About Service

We would be so pleased to talk with you about some of the amazing service and volunteer opportunities available to you, and help you get involved.

You can stop by the Leadership Office on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday each week. Our office is located in Crothall, beside the Staff Room. You can also reach us by email (laurie.parker@smus.ca) or by phone at 250-519-7355.

We will be updating this site with new opportunities, as well as sending out a weekly email update. Whether you are interested in working with children, elders, the environment, or people in need, we can find a service project that is meaningful to you.

You can use the menu on the right hand side of this page to view new opportunities by category or click here to view them all.

Service at SMUS

As a school which prepares students for life, we believe community involvement is a crucial part of a SMUS education. Serving the needs of others is a core tenet of our program. We work to broaden perspectives, develop leadership skills and shape character traits in order to create good citizens.

Our aim is to foster a culture of service, citizenship and responsibility and to instill a lifelong commitment to serving others.

SMUS’ goal is to:

  • To facilitate age appropriate, meaningful service opportunities for all members of the school body.
  • To institute changes which improve the quality of life and the environment in local and global communities.
  • To develop short and long term partnerships which are mutually beneficial to SMUS and the community while creating criteria for forming these partnerships while volunteering outside the school community.
  • To develop fully integrated service units with connections to academic learning through curricular based activities – a connection between student learning and service through experiential learning.
  • To foster and promote Stewardship (internal service) throughout the SMUS community.

Service at SMUS is embedded within all programmes. While it does stand alone in areas such as the Service Council, there is an overall connectedness to the school philosophy, which means that like Leadership and Experiential Learning, Service will bubble up in all aspects of the school. As such there will be ties and overlaps to academic, leadership, environmental, experiential, arts, athletic and outdoor pursuits. Service initiatives are not then reliant on one person but will take the direction of different individuals under the guidance of the Director of School or Service.

The inter-connectedness of service and learning provides the foundation for creating citizens who are educated, globally literate, civically minded, aware, and socially responsible within all areas of SMUS.

Four common themes and areas of support have developed at SMUS:

  • Cancer awareness.
  • Local issues (specifically with regard to disadvantaged individuals or groups).
  • Regional/international issues (specifically with regard to disadvantaged individuals or groups).
  • Service leadership/individual volunteer.

Although broad in scope they provide a framework for decision making regarding types of initiatives that SMUS will engage in throughout the three campuses. Wherever possible, we look for opportunities to provide direct service to individuals or organizations within these themes.

Student interest has been strong in: education, environment, health, the homeless and disadvantaged, children and youth, special needs and multicultural groups. All areas are explored at different depths of involvement (basic to more comprehensive):

  • Charity – where we give, often financially, to an individual or group.
  • Plunge – where school members immerse themselves in a project, usually for a day.
  • Short- and long-term – involvement for a short and/or long period of time.
  • Service learning – connection which involves planning, action, reflection and evaluation (based on curricular involvement from various disciplines).

How many hours of volunteering do I need at SMUS?

At SMUS you need a total of 40 hours of off-campus service that are earned in grade  9 – 12 with recommended hours for each year.

Grade 9                minimum 10 hours off-campus- you will earn these in your HCE class

Grade 10              minimum 10 hours off-campus

Grade 11              minimum 10 hours off-campus

Grade 12              minimum 10 hours off-campus

Students joining us in grade 10,11 or 12 and who plan to graduate from SMUS will need to record 30 hours of off-campus service. This is a Ministry of Education requirement.

There are many ways to earn volunteer hours. At the Senior School, students will take part in direct off-campus service during class times in HCE 9 and in Planning 10.

Grade 10s in the Experiential Program will do service and can count those hours.

Students in grade 11 and  12 can choose to participate in direct service through the Service Leadership program (through Mr. Cook).

Outside of class time there will be Service Trips (including but not limited to International experiences).

Opportunities for volunteering are promoted through regular weekly newsletters and broadcasts. https://news.smus.ca/leadership

Small group and special interest offerings will be promoted especially through homerooms, councils, clubs, boarding houses, teams, and other groups.

All students will track their service involvement through the SMUS online tracking system called x2VOL. The tracking website can be found through your Naviance Family Connection account. It is on the left hand side of your homepage. If you are not using Naviance yet, you can access it directly through x2VOL.com (Click here for log in instructions).  The purpose of this system is to keep a record of your service hours and to give you an opportunity to reflect on your experiences.