Corey Large

SMUS in the News: Actor/Writer Corey Large ’93 Making a Splash Down Under

Corey Large '93 talks to the Times Colonist about his latest film project, In Like Flynn, a biopic about screen legend Errol Flynn

SMUS in the News: Russell Brown ’83 Talks Life as a Supreme Court Justice

The Globe and Mail features alumnus Russell Brown '83 and talks to him about his life as a Supreme Court justice
Sid Boegman

Sid Boegman ’16 Returns to SMUS to Talk Gender Identity

The SMUS Pride Alliance celebrated Pride Day this week with a variety of fun activities in the quad. The highlight was a talk and...
Duncan Frater

Dream Big Stories: Mr. Duncan Frater

Choir teacher Mr. Duncan Frater talks firsthand about how the Dream Big annual fund helps students do more of what they love: the arts

American Friends, encore…

Last Thursday after our alumni reception in New York, a group of us were left in the room as a fire truck, lights flashing...

Why Facebook Doesn’t Replace Your High School Reunion

Here's 10 reasons why a high school reunion – or in our case Alumni Weekend – is an experience that a Facebook friendship will never replace