Ritch Primrose

Ritch Primrose
Ritch Primrose is the Director of Health and Wellness at St. Michaels University School.

Health and Wellness Week Arrives at SMUS

Director of Health and Wellness Mr. Ritch Primrose highlights what's happening at SMUS as part of Health and Wellness Week (April 3-7)

Setting Resolutions for A New Year or a New Day

Mr. Ritch Primrose, Director of Health and Wellness, writes about setting and achieving goals for the new year

Walking the Talk On Healthy Eating

Mr. Ritch Primrose writes about how eating healthy food impacts the brain, and the newest healthy food options available in the Tuck Shop

Model the Way

September is a time full of energy on the SMUS campus. For teachers, students and parents, this time of year marks a fresh start....

Resilience as an Opportunity for Student Growth

One of my favourite roles at the school is coach of the Senior boys B basketball team. Basketball runs through the veins of SMUS,...

Balance and Resilience: Making Time for Health & Wellness

As a school that hangs its hat on preparing students for higher learning and for life, the ideas of balance and resilience are important....

A healthy mind in a healthy body

I only know one Latin phrase, and sadly, this basic lexicon may never improve. Mens sana in corpore sano. The motto of the old...