French Speakers Head Downtown for The Amazing Race

French students at the Middle School are learning about places, towns and how to effectively navigate a city using directions, so what better way to...

Grade 9 Outdoor Trips are a “Challenging” Way to Push Yourself

Last week, all of our Grade 9 students headed out to various corners of the province to participate in outdoor trips that pushed them out...

Beyond the Bubble: Making a Successful Transition to University Life

University decisions are being finalized as I write; students are making plans about residence life and starting course selections for their first year at...

SMUS in the News: Victoria Teacher Works with Disney Illustrator to Create Children’s Book

May 8, 2016 CBC News Teacher Dorothy Hawes Ogopogo Odyssey': Victoria teacher works with Disney illustrator to create children's book
Ogopogo Odyssey

Teacher Dorothy Hawes’ Children’s Book Comes Full Circle at SMUS

If it hadn't been for a couple "serendipitous" moments courtesy of St. Michaels University School, English teacher Dorothy Hawes likely wouldn't be celebrating the launch of her children's...

Personalization and Experiential Education

At SMUS we talk about personalization and experiential education as two distinct themes that will shape education in the next decade or more. While...
Ritch Primrose

Balance and Resilience: Making Time for Health & Wellness

As a school that hangs its hat on preparing students for higher learning and for life, the ideas of balance and resilience are important....

Spring Break Service Trip 2016: Argentina

Argentina was better and worse than I expected, but it was undeniably memorable. Travelling with a group of 30 to a Latin American country where few...

Personalization visits

The path to personalization is simple in theory. It begins by recognizing several ideas: that all students have excellence inside them to discover and...
SMUS Alumni Weekend

Alumni Weekend is a Celebration for the Whole Community

Don't be fooled by the name – Alumni Weekend is a celebration of (and for) our entire community, not just students who've graduated already. Alumni Weekend is...

Spring Break Trip 2016: Japan

I suppose our Spring Break cultural trip began the day we left, which, since we were on our way to the other side of the Pacific...

Lynn Lyons on Building Emotionally Healthy Kids

Licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist Lynn Lyons returned (by popular demand!) to SMUS during Brain Awareness Week this week to talk about building...

Brain Awareness Week: An Active Brain Keeps It Healthy and Well

Our annual Brain Awareness Week – now in its fourth year! – is a time for our community of students, parents and staff to...

Eggs-periential Learning: Grade 2 Classes Welcome Baby Chicks

Mr. Giggles, Cottonball and Fluffy are the three newest members of our Grade 2 population, after the trio of baby chicks hatched in class Tuesday...

Toward Personalization

Most parents and alumni who read School material, and this blog, will know that the theme of personalization has been a steady, increasingly visible...

Spring Break Trip 2016: Europe

Before I went to Europe on a Spring Break music tour, I had never left North America. Being able to see just how similar...
Delphine Ji gene researcher

My Week as a Gene Researcher

My interest in science began at a hospital when my grandmother was diagnosed with diabetes. I was intrigued by the thought that there were...

What Kind of Example Will We Choose to Be?

During this week’s Chapels, Mr. Snowden emphasized the importance of picking good examples, regardless of whether we’re talking about how we swing a golf...
Junior School Running Club

Running Club Highlights Fun Fitness in Non-Competitive Environment

Even before the sun rises, a large group of Junior School students is spending three mornings a week getting a fun fitness session in before classes...

Spring Break Service Trip 2016: Nicaragua

This Spring Break a group of about 20 students travelled to the small rural town of Jiquilillo, Nicaragua on a service trip. A service trip...

SMUS in the News: Will Barry Wins The Best School Year Ever Contest

CBC News March 28, 2015 Will Barry, Winner of the 2016-17 BSYE Contest Rothesay student wins 1 year scholarship at St. Michaels University School in B.C.

First Ever SMUS Girls Rugby Team

Rugby is a tradition at the school; we’ve been playing for decades. And by “we” I mean the boys. Finally, years overdue, we're incredibly...

Interview with Garth Martens

Garth Martens is a Kelowna poet whose debut collection Prologue for the Age of Consequence, was shortlisted for the Governor General’s Award of English-language...

Olympic Values, History Celebrated at the Junior School

Grade 5 students at the Junior School, under the leadership and guidance of Mr. Gary Barber, spent the last 10 weeks researching, studying and learning all things Olympic...
Ritch Primrose

A healthy mind in a healthy body

I only know one Latin phrase, and sadly, this basic lexicon may never improve. Mens sana in corpore sano. The motto of the old...

Best School Year Ever Answers the Question “What If?”

For the past three years, The Best School Year Ever® boarding scholarship contest has challenged students across North America to ask themselves this question:...

Middle Schoolers Make a Lasting Difference on Community Service Day

Last Friday, the entire Middle School spent the day out of the classroom and lent a helping hand in the community. Community Service Day at...

REVIEW: Opening Night of The Phantom of the Opera

The SMUS production of The Phantom of the Opera premiered on Thursday, February 25. The opening night cast starred Ajay Parikh-Friese as the infamous...

Robotics Club Takes Home Lego Trophies After Competition

Remember the days when you would sit in class, anxious to get home so you could keep building your latest Lego creation? Well, now...

20 Minutes to Figure Out Life – Really?

Back in 1918, U.S. President Woodrow Wilson was asked how long it took to prepare a speech. He answered, "That depends on the length of...

SMUS in the News: The Phantom of the Opera Production

February 24, 2016 Senior School production of The Phantom of the Opera Saanich News St. Michaels students stage Phantom of the Opera at McPherson Shaw TV (see video above)

The Best School Year Ever: And the Finalists Are…

For the past month, a panel of judges (made up of students and teachers) has been watching and rewatching all of The Best School...

Phantom Performers: Meet SMUS’s Two Christine Daaés

After months of hard work, long rehearsals and dedication, the Senior School musical production of The Phantom of the Opera debuts at the McPherson...

Valentines and Virtues at the Junior School

Valentine's Day at the Junior School is a wonderful day to highlight friendship and how much we care about one another. So it makes...

Learning Through Play at the Junior School

A few minutes before sending his Grade 5 class out to play, Mr. Matt Kiel asked them a question: What is the point of play? Students were...

Mia Roberts: Overcoming Injury with Commitment and Leadership

Mia Roberts, like many SMUS athletes, is a multi-sport student; soccer in the spring, field hockey in the fall and basketball in the winter....

Grade 8 Student Brings Harry Potter Magic into the Classroom

The Middle School will soon be transformed into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, thanks to the passion and ingenuity of a Grade 8 student. Jenna S....

Grade 3s Develop Fine Motor Skills in Quilting Club

Quilting may not necessarily seem like the kind of skill that a 21st-century learner would want to develop. It's a really low-tech and finicky process,...

Student Life

Our boarding past and present has done a lot to shape SMUS. By far the most ubiquitous legacy – and the one students are...
SMUS Head Boy Jasper Johnston talks to the Junior School about leadership.

SMUS Head Boy Talks “Excellence” at the Junior School

  On Friday, SMUS Head Boy Jasper Johnston visited the Junior School and spoke during assembly. He spoke from the heart to the K-5 students...

Syrian Refugees Talk Family, Compassion With SMUS Students

by Liza Weymar and Radha Raina, Grade 9 students Last week in Modern Studies 9, our class had the fortune of meeting two Syrian refugees...

Talking Virtues and Excellence in Junior School Chapel

Our Junior School isn’t shy about promoting character. Inspired by the work of The Virtues Project, we take a closer look at a particular value...

B.C. Curriculum Changes Reaffirm SMUS’s Technological Vision

by Ms. Maureen Hann, education technology specialist In December, SMUS students participated in the Hour of Code, a worldwide initiative aimed at introducing school-aged children to...

Exploratory: Freedom to Try Something New Without Being Graded!

Once every couple of days in the Middle School timetable, all students in Grades 6 through 8 step outside of the traditional classroom setting...

Reflecting Our Student Population in Chapel

Our school shows the marks of its age – our array of traditions being one of them. How we frame those traditions makes the...

THE JAG: A Species Profile on the Blue Jaguar

by Jack Forgrave When it comes to our beloved mascot, the Blue Jag, numerous naysayers claim that this majestic beast “isn’t even a real animal.”...

THE JAG: The Pride Alliance

by Jacki Zhang and Jiawen Chan What does pride mean to you? To Pride Alliance members Sid and Molly, pride is more than a lunchtime...

THE JAG: An Interview with Dr. Sarah De Leeuw

A Professor and Journalist visits SMUS by Jiawen Chan & Jacki Zhang What is your writing process and editing process like? Do you have any quirks...

THE JAG: The Harsh Realities of War

On Thursday, November 26, Canadian veteran soldier Rafiele Gardezy, brother of senior student Desirée MacIntosh, came to campus to speak to students in AP...

SMUS Community Gathers for Fun Christmas Celebration

As with any family, the holiday season just doesn't feel complete unless everyone gathers together for some fun and merriment. And at SMUS, that...

Primary Students Spread Christmas Cheer at Concert

In what is probably the most adorable show of the Christmas season, our Junior School played host this week to two performances of the...

Music, Reflections Bring Christmas Carol Service to Life

Against the backdrop of the majestic Christ Church Cathedral, our annual Christmas Carol Service is a wonderful way for our school community to assemble and get into...

Grade 2 Students Learn Real-World Math With Hands-On Lesson

Fifteen or 20 years ago, you'd be hard-pressed to find a math teacher who hadn't told their class at some point during a conversation...

Never Forget: Remembrance Day at the Middle and Senior Schools

May 8th of this year marked 100 years since University School founder Capt. Robert Harvey's death as a prisoner of war in a German...

Honour and Remembrance at the Junior School

Heartfelt poetry, recitations, storytelling and music is how our Junior School students honoured Remembrance Day this week. The Tuesday morning service was a touching tribute...

‘SMUS Reads’ Event Brings Community Together Around Literacy

At the start of the school year, every Middle School student was gifted a book. And not a math textbook or a dense history...

THE JAG: Thinking About an Exchange?

by Saje Griffith Ever thought about doing an exchange? Do you enjoy getting to know people from other places and cultures? Wondering what other people think...

THE JAG: Environmental Service Outtrip Review

  by Delphine Ji At the beginning of October, I was given the chance to lead the very first Environmental Service Outtrip to Salt Spring Island. No one knew...

THE JAG: Meet Hinton Chair Mr. Bruce Maxwell

by Sara Owen-Flood Mr. Maxwell is the new Hinton Chair at SMUS teaching History 9 and Law 12. You may have seen him coaching the Junior...

THE JAG: Welcome to The Jag!

Welcome to The Jag! It’s a new school year, and the SMUS school newspaper has a new name and editor. My name is Becca Thomson and...

Learning and the Brain: Sleep and Exercise

How are sleep and exercise crucial for learning in students of all ages? Using John Medina's book, Brain Rules, as a starting point, SMUS...

#SMUSStyle Instagram Contest: Show Us Your Knot-Tying Skills

Our students' return from the Thanksgiving long weekend marks a change in the school's dress code – summer dress is out, and our regular uniforms come back to...

Junior School Celebrates New Students at Welcoming Assembly

Last Friday, the Junior School ceremoniously welcomed all our new students to the school with an address from Head of School Mr. Bob Snowden,...

New Head Girl and Head Boy Aim to Strengthen Cross-Campus Community

We may only be a couple of weeks into school, but some students – Sarah Jones and Jasper Johnston, in particular – have been thinking...

Grade 6 Outdoor Ed Trips Underscore Inclusiveness and Risk-Taking

To start the year on the right foot for our new Middle School students, we sent our Grade 6 classes on Outdoor Education experiences...

Kindergartners Choose What They’re Most Excited About This School Year

Do you remember your first days of Kindergarten? After a day or two of realizing just how awesome it is getting to learn and...

Clubs and Councils are a Great Way to Get Involved

One of best ways to jump in head first at the Senior School is by joining a new club or council; getting involved in something...

Taking ‘Appropriate Risks’ to Make for a Great School Year

When Mr. Andy Rodford (Director of the Senior School) addressed students this week at the opening day assembly, he encouraged students to take "appropriate risks" over...

A Joyful Return to the Junior School

Students were all smiles (okay, a couple of them were a little sad to say bye to mom and dad) to return to the...

Middle School Library Gets Upgrade for 21st-Century Learning

Libraries aren’t what they used to be – just ask Middle School teacher-librarian Ms. Sarah Craig. “Well, in classic libraries there was no talking, no...

Professional Development: The Teachers Become The Students

Before students come back to campus ready for school, members of our Junior, Middle and Senior School faculty arrived ready and eager to learn....

The SMUS Chapel: Reworking Space for Our Growing Community

More than half a century ago the school community came together to do something extraordinary: build the Chapel. In the early 1960s, the school –...

‘Band Geeks’ Heads to Victoria Fringe Festival

Students from SMUS and a handful of other Greater Victoria schools returned to class a little earlier than most of their classmates this summer, all for...

SMUS Musician Shines in ‘Once-in-a-Lifetime’ Symphony Performance

POP QUIZ: Which talented musician performed to a screaming crowd of more than 40,000 British Columbians this past long weekend? a) Taylor Swift b) SMUS student Ben...

Student Travellers Return from Service and Culture Trip to Greece

Learning about Greece from a classroom is interesting; learning about the Mediterranean country and its rich history by actually travelling there is unforgettable. Last school year, Middle...

Sodexo and SMUS Help Feed Hungry Children This Summer

St. Michaels University School and Sodexo, the food service organization that runs Brown Hall, have partnered up once again this summer to fill a hunger gap in Greater...

‘This Has Been The Best School Year Ever!’

Last September, Santiago Mazoy, Alessandra Massa and Silke Kuhn began their school year at St. Michaels University School. The three finalists in our inaugural...

SMUS in the News: Paul Almond’s SMUS-Filmed "Ups and Downs"

June 19, 2015 Times Colonist Tim Williams '83; Andrew Sabiston '82; Leslie Hope '82; Nick Etheridge '61; Santiago Garcia de Leaniz '82; Colin Skinner (former drama...

Congratulations to the Class of 2015!

An excerpt from a speech by Eva Grant, co-valedictorian When I was going through the college application process last fall – and can I get...

Senior Students Celebrate School Year’s End

As the school year comes to an end, students and staff alike take the time to think back to September and reflect on all...

Leavers’ Chapel Marks Last Days for Grade 12 Students

Before the Class of 2015 finishes at SMUS, the Grade 12 students were treated to their final chapel service. Weekly chapel is always a...

2015 Athletic Awards

by Lindsay Brooke, Athletic Director The 2014-15 school year has simply been the finest ever in SMUS sporting history. Pride of place goes to the athletes and coaches...

Grade 5 Students Grow Out of the Junior School

This year's Grade 5 class enjoyed its final days at the Junior School this week. After spending the school year as the oldest students...

Lifers Look Back on 13 Years at SMUS

September 5, 2002. Avril Lavigne's "Complicated" was sitting atop the charts, kids everywhere were anxiously awaiting the release of the second Harry Potter movie,...

Grade 8 Students Anticipate Life at the Senior School

Four Grade 8 students who've enjoyed their time at the Middle School reflect on their experiences in Grades 6-8

Aspiring Young Fashion Designer Wins National Student Design Contest

For someone who only recently took an active interest in the fashion world, Kiko Wu is very quickly making her talents known. The Grade 11 student...

Junior School Sports Day – great kids, great coaches.

I have composed my blog entries in all kinds of places: on airplanes, on the ferry to Vancouver, in hotel rooms, in airport waiting...

SMUS’s Club Hub: Middle School WEB Leaders

SMUS students have access to a wide variety of extracurricular opportunities that interest them. We offer more than 100 fun and rewarding clubs or councils that provide students...

SMUS in the News: Chris Hadfield’s SMUS Chat

Retired astronaut Chris Hadfield's digital visit to SMUS on Monday (May 25) piqued the interest of some of our local media. Two great stories, courtesy of...

12 Graduating SMUS Athletes Moving on to Play at Post-Secondary Level

It's been a banner year so far for SMUS athletes – and the year isn't over! Since the school year started, SMUS has taken...

Astronaut Chris Hadfield Talks Space, Music and Education with SMUS Students

Astronaut Chris Hadfield became the unofficial ambassador of science to the universe in 2013 when he took command of the International Space Station and gained international attention...

SMUS’s Club Hub: Prefect Assembly

SMUS students have access to a wide variety of extracurricular opportunities that interest them. We offer more than 100 fun and rewarding clubs or councils that provide students...

19 SMUS Grads Earn Dogwood Scholarship for Extra-Curricular Excellence

Nineteen Grade 12 students were recently announced as recipients of a $1,000 Dogwood District Award, recognizing their excellence in non-academic work. The awards, which recognize achievement...

Oman – the Takatuf Scholars

The country of Oman forms what you might call the “ball of the foot” of the Arabian Peninsula: on the southeast corner, at the...
SNHS Front

Middle School Donations Help Educate Youth Halfway Around the World

A library, like a yard, sometimes needs a good weeding (but for very different reasons). Unlike unwanted garden trimmings though, books that are no longer...

Senior Students Sharpen Leadership Skills at Montreal CAIS Conference

With an outrageously early wake-up call of 3:45am, four intrepid students and a chaperone embarked on a cross-country journey to the Canadian Accredited Independent...

Building Sweet Friendships on Service Outings to Care Home

by Kathleen Cook, Assistant Director of the Junior School As a part of a school-wide commitment to external community service for all the students at...

Grade 12 Student Composes a Personal SMUS Musical Journey

The journey that is high school is unique and very personal for every student. Most don't express that full experience in a public forum; offering up something tangible that...

Junior School Celebrates Being Environmentally Friendly

Kindergarten and Grade 5 classes are trying to make the world a little greener by drawing environmentally friendly messages on Thrifty Foods paper grocery bags....

SMUS Students Sell Prayer Flags to Raise Money for Nepal

Grade 8 students Georgia Haydock, left, and Anna Considine hang handmade prayer flags in the lobby of the Middle School. If there's one thing that...

Young Artists Put Works on Display at ISA Art Show

SMUS students in Kindergarten to Grade 8 hung their hard work and dedication for all to see, at an art show last weekend hosted...

SMUS’s Club Hub: Photo Club

SMUS students have access to a wide variety of extracurricular opportunities that interest them. We offer more than 100 fun and rewarding clubs or councils that provide students...

Relive Your Glory Years at Alumni Weekend

by Jason Penaluna '91, SMUS Alumni Association trustee We are just one day away from the kick-off to Alumni Weekend 2015 (May 1-2)! SMUS is so excited to...

Middle School Explorers Set Out For Weekend Camp Experience

by Matthew, Grade 8 I love cities. I admire places such as Hong Kong and New York for their pace, skyscrapers and for how urban...

Spring Break Service Trip: China/Vietnam – Part II

by Lucas Simpson, Grade 10 After a ferry ride, several bus rides, a 13.5-hour flight, another two-hour flight, and hours of layovers, we finally arrived...

SMUS in the News: Lynn Lyons’ Brain Awareness Week Talk at SMUS

Times Colonist April 25, 2015 Let kids feel uncertainty, learn to solve problems, author says Watch the full video of Lynn Lyons' talk at SMUS on SMUStube.

Kindergarten Students Lead Their Parents Around School

Kindergarten students were all excited to take their parents around the school this week, demonstrating to them what they've learned this year and showing off some wonderful...

SMUS’s Club Hub: Sustainability and Outdoor Council

SMUS students have access to a wide variety of extracurricular opportunities that interest them. We offer more than 100 fun and rewarding clubs or councils that provide students...

Cross-Campus Strings Show Highlights Musicians of All Ages

by Darin Steinkey Some people are surprised to hear that SMUS students begin learning to play stringed instruments in Grade 4. The real surprise, to...

Spring Break Service Trip: China/Vietnam – Part I

This week, Sara Owen-Flood and Derry Li each wrote about their Spring Break trip for a Model UN Conference in China; and for a week-long service opportunity at...

Brain Awareness Week: Junior School Inquiries

Junior School students spent Brain Awareness Week learning about the brain during daily assemblies and through in-class inquiries. Our youngest students are full of great...

Brain Awareness Week: Middle School Learns About Brain Injuries

A visit from UVic's Let's Talk Science outreach team was one of the big highlights of Brain Awareness Week at the Middle School. Not...

Brain Awareness Week: Staying Stress-Free at the Senior School

Brain Awareness Week at the Senior School is always fun and educational, with lots of activities to do and see. From terrific and insightful...

Spring Break Service Trip: Mexico

by Christian Okiring, Grade 10 A service trip is an opportunity to discover something about the world and about yourself. My service trip to San...

SMUS’s Club Hub: Reach for the Top

SMUS students have access to a wide variety of extracurricular opportunities that interest them. We offer more than 100 fun and rewarding clubs or councils that provide students...

Brain Awareness Week: Moving Bodies, Active Brains

by Tanya de Hoog, Junior School program specialist On Tuesday, Junior School teaching faculty welcomed guest speaker Colleen Politano, a highly respected and longtime Victoria...

Spring Break Service Trip: Kenya

by Amy Bodine, Grade 12 Author Pat Conroy wrote: “Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again...

Back to School, Back to Learning the Virtues: Compassion

by Tessa Lloyd, Junior School counsellor Compassion, according to German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, is the “basis of morality.” If kindness is an act, compassion is...

2015 Rugby Tour: The Home Stretch

With happy memories of Seville still fresh in the mind, the tour party heads west into the Algarve in southern Portugal for a day...

2015 Rugby Tour: Lisbon

We have finally found some consistent sun and, as I type, happy sunburnt faces are filing in for breakfast on a blue sky day...

2015 Rugby Tour: A Dose of Sun!

As we gear up to leave the sun and pool of gorgeous Abufeira, here are a few shots of our time in Sevilla and...

2015 Rugby Tour: Chasing the sun

March 23, mid day, and the tour party, after a three  hour bus transfer from Granada, arrives in Seville. First impressions of the city...

2015 Rugby Tour: A Few Pictures

Without consistent wifi in Marbella, we were unable to load pictures.  Here are a few from our days at La Alhambra and Marbella.  Stay...

2015 Rugby Tour: Dos Victorias!!

The spectacular La Fallas "cremata" complete, the tour party, after just few hours shut eye, boarded the bus for the six hour bus ride...

2015 Rugby Tour: Carnival

It was an early morning departure from Barcelona, with the tour group still buzzing from the previous day's visit to La Sagrada Familia. The...

2015 Rugby Tour: Off and Running!

We have enjoyed a fantastic start to the tour!  Sunday morning opened with blue skies and cool temperatures and the group started with a...

2015 Rugby Tour: A Long Haul

After almost 25 hours in transit the tour group has finally touched down to clear skies in Barcelona!. A long layover in Calgary afforded...

SMUS’s Club Hub: Math Challengers

SMUS students have access to a wide variety of extracurricular opportunities that interest them. We offer more than 100 fun and rewarding clubs or councils that provide students...

SMUS Students Earn Perfect Scores on Advanced Placement Exams

Grade 12 student Nick Scholz and 2014 grad Jennifer Park achieved something quite rare last year. The two students are among only 285 in the world to...

Model UN Competitions Are Fun and Rewarding Experiences

by Jonathan Mostovoy, Grade 12 Last weekend I attended the Canadian High School Model United Nations (CAHSMUN) in downtown Vancouver. Being a veteran at these types...

Grade 4 Students Teach Mindfulness at the Senior School

by Ms. Heather Sandquist Mindfulness has become an integral part of many of the classes at the Junior School. A number of teachers incorporate various...

Talented SMUS Athlete Represents BC at Canada Winter Games

by Grace Thomas Competing in the 2015 Canada Winter Games was one of the best experiences of my life. I started playing squash about five years ago....

Best School Year Ever: And the Winner is…

It happened again. SMUS launched its second Best School Year Ever contest in October 2014 with the tagline: "Wanted: One amazing high school student." What...

2015 Rugby Tour: Ten Days To Go!

Departure day is nearing as the SMUS Senior Boys Rugby squad gets set for its March 14-31 tour to Spain and Portugal. The excitement...

SMUS’s Club Hub: Buddy Reading Club

SMUS students have access to a wide variety of extracurricular opportunities that interest them. We offer more than 100 fun and rewarding clubs or councils that provide students...

Pink Shirt Day a Big Piece of the Kindness Puzzle at SMUS

It wasn't just the cherry blossoms, blooming flowers and Legally Blonde posters showing off their pink pride this week at SMUS, our students also donned...

SMUS’s Club Hub: Outdoor Leadership

SMUS students have access to a wide variety of extracurricular opportunities that interest them. We offer more than 100 fun and rewarding clubs or councils that provide students...

Grade 1 and 11 Students Become Fairy Tale Heroes

Once upon a time there lived a group of young princes and princesses learning about fairy tales in their Grade 1 class. Her Royal Highness the...

SMUS’s Club Hub: Admissions Ambassadors

SMUS students have access to a wide variety of extracurricular opportunities that interest them. We offer more than 100 fun and rewarding clubs or councils that provide students...

Meet the Best School Year Ever Finalists

The SMUS campus has been buzzing with Best School Year Ever chatter for months now. We launched the 2015-16 scholarship contest in late October,...

Beyond the Blonde: Senior School Musical Behind the Scenes

by Kyus Hicks, Grade 12 Since watching Guys and Dolls while visiting the school in Grade 9, I knew that I wanted to be a...

2015 Rugby Tour: Four Weeks Out

We are officially 6 weeks away from our departure on March 14th.   The boys are excited and have been impressing the coaching staff with...

SCHOOL TIES: In Their Own Words

In September, 1978, 35 girls made St. Michaels University School history. They walked through the doors to form the first co-ed class.

Grade 5 Students Rise to the Challenge of Staging a Musical

Putting on a school musical is never just a walk in the park. They're always a lot of fun and very rewarding, whether you're...

From Surviving to Thriving: Grade 8 Students Shine as Leaders

Last Friday, Grade 8 students from Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland descended on SMUS to participate in a unique, student-organized leadership conference, From...

Spreading the Word About the Life-Changing Value of Service Trips

Every week, students attend Chapel for an opportunity to talk about leadership, character and belief. It's also a venue for students to report back...

Experience the SMUS Community at Open House: February 20

by Paul Leslie, Director of Admissions The SMUS Open House is an opportunity for families to visit our Junior, Middle and Senior school campuses and get...

Athletic Review

Last week we sent out the summary of our recent Athletic Review, as promised before Christmas. (Read it here.) The document has elicited some...

Transformed Grade 10 Program Opens Doors to a World of Experiences

On Tuesday, we hosted our Course Information Evening to provide insight and information to parents and students about the programs SMUS has to offer in the coming...

Navigating Your 21st Century Career

by Jake Humphries, University Counselling Students graduating from high school today face a world of unparalleled opportunity that requires careful navigation and constant attention to...

Junior School Students Go Crazy for Science!

by Nina Duffus, Grade 2 teacher It may not be the most common of career paths, but there are now 49 young sleuths at the...

How to Rock a Networking Event

by Laura Authier, Director of Marketing and Communications One of the most valuable tools I have in my professional kit is my network. In my...

Learning and the Brain: Executive Functions Part III

"It's impossible."  "It's too hard."  "I want to give up."  "I don't think I can do it." Do any of those sound familiar? All of us,...

11-Year-Old Takes Over Junior School as Principal for a Day

If ever Junior School director Nancy Richards needs a day off, she now knows she can put her trust in an 11-year-old to hold...

SMUS Filmmakers Get Red Carpet Treatment at the Victoria Film Festival

What do three SMUS students have in common with world-famous directors Martin Scorsese, Frederick Wiseman and Lone Scherfig? They all have films selected to...

Happy SMUS Year! Looking Back at 2014

As is customary for most people at this time of year, the first days of January is a time for reflection; looking back at the previous 365...

Primary Students Jingle All The Way Onstage

To cap off the holiday season, our Junior School hosted its annual Primary Christmas Concert this week, much to the delight of proud parents...

Treasured Boarding Experiences are a Hot Commodity

This is the final part in a series of candid blogs written by our 2014-15 Best School Year Ever winners on the Good, the Bad and the Surprising of their boarding...

The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer is Singing Loud for All to Hear

Every family has Christmas traditions. For the SMUS family, our tradition is a very large gathering (everyone from Kindergarten to Grade 12 comes together)...

How to Win the Best School Year Ever Contest

With the deadline to enter our Best School Year Ever video contest fast approaching, we want to help boost your chances of winning the once-in-a-lifetime...

SMUS in the News: Best School Year Ever

Saanich News December 6, 2014 Saanich's St. Michaels University School lures top students with unique competition

Carol Service Brings Reflections on the Holiday Season

Our annual Carol Service is a joyous opportunity for members of the SMUS community to gather and reflect on what the holiday season means to...

Boarding Community is Full of Good Surprises

This is the fourth part in a series of candid blogs written by our 2014-15 Best School Year Ever winners on the Good, the Bad and the Surprising of their boarding...

The Challenges of Living as a Boarder

This is the third part in a series of candid blogs written by our 2014-15 Best School Year Ever winners on the Good, the Bad and the Surprising of their boarding...

Exploratory Camping Trip Leaves Lifelong Memories

by Zyoji Jackson, Middle School teacher “One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.” – William Shakespeare. While I cannot assume exactly what Mr. Shakespeare had in...

Building Lasting Friendships is Intrinsic to Boarding Life

This is the second part in a series of candid blogs written by our 2014-15 Best School Year Ever winners on the Good, the Bad and the Surprising of their boarding...

Gold Medal Victory for Senior Boys Soccer Team at Provincials

With ISA, Colonist Cup and Island trophies already on the mantel, the Senior boys soccer team traveled to Burnaby November 17-19 to compete in the BC AA Championship. A...

Bonjour, Montréal! Middle School Soccer Competes in Quebec

Words and photos by Xavier Abrioux A few weeks ago, 15 of our Middle School boys travelled to Montreal to compete in the CAIS U13...

Middle School Choir Joins Victoria Symphony to Remember World Wars

From the balcony of the majestic Royal Theatre, as Maestra Tania Miller conducts her Victoria Symphony on the stage below, the melodic voices of...

Vibrant Boarding Community is My Second Family

This is the first part in a series of candid blogs written by our 2014-15 Best School Year Ever winners on the Good, the Bad and the...

Wanted: Three Amazing High School Students

Last school year, we launched an unusual recruitment campaign: we made available a once-in-a-lifetime contest experience for North American high school students. Up for grabs...

Remembrance Day is a Time for Honouring and Understanding

On Wednesday, our Junior School hosted its annual Remembrance Day service, featuring beautiful songs, evocative poetry and rich storytelling. Every year, our Head of...

Remembrance Day: We Need to Remember

Remembrance Day at SMUS is steeped in tradition as a way to honour those who served our country; those members of our community –...

Happy Halloween!

Fuelled by tons of fun activities (and maybe a little bit of candy), Halloween at SMUS is always a great event! The festivities kicked off...

"Howdy partner!" Barn Dance Strengthens SMUS Community

Barn dances have long been associated with socializing and community-building. And that's no different at SMUS, as our Junior School hosted its annual Barn...

SMUS Distinguished Alumnus: Melissa Sawyer

This week, Melissa Sawyer '94, the recipient of the 2014 SMUS Distinguished Alumnus Award visited the school to speak with students about her life and...

Harvard Instructional Rounds at SMUS

At SMUS we believe in life-long learning, and that extends to our teachers as well. From one-on-one mentoring and coaching to cross-campus collaboration between...

Open House: 10 Good Things about the Junior School

Kathleen Cook, Assistant Director of the Junior School On Friday, October 24 the Junior School welcomed many visitors to the Open House. As a part...

Robert DiYanni on Critical and Creative Thinking

Robert DiYanni, prolific author and NYU professor, held a series of workshops for faculty, parents and students on Thursday and Friday. His topics included...

A Junior School Tribute to Grandparents

Nancy Richards, Director of the Junior School Over 200 grandparents and grandpals were honoured at the first Grandparents’ Day in the history of the Junior...

Tolmie’s Rugged Hill: A Grade 7 Perspective

by Angelina & Josh, Grade 7 On Thursday, September 11th, the Grade 7 Science students at the Middle School went with Mr. Floyd, Mr. Jackson...

Funding Big Dreams

Did you know that tuition at SMUS accounts for approximately 85% of our total budget? The extra 15% is raised annually via our Dream...

Student Exchanges Offer Cultural Immersion

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have...

Link Crew Leads the Way

Link Crew is a way that Senior students at SMUS can welcome new kids to the school as well as learn and practice their...

A Different Perspective: Nicaragua

By Siri Knudsen and Megan Harrison, Grade 12 Over the past two school years, two service trips have gone to Nicaragua. We participated in the...

The Reggio-Inspired Classroom

by Nancy Richards, Director of Junior School Thursday night was the Junior School Curriculum Night, an opportunity for parents to not only meet their son’s...

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Roommates

One of the greatest parts of attending boarding school is living with a roommate from another country. Each roommate pair at SMUS is specially...

Junior School Serves up BBQ Fun

On Friday, September 5th the Junior School community gathered for a Welcome Back barbeque. Over 500 people, including parents, grandparents, children and teachers gathered...

New Year, New Brain Series

If you've never been to a Learning and the Brain lecture, well, you're forgiven. But you should sign up right away for the September...

Simple Things

Each September, you only get one chance to make your first address to the students, in my position. Sort of like remembering you only...

SMUS Welcomes the World

by Paul Leslie, Director of Admissions Dear SMUS Team: Congratulations to all on an excellent and well organised orientation week. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and...

True Colours at the Middle School

Students and faculty were abuzz with opening week excitement as the Middle School opened its doors for the new year. WEB (Where Everybody Belongs)...

New Students and Spaces at Junior School

There were lively conversations, smiles and hugs at Junior School on Wednesday as students and parents alike returned for another year, eager to meet...

The Best School Year Ever

This phrase is a very ambitious one. At the same time it speaks the aspiration of every student at the School this week, Kindergarten...

SMUS in the News: Peter Alec Caleb

Times Colonist August 13, 2014 Peter Alec Caleb, former Headmaster Peter Alec CALEB (1933 - 2014)

SMUS in the News: Texan Teen Meets Prime Minister

The Austin American-Statesman July 17, 2014 Alessandra Massa '16 Bastrop teen wins scholarship, meets Canadian prime minister

The Class of 2014

An excerpt from a speech by Lydia Kenzie, co-valedictorian Allow me to speak to one particularly memorable day spent with all of you. Valentine’s Day,...

Middle School Closing Ceremony

by Jared, Grade 8 Looking back at our years at the Middle School, we are not only filled with very positive memories, but also some...

How to Download Images from the SMUS Photo Gallery

The SMUS photo gallery can be intimidating but if you refer to this post, you will have access to more than 200,000 (and counting)...

Junior School Closing Ceremony

by Nancy Richards, Director of the Junior School The Junior School Closing Ceremony provides us with an opportunity to reflect upon the past school year,...

Grade 9 & 10 Closing Ceremony

While our Grade 9 and 10 students are not entering their final year of SMUS or heading off to university, the end of the...

SMUS Lifers Go Back to Kindergarten

by Claire Williams, Grade 12 As lifers, we have 12-13 years of SMUS behind us and the Junior School was a big chunk of that....

Dream Big: Saeed

Our 2013-2014 Annual Fund is very close to reaching its $1.3 million goal. With just over a month until the June 30, 2014 deadline,...

Walk for Water

by Sarah Taylor, Grade 12 Walk for Water is happening on Friday, May 23. Free the Children puts on this annual event to raise awareness...

Mother’s Day Celebration

by Allison and Anna Fowler, mother and daughter As students progress from grade to grade within the Junior School there are traditions that each grade...

Service Day: Fundraising for Nicaragua

Throughout the year, Service Days offer students a chance to shed their uniform in exchange for a small donation to a good cause. Next...

Earth Awareness Week

Following a wonderful student-led assembly to kick off Earth Awareness Week at the Junior School, the children have all been involved in a week...

Found: Three Amazing High School Students

WANTED: One amazing high school student. So said the tagline for SMUS's first Best School Year Ever scholarship contest. Who knew we'd find so many...

SMUS Ecuador and the Galapagos Trip

by Caryn Cooper, Grade 10 The 2014 SMUS Ecuador/Galapagos trip! Where to begin even writing about it? Begin at the beginning, you say? Very well... In...

Grade 5 Students Go Greek

by Theo Yesterday was Greek day and I have learned so much about Greek mythology! I learned a very interesting fact about my god Poseidon:...

And the BSYE finalists are…

Ever since January 15, when Kalkidan Amare, David Boroto and Ann Makosinski helped SMUS launch the Best School Year Ever scholarship contest, there's been...

Alumni Weekend: Not Just For Alumni

by Gillian Donald, Alumni Associate As the Easter weekend begins, we are only two weeks away from another major event: Alumni Weekend (May 2-4). Despite...

The Leadership Puzzle

Every student at SMUS is a leader, but each one will have to figure out what kind of leader they will be and how...

Easter Arrives at the Junior School

Easter is a fun holiday for our younger students and our Junior School teachers arranged some exciting craft opportunities just in time for the...

Brain Awareness Week: Senior School

It was a busy week at the Senior School with many opportunities for both students and faculty to expand their understanding of the human...

Brain Awareness Week: Middle School

Many of the Brain Awareness Week events at SMUS focused on research, what we can do to improve our learning and how our brains...

Brain Awareness Week: Junior School

by Tori, Grade 5 This year Brain Awareness Week was lots of fun and I learned so much. I enjoyed learning about how my brain...

Arboreal Life at SMUS

Our campus is now officially in bloom and over the break we had a visit from Verna Mumby of Mumby Tree Services, who is...

Adventures in Experiential Education

Every year at this time, a group of eager Grade 10 students challenge themselves with an experiential education. For the third term, the students...

SMUS in the News: Passion and Patience

Victoria News April 2, 2014 Cindy Kim '15 Youth Inspired: Passion and Patience

The Value of Student Travel

This Spring Break, some SMUS students will be taking part in an annual tradition of Spring Break trips. These international trips will take students...

An Alternative to Parent/Teacher Conferences

While Middle and Senior School parents get a chance to talk to teachers at Parent-Teacher Interviews, our Junior School parents hear about how things...

How to spend a Thursday night

This week, that was easy: you go and see the Senior School production of Spamalot. Every year on opening night my wife, Joan, and...

Connecting the Dots

In her final parent talk for the school year, Director of Learning Heather Clayton discusses personalized learning and how SMUS teachers use our growing...

A Visit from an Olympian

As the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games continue, the Junior School hosted an Olympian from the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing. Jon Beare, a...

Choosing A Course

Even though September 2015 seems a long time away, the time for students to plan their courses is, well, right now. For a peek...

Student Council Spreads the Love

by Catie, Grade 8 Our Middle School has many leadership opportunities, one of them being Student Council. Student Council organizes dances, service days and spirit...

All We Need is Like

There was lots of Valentine's Day love spread around all three campuses today, but love isn't confined to one day of the year. Last...

Why Go On An Exchange?

by Jasper Johnston, Grade 10 This March break, I get the amazing opportunity to travel with two other Senior School students, Oria James and Emily...

Outdoor Education: Leadership in the Wilderness

See some amazing photography and listen to outdoor leaders Celine and Gareth talk about their Outdoor Leadership 12 experiences in the video above. Through our...

Junior Students Bond With Seniors

by Kathleen Cook, teacher As a part of a school-wide commitment to community service for all the students at SMUS, the Junior School regularly visited...

Course Selection Information

The annual Course Selection Information Evening covers a range of topics related to everything from graduation requirements to special co-credit options for AP classes....

Frozen Victoria

I mentioned to a colleague this morning that for the first time that I can remember, the ground outside is actually frozen....

Financial Aid February

Financial aid is a big part of the Annual Fund, with over $300,000 last year going towards making SMUS education more accessible. For the...

Celebrating Chinese New Year

In honour of the lunar new year, the Grade 1 classes took a field trip to Victoria's historic Chinatown to learn about Chinese culture...

Climate Change Showdown

Our Middle School has had the environment on its mind this week. Last Friday, the Eco-warriors won a presentation from the BC Sustainability Energy...

SMUS in the News: Free School Year

Victoria News January 24, 2014 Free school year in Victoria for best and brightest

Students on Ice in Antarctica

by Tessa Owens, Grade 11 This winter, I was lucky enough to participate in a two-week international scientific expedition to Antarctica called Students on Ice....

The Reality of Life Online

We hosted Jesse Miller of Mediated Reality this week, and he spoke to students, parents and staff about the illusion many people have of...

Junior School Gets Greener

by Diana Nason, librarian We introduced the recycling and composting program a few years ago and the students have been quite committed. Recycling is a...

Malala Yousafzai: Activism or Exploitation?

Malala Yousafzai is the young Pakistani girl who the Taliban attempted to assassinate because of her activism for the right to education, especially for...

The Best School Year Ever

Today is the Day of Silence organized by our student chapter of Amnesty International. Good thing, therefore, that I was able to say my...

Service Trip? India?

If you have ever considered going on a service trip, this video (created by SMUS student Olivia Sorley) may motivate you to sign up! She...

Student Short Film Tops VFF Contest Grade 12 student Olivia Sorley took first place in the Senior student category for the Victoria Film Festival, which officially begins on February 7,...

Young Designers Revive House Shirts

The Middle School house shirts have undergone an overhaul thanks to some talented student artists. Every Middle School student submitted at least one t-shirt...

Bamfield Trip Fuels Environmental Science Experience

Way back in 2013, our AP Environmental Science students travelled to Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre. Soon after they returned, we received this great report...

All We Want for Christmas is SMUS

It wouldn't be the holidays at SMUS without the annual all-school assembly. From chipmunks to kings, the traditional student-led skewering of the faculty, a...

Dream Big: Alex

Earlier this year, we unveiled the new motto for our annual fund. The money raised supports many aspects of school life but in particular...

A Season of Giving

Our Middle School students put together 18 hampers to brighten the holiday for local families in need. Below, one of our students writes about...

Tiny Voices Perform Holiday Tunes

Our Junior School hosted their own very special Christmas concert this week. Students from Kindergarten to Grade 3 performed a few fun holiday pieces...

Writing for Human Rights

by Dariol Haydock, Assistant Director of Middle School On December 10, the Middle School held our second annual Amnesty International Write for Rights event. In...

Take a (Virtual) Tour Around Campus

We're not trying to put our amazing Admissions tour ambassadors out of a job, but our new virtual walking tour is pretty sweet. Click...

Find Meaning in the Season

Our Carol Service encourages us all to connect with the spiritual side of this holiday season, whatever our faith or beliefs. Through music and...

Learning and the Brain: Cultivating Strengths How are our personal strengths defined? Often, other people - our parents, teachers and bosses - tell us what we are best at and...

YALP: Local Activists Inspire Grade 8 Students

by Aysha and Taylor, Grade 8 Aysha: Inspiration When I was younger, I would see people on the streets who looked ragged and scruffy. I never...

YALP: Keynote Speakers Provide Fresh Perspective

by Zachary Kahn, Grade 12 Seeing as I had never been extremely involved with local poverty and never having attended a conference like this, I...

SMUS in the News: Heather Clayton on Real Parenting

CFAX 1070 November 16, 2013 Director of Learning Heather Clayton Real Parenting on CFAX (beginning at 34:50 mark)

Remembrance Day: A Collective Experience

Remembrance Day on the SMUS campus is marked with special ceremonies, traditions and this year, a first. As you may have seen on the livestream...

Eco-Warriors in Their Natural Habitat

by Terra, Grade 7 On October 29th, the Middle School Eco-Warriors went down to Uplands Park and worked on restoring the Garry Oak ecosystem there....

A Hectic Halloween

Students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 had a very happy Halloween, showing off some amazing costumes and enjoying all sorts of spirited activities. Both the...

The Consequences of Cyberbullying

by Saje, Grade 8 Bullying in the world is a big problem, but cyber bullying is often much worse in today's digital world. On the...

Throwing the Doors Wide Open

Eager to show their pride in the school, our Grade 5 leaders have been touring prospective parents around the Junior School. This is what...

Dream Big: Our New Annual Fund

For over 20 years, the SMUS community has come together to support our school and our students through the Annual Fund. This year, the...

Examining Introversion and Extraversion

Based on the best-selling book Quiet, Director of Learning Heather Clayton gives parents insight into how introverts and extroverts behave in different situations and...

Thanksgiving, Canadian Style

The Top Five Canadian Thanksgiving Traditions 5. Watch sports on television 4. Get outside! 3. Give thanks for health, family and friends 2. Spend time with family 1. Eat....

Excellence in all of us

The information that sweeps over new parents has been flowing – and overflowing – for several weeks now. It does ebb, if any new...

Starting at SMUS: A Parent Perspective

One of the most important aspects to becoming a boarder at SMUS is the new boarder orientation. Sculpted by the Admissions team and aided...

Starting at SMUS: A Student Perspective

by Elaine, Grade 10 boarder, Symons House Last Christmas, I got an email from SMUS and it gave me the email address of a girl...

Two Steps Closer to a Graceful Space

by Nancy Richards, Director of Junior School Over the past week, our Junior School faculty, parents and neighbours have had opportunities to share their thoughts...

Terry Fox Run: A Canadian Tradition

Each September for the last 33 years, Canadians have run to remember one of our heroes: Terry Fox. Terry lost his leg to cancer...

A Joyful Approach to Education

by Nancy Richards, Director of Junior School Last night was the Junior School Curriculum Night, an opportunity for parents to not only meet their son's...

The Mission

At this time of year I refer to our School’s Mission frequently. It is a time of numerous parent evenings, when they meet the...

All Aboard!

As students have written in recent Link Leader program posts, it's not always easy coming to a new school. Imagine, then, if you were...

Leadership Via Horsemanship

On Thursday, our new Prefects, Heads of House and Council Heads jumped the Clipper ferry to make the annual journey down to Silk Purse...

Follow Me: Link Leaders

Last week, we talked about our two student-led welcome programs for new students from the perspective of the newcomer. This week, two Grade 12...

Our Growing School

by Nancy Richards, Director of Junior School The school year is off to a fantastic start and everyone at the Junior School is talking about...

Meet Your Head Boy and Girl

Dear New SMUSdents, Welcome! On behalf of the entire school, we welcome you to our SMUS family! As you may already know, our school welcomes...

From Secret Garden to Shakepeare

After taking on the role of Mary in the SMUS production of The Secret Garden last year, Grade 12 student Ellen Law spent her...

A Junior Welcome

Our Oak Bay campus was a bustling place as our students returned to school and two new classes of kindergarten students arrived. Our Grade...


After living through several decades of Septembers in the teaching life, this September I am also experiencing it as the grandfather of a four-year-old...

Graduation: A Rite of Passage

by Darin Steinkey, Senior Houseparent, Timmis House There are different types of energy all rolled into one when it comes to a graduation ceremony. There’s...

A Fitting Close to the Grade 9 and 10 Year

by Darin Steinkey, Senior Houseparent, Timmis House A colleague sitting next to me mentioned how much she enjoyed what she called the "lighter" closing ceremony....

Middle School Closing Ceremonies

The Middle School ceremony is always an interesting mix of perspectives. Students from Grade 6 are celebrating their first year at the Middle School,...

Junior School Closing Ceremonies

Director of Junior School Nancy Richards opened the Closing Ceremonies, sharing both the perspective of the teachers and the students on the past year....

Reflections on India

by Darin Steinkey Each member of this group has spent time in India and wanted to share their impressions in Chapel. Whether it was a...

Annual Fund Scholars: Dawit

Dawit Workie first came to SMUS in Grade 8, joining our boarding community and settling in to life not too far away from his...


SMUS "Lifers" are students who have spent their school lives at SMUS. This year, Grade 12 lifers will finally be leaving the SMUS nest....


by Virginia Ronning, counsellor The 21st Century learner has to keep up with a grueling pace of change, and it’s our job at SMUS to...

iSpy: A Musical

by Stephanie Geehan, teacher It has been a lot of fun putting together this musical. The journey began around this time last year, when I...

Idols and Heroes

Excerpt from my talk at Leavers’ Chapel, June 7, 2013 To talk about heroes at graduation time is common, even easy. In the popular media...

Gratitude for War Child & Keep the Beat

Words by Lindon Carter, Grade 12; video by Olivia Sorley, Grade 11; pictures by Song Panvichean, Grade 10 and Darin Steinkey My first year in...

An Olympian End

After a year of intense competition - both physical and mental - the house games season wrapped up this weekend with the House Olympics....


Earlier this week I heard a group of our teachers reflect upon the completion of their stint in our Learning Institute, organized by Director...

Campuses Unite in Song

by Darin Steinkey I love shooting pictures at Christ Church. Although it's dark, the light is usually fairly even and the performers are set against...

A Blind Date With A Book

by Eva Grant, Grade 10 The Book Club worked hard last week and the week before to prepare for our pilot project for Grade 9:...

Alumni Return

It was a bright and beautiful weekend this past weekend, as alumni returned to campus for our annual Alumni Weekend. The SMUS community welcomed...

In Memory of David Gauthier

by Laura Authier Another op’nin, another show In Philly, Boston, or Baltimo’ A chance for stage folks to say hello! Another op’nin of another show… Four weeks, you rehearse...

Annual Fund Scholars: Kali

Albertan boarder Kali Salmas has made the most out of her two years at SMUS. A fixture in our music program, she's also made...

Pitt Meadows, and remembering

You know you are no longer in Vancouver when you are enveloped in the scent of horse farms, that combination of hay and manure,...

Banding Together for a Farewell Concert

by Erin Anderson, editor It was an exciting and moving concert that marked John Reid’s final appearance on UVic’s Farquhar stage. Special guests, dedicated songs...

No Batteries Required

Just in time for Earth Week, we spoke to Ann Makosinski, whose human-powered flashlight just won her a trip to the Canada-Wide Science Fair....

Cross Campus Strings: Firsts and Finals

In the opening show of concert season at SMUS, the Cross Campus Strings featured appearances (musically, anyway) from Mahler, Saint-Saëns, the League of Legends...

Building A Better Brain

SMUS held its first annual Brain Awareness Week from April 5-12 in order to educate our entire community about not only how our brains...

India: A Festival of Colours

by David Boroto, Grade 11 India. Just a few weeks ago the word was a mystery to me and nine other SMUS students and staff....

Island Leadership for Bolton Boys

Boarding is bursting with leadership opportunities, and a group of Grade 11 boarders dedicated last weekend to building their leadership skills. Travelling to Tortoise...

Nicaragua: Changes

by Claudia Wheler, Grade 10 Going to Jiquilillo, Nicaragua was a whole new experience for me. I had never been on a service trip -...

Mexico: My First Service Trip

by Flora Feng, Grade 9 I once saw a man on TV, who spent a year doing service in Africa. His mind and values, and...

Paris and Amsterdam: Music & Culture

by Danny Park Although it is difficult to express how spectacular this trip was, I will try. On March 13th, 36 students and four wonderful music...

Model Students Replicate the UN

There's nothing unusual about SMUS students participating in a Model UN, but this week was the first time we involved some Middle School students...

Boarders Vs. the West Coast: A Lively Weekend

After the longer breaks, the boarding community comes back together with Community Weekends. This means our usual weekend activities are replaced with house activities...

SMUS in the News: Canadese gasten op Griftland

De Weekkrant March 27, 2013 Canadese gasten op Griftland (in Dutch) Translation On the 21st of March, Griftland College had a visit from Canadian school St. Michaels University...

Squeezing the Brain

Yesterday at our weekly Management Team meeting, Heather Clayton, our Director of Learning, handed out to us little gray “squeeze-ball” models of the brain,...

Let’s Get Mathematical: The Challengers

For many, math may not be an exciting subject, but SMUS seems to have more than its share of avid mathematicians. Math contests bring...

Parents Get a Lesson on Learning

During the final week of the term, the Junior School parents are invited to the school to spend time with their child at a...

Energetic Cast Powers Annie

The Middle School launched their production of Annie on Thursday night and we have three reflections on the play supplied by actors from last...

Annual Fund Scholars: Remy

Three years ago, Remy Furrer was told he shouldn't even bother going to high school. Now he is set to graduate and attend university. When...

Black History Month

Students from around the world celebrated Black History Month in one of the most exuberant and power-packed chapel services of the year. We hear...

Unearthing The Secret Garden

by Erin Anderson, editor When I first heard SMUS would perform The Secret Garden, I recalled the book I read as a child, and thought,...

Pink Shirts Remind Us To Be Kind

This Wednesday, students wore pink shirts to show their support for a bullying-free atmosphere. Pink Shirt Day, an international movement against bullying, was celebrated...

Annie Prepares to Take the Stage

Next week, the Middle School will be on the McPherson stage, debuting their production of Annie. For a three-day run, there is much work...

Buddies With Books

Our reading buddies program brings Junior School kids to the Senior School throughout the year to share their favourite books with older SMUS students....

SMUS in the News: Scholarship Benefits Portland Teen

Portland Observer February 27, 2012 Paris Lowe '13 Scholarship Benefits Portland Teen

Remembering Felicity

Students and staff received some sad and shocking news this week, as Felicity Tallboy, one of our Learning Resource staff, passed away suddenly on...

Mardi Gras, Brains & Badminton

With so much going on in the day-to-day life of the community, the chance to relax, have some fun and add a little competition...

Bonding Through the Buddy Program

At the Junior School, classes are paired together as a part of the buddy program. The intermediate students are all paired with a primary...

Not the Usual Daily Grind

by Natrine Cheuk, Grade 12 boarder and Business Club Executive The Daily Grind is a cafe ran entirely by the members of the Business Club....

Early Investigation Helps Course Selection Success

by Denise Lamarche, Director of Academics With the deadline for course selection at the Senior School less than a month away, now is the time...

Parents Tell Us: Why SMUS?

Why do parents choose SMUS for their kids? This week, the SMUS Open House will bring a lot of new families to campus, some...

Boarders Take a Photo Stroll

A "photo stroll" is just as relaxed as it sounds. Boarders hop on the bus and arrive at Willow's beach, Royal Roads University or...

A Report from the Slopes

by Jamison and Sam, Grade 8 The Grade 8 ski trip was a great opportunity for new and experienced boarders/skiers to hit the hills, while...

An Educational Exchange

Grade 11 student Kalkidan Amare didn't know quite what to expect when she signed up for our student exchange program and spent a term...

Diplomat Tony Quainton ’46 Talks Politics

by Athena Kerins, Grade 10 When I first learned about Mr. Quainton’s impressive career in diplomacy, I expected his speech to be very cagey. I...

Are You Having a "Good Day"?

by Darin Steinkey Reverend Fletcher led us in an exercise of gratitude this past Sunday in chapel. We all took a moment to breathe and...

New Year, New Clubs

by Kathleen Cook The clubs and activities at the Junior School will continue this term, with several new offerings for the children. Teachers and guest...

A Celebration for All Ages

The holiday season is always a busy one at SMUS, but every year we make time to come together for a fun-filled assembly, featuring...

Holiday Songs Brighten Winter Season

Carols are a staple of Christmas celebration, and with a student body packed with amazing singers, it seems only natural that SMUS contributes a...

Annual Fund Scholars: Charlie

With the end of the school term and 2012 fast approaching, it is a great opportunity to check in with the Annual Fund. Strong...

Celebration and Contemplation in Boarding

by Kyus, Grade 10 boarder The SMUS Christmas Gala was easily the best formal event I've been to in years! I always love an excuse...

Songs and Stories for the Season

The SMUS community filled the historic Christ Church Cathedral for its first all-school carol service. There were 300 performers, three schools and a packed...

Brain Series II: The Surprising Science of Success

Heather Clayton's most recent talk in the Learning and the Brain Series examines the ideas of Carol Dweck and Paul Tough, who make some...

Boarders Give Thanks for a Common Bond

by Acacia Welsford, Grade 10 Thanksgiving is a holiday where families and friends get together to reflect on all the things that brought them there,...

Best Coast Living: Surf. Bike. Home by Dinner.

Video by Zyoji Jackson, Middle School Teacher, Senior Houseparent Music: Dirt (Jahzzar) / CC BY-SA 3.0 One of the great advantages to living in Victoria is the...

Students Scare Hunger

by Livia, Grade 8 On Halloween, we participated in a fundraiser called We Scare Hunger that was started by an organization called Free the Children....

Junior School Barn Dance 2012

by Allison Fowler Greetings y’all! It was so great to see so many students, parents, extended family, and teachers at this year's Barn Dance. 416 people came...

We Mark Their Sacrifice and See Our Promise

by Keven Fletcher, Chaplain If you were to pick up pen and paper and write a letter setting out your life this week… If you were...

And the Winner Is…

This year, we put our second annual Outdoor Education Photo Contest online and let everyone vote on the strongest photos. Thanks to everyone who...


Yesterday we had our Junior School Remembrance Day service, an occasion appropriately pitched at those young children. Today we had the Remembrance Day Service...

Eat, Drink and Be Scary in Boarding

While some people find school itself terrifying, fear takes on a whole new meaning at SMUS during Halloween. Timmis House continued a tradition of...

We Day and CAIS Launch Leaders

Two major — but very different — events have given Middle School students a chance to sharpen their leadership skills. Several students travelled to...

Simon’s Struggle: Overcoming the Odds

SMUS recently hosted Simon Ibell '96, our 2012 Distinguished Alumnus (Philanthropy). Simon began his visit at the Junior School before going on to speak...

Boarders Without Borders

by David, Grade 11 boarder Boarders Without Borders was a great experience for me. I did it last year, and had a wonderful time, so...

New Year, New Chance to Give

As visitors to SMUS may have noticed, the Annual Fund for the year has begun. The banners are up on both campuses, the donation...

The Brain Series: Developing True Grit

by Darin Steinkey SMUS Director of Learning, Heather Clayton, likes to talk about failure. In fact, she is so into failure that she used an...

Junior School Kicks Up Its Heels

Junior School students, faculty and families were able to mix and mingle at the Barn Dance again this year, donning cowboy hats and plaid...

The Learning Institute: A Look at Student-Centred Education

The Learning Institute is a petri dish for teachers to test out new approaches and techniques that they believe will improve their effectiveness in...

Something Wicked for SMUS Boarders

"You are an ambitious soul, Macbeth. You long for greatness, but will you be wicked enough?"by Martha Cohn, Grade 10 boarder On Tuesday evening, October...

Open House Ambassadors Share Their Favorite Things

On Friday, the Junior School will welcome many Open House visitors, who will be greeted by our Grade 5 students. As our school leaders,...

Thanksgiving in Action: Food for Thought

With so many reasons to be thankful, it is important to stop and show our gratitude. Each year, we give thanks by treating the...

Visitors Help Connect Language to Culture

Ten university students from Morioka, Japan came to Canada for two weeks to learn about and experience Canadian culture. The students visited our Japanese...

Swimming, Slugs, Flashmobs and Fire: Boarding Hits the Town

This past weekend a full docket of activities topped the schedule in boarding. With trips to Commonwealth Pool for a swim, Fired Up! Ceramics...

Welcome to Our New Website

As many of you may have noticed, our website has been given a makeover during the summer. We're very happy with the result and...

Clubs and Councils On Display

This week, students and faculty filled the Senior School quad for the Council Fair, showcasing some of the extracurricular options available to Senior School...

Students Get a Taste of Nature at Camp Pringle

by Sara Ritchie The Grade 4 and 5 students challenged themselves in a number of outdoor activities this week at Camp Pringle on Shawnigan Lake....

Boarding Welcomes the World

by Darin Steinkey, Senior House Parent Imagine, if you will, what it's like to arrive on our campus as a student during Orientation Week. You...

Junior School Cooks Up Family Fun

On Friday, September 7, the Junior School community gathered for the annual Welcome Back Family Barbeque. It was a beautiful, sunny evening and there...

SMUS is Number One in Advanced Placement Ranking

SMUS is named the #1 Advanced Placement school in Canada for “equity and excellence” based on our students' most recent AP results

Senior Students Strongest Link for Newcomers

Seeing a friendly face can really take the stress out of joining a new school. The Link Leader program aims to connect Senior School...

Middle School Caught Up in WEB

by Anna C, Grade 6 On September 5th, all the Grade 6 students gathered in the single gym to prepare for a whole morning set...

Double the Fun at the Junior School

by Nancy Richards, Director It is an historic week for SMUS as another Kindergarten class is added to the Junior School! Thirty-five four- and five-year-olds...

Grads of 2012 Celebrate and Reflect

by Erin Anderson, editor For the Grade 11 and 12 students, the end of the school year has a special significance. For Grade 11...

Diverse, Polite, Driven: Grades 9 and 10 Close Out Their Year

It was a night of music, awards and proud parents. The Grades 9 and 10 Closing Ceremony honoured the hard work of these classes...

Middle School Celebrates End of Year

The Middle School ended the year with a wonderful celebration of the wide range of experiences students had throughout the year. Director of School...

2011-2012 Boarding Year in Review

From a smoking hot opening day to the House Olympics, it was a stellar year in boarding. The video slideshow below shows the year...

Online Reputations Need Careful Cultivation

Tony Wilson has a message for young job seekers: beware of your online footprint. Your prospective employers are using the internet to find out...

Olympian Efforts in Boarding

Video by Darin Steinkey; Photos by Chris Bateman Music: Cold Cold Kiss by Oh! Belgium CC BY-SA 3.0 With the London Olympics just around the corner,...

Stories from the Annual Fund: Megan Parker ’11

Judy Pryce remembers vividly the phone call that changed everything for her daughter Megan Parker. As a new SMUS student in Grade 6, it...

Heading Outdoors: to Hope and Beyond

Photos by Kali Salmas by Kali Salmas, Grade 11 boarder Waking up to a beeping noise near my head, I stretched and immediately contracted into a...

Athletics Review: Solid Service Game Powers Teams

Pictures by Kerry Chan May 23 Tennis by Jamie Prsala, tennis coach The SMUS tennis team had an eventful past couple of weeks. After defeating GNS and Esquimalt...

Reflection: the Key to Experiential Learning

by Becky Anderson, Director of Leadership “Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand.” - Confucius I...

Greek Gods Rise at Junior School

by Olivia, Grade 5 We had a fun Greek festival. Before today we studied a Greek god or goddess of our choice. Using our knowledge,...

Another Amazing Alumni Weekend

by Erin Anderson, editor Alumni Weekend, an annual event where SMUS alumni return to campus, ran from May 4-6 and featured all kinds of events...

SMUS Expands to Welcome a New Class

by Nancy Richards, Director of the Junior School This week, a very special event took place at the Junior School. We enthusiastically welcomed the kindergarten...

Stories from the Annual Fund: John Herpers ’64

John Herpers '64 knows from personal experience that the right school at the right time in a young person’s life can make all the...

Grade 8 Boarders Farm for a Cause

Photos by Kevin Lin by Jerry, Grade 8 Boarder In honour of Earth Day, all the Grade 8 boarders went to Woodwynn Farms on Saturday, April...

SMUS Sailors Ahoy!

Photos by Richard DeMerchant by Sena, Grade 8 The SALTS trip was an extraordinary experience! During the Spring Break, a group of approximately 25 Grade 7...

Spring Break Stories: Buenos Aires

Photos by Shayla Baumeler, Grade 11 by Ethel Kiggundu, Grade 11 boarder On March 15, twelve students and three chaperones embarked on a trip that would...

Athletics Review: Rugby and Regattas and Provincials, Oh My!

2012 Rugby Tour by Ian Hyde-Lay On March 16, 38 boys, comprising the bulk of the Senior and Junior rugby squads, along with four staff, departed...

Rugby Tour Wrapping Up

As the SMUS rugby tour winds down this weekend, catch up on their adventures by visiting the blog at

SMUS Shows LGBT Pride

Video by Darin Steinkey by Erin Anderson, editor Last week, SMUS celebrated Pride with a lunchtime concert, Pride merchandise and a special presentation from Grade 11...