SMUS in the News: Makena Anderson ’23 and Lauren Rust ’23 Named Top BC Basketball Players to Watch

Athletes Makena Anderson and Lauren Rust are named by Varsity Letters as two of the top AAA basketball players to watch in BC

The Silver Lining of the New Athletic Normal

A stop to inter-school sports during the pandemic has allowed students to hone their athletic abilities in a significant way

SMUS in the News: Mareya Valeva ’20 Wins Greater Victoria Sports Hall of Fame Award

University of Victoria athlete Mareya Valeva '20 earns the inaugural Sybil Verch Greater Victoria Sports Hall of Fame Award

Student Athlete Offered 3 Full-Ride Rowing Scholarships

Grade 12 student Firinne Rolfe signs with Boston's Northeastern University after earning more than $1.2 million in scholarship offers
Tate Robinson

SMUS in the News: Athlete Tate Robinson ’19 Balances Family Dynamics in Sophomore Season

Rugby player Tate Robinson '19 is highlighted in the Sherbrooke Record

SMUS in the News: Chloé Hill-Huse ’20 Develops as a Player and Official

World Rugby, the governing body of Rugby Union, highlights Chloé Hill-Huse '20 as a player and official

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