SMUS Spring Break Roundup

As we look toward the return from Spring Break, we provide a roundup of some student and alumni updates from the past couple of weeks

VIDEO: A Conversation with Mark Turner and Samantha Stone

Head of School Mark Turner sits down for a conversation with Samantha Stone, President of the SMUS Alumni Association

Why I Give: Jack Wong ’96

Jack Wong '96 shares how his experience as a SMUS student continues to motivate him to give back to the school community

SMUS in the News: Mareya Valeva ’20 Wins Greater Victoria Sports Hall of Fame Award

University of Victoria athlete Mareya Valeva '20 earns the inaugural Sybil Verch Greater Victoria Sports Hall of Fame Award

SMUS in the News: Dr. Bri Bentzon Budlovsky ’04 Named Victoria COVID Hero

Dr. Bri Bentzon Budlovsky '04 is recognized for her community contributions during the COVID-19 pandemic

SMUS in the News: Kate O’Connor ’20 Named a Top Environmentalist Under 25

Kate O'Connor '20 is named to The Starfish Canada's Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25 list for 2020