Eliot Anderson

Eliot Anderson
Eliot Anderson is Director of the Senior School at St. Michaels University School.
Eliot Anderson

Strengthening Our Roots

Eliot Anderson highlights how we help students develop strong roots and strong wings, particularly during Remembrance Day.
Eliot Anderson

Memories and Connections

While students (and staff) head into a well-deserved long Victoria Day weekend break, many students are taking the opportunity to practice their leadership skills...

Spring Break Europe Trip: March 20-26

Mr. Eliot Anderson recaps the last leg of the Senior School music students' Spring Break trip to Europe

Spring Break Europe Trip: March 16-19

The SMUS music students travelling through Europe during Spring Break made their way to England this week

Spring Break Europe Trip: March 13-15

After a long travel day, a large group of SMUS students arrive in Germany, the first stop on the Spring Break music trip to Europe
Eliot Anderson

A Need for Adventure

Mr. Eliot Anderson, Director of the Senior School, writes about the SMUS experience can help impact a student's path in life
Eliot Anderson

Gratitude and Community at Thanksgiving

Incredibly, the Thanksgiving Weekend is already upon us. I am sure that everyone can agree that the opening weeks of the school year are...

2015 Rugby Tour: The Home Stretch

With happy memories of Seville still fresh in the mind, the tour party heads west into the Algarve in southern Portugal for a day...

2015 Rugby Tour: Lisbon

We have finally found some consistent sun and, as I type, happy sunburnt faces are filing in for breakfast on a blue sky day...

2015 Rugby Tour: A Dose of Sun!

As we gear up to leave the sun and pool of gorgeous Abufeira, here are a few shots of our time in Sevilla and...

2015 Rugby Tour: Chasing the sun

March 23, mid day, and the tour party, after a three  hour bus transfer from Granada, arrives in Seville. First impressions of the city...

2015 Rugby Tour: A Few Pictures

Without consistent wifi in Marbella, we were unable to load pictures.  Here are a few from our days at La Alhambra and Marbella.  Stay...

2015 Rugby Tour: Dos Victorias!!

The spectacular La Fallas "cremata" complete, the tour party, after just few hours shut eye, boarded the bus for the six hour bus ride...

2015 Rugby Tour: Carnival

It was an early morning departure from Barcelona, with the tour group still buzzing from the previous day's visit to La Sagrada Familia. The...

2015 Rugby Tour: Off and Running!

We have enjoyed a fantastic start to the tour!  Sunday morning opened with blue skies and cool temperatures and the group started with a...

2015 Rugby Tour: A Long Haul

After almost 25 hours in transit the tour group has finally touched down to clear skies in Barcelona!. A long layover in Calgary afforded...

2015 Rugby Tour: Ten Days To Go!

Departure day is nearing as the SMUS Senior Boys Rugby squad gets set for its March 14-31 tour to Spain and Portugal. The excitement...

2015 Rugby Tour: Four Weeks Out

We are officially 6 weeks away from our departure on March 14th.   The boys are excited and have been impressing the coaching staff with...

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