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Futures: Personalization and Community

As part of the Futures discussion that I have referred to in recent blog entries, the transition to more personalized education poses the question,...

Personalization: Parents fined for taking kids on holiday during term time

No need to panic; this blog entry is genuinely about personalization and not fines we're handing out. My title refers to this article: “Should parents...

Personalization and Experiential Education

At SMUS we talk about personalization and experiential education as two distinct themes that will shape education in the next decade or more. While...

Personalization visits

The path to personalization is simple in theory. It begins by recognizing several ideas: that all students have excellence inside them to discover and...

Toward Personalization

Most parents and alumni who read School material, and this blog, will know that the theme of personalization has been a steady, increasingly visible...

Personalization: the oak and the weed

Oaks grow slowly, weeds grow fast. Inevitably, many who are so inclined will choose to be the dandelions of personalization, bright and enthusiastic until...

Personalization: variations on a theme

In one of the first concerts I attended as Head of SMUS, our accomplished orchestra performed a challenging piece – and one of my...

Personalization – the mechanics

For the past few weeks I have mused on the theme of personalization, wandering off on a number of tangents. Fortunately, for us at...

Personalization… more

Personalization and the excellent teacher student It’s important to put the emphasis where it belongs. More than a little harm has been done by the...

Personalization and belonging

One of the fears of the personalization trend in education is that in the personalized school, with students following their own individual paths, they...

Personalization – our own garden

In last week’s blog entry I ruminated on the theme of personalization in education and in our School. I have used the word “garden”...

Path to Personalization

My colleagues at SMUS had been using the word “personalization” for a couple of years when it also appeared in the new BC Education...

Personalized Learning: Middle School Art Gets A Creative Redesign

Visual Arts at the Middle School gets a creative redesign to allow for personalized learning for each artist

Portrait of a Learner: Helping Students Find Balance in Their Busy Lives

Middle School students learn the importance of finding balance in their lives to help set them up for academic success
Paul Leslie

Before and After: Why Families Choose SMUS

Mr. Paul Leslie, Director of Admissions, writes about the role SMUS plays in transforming students

Middle School Tests a Flexible Schedule to Personalize Learning

For one day, May 10, the schedule was wiped clean and students had a modified schedule that allowed for longer, more personalized learning opportunities

Dream Big Stories: Ms. Susan Vachon

Ms. Susan Vachon talks about how SMUS's annual Dream Big fund has a direct impact on the education students receive – in this case Learning Resources

Bits and Pieces

My industrious and dedicated assistant, Jennifer White, was musing on my schedule at this special time of the year. Bemused, she repeats to me...

How personalized is the SMUS education already?

This year at Alumni receptions I have introduced a new element in the message from the School: in addition to news about favourite teachers...


Our Vancouver Alumni event last week was a great example of what engagement means at our school – so those of you who were...

Middle School Learning: How Much Screen Time is Too Much?

by Ms. Tanya Lee, Middle School personalization leader In a recent Communication Skills class, I posed the provocative statement: The Internet has done more harm...

Middle School Learning: The Power of Setting Goals

I read a quote the other day that read: “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” I believe the same is true...

Middle School Learning: Can Creativity Be Taught?

If creativity is a new generation skill, how can we teach it? Quite simply, I don’t think we can. I do believe, however, it...

Middle School Learning: Addressing News in Age-Appropriate Ways

As I scrolled through my Twitter feed a couple of weeks ago, I was horrified to read about the events of the day before....

Middle School Learning: If You Build It, They Will Come

Does workspace impact creativity, innovation and productivity? Google, Facebook, Samsung and a number of other major companies believe so. In fact, the Harvard Business Review...

Middle School Learning: Finding Your Perfect Struggle

Imagine being good at everything you ever tried. You enter a basketball court, pick up a ball, take a shot and “swoosh” the ball...

Middle School Learning: Providing ‘Voice and Choice’

The year is 1986. I take my seat in my Grade 6 class and wait patiently. My teacher rises from his desk and begins to tell us...

Common experiences

Personalized education is not a flavour of the month, we have observed at SMUS. Rather it is the next step in an evolution that...

Music Review

A few days ago, one of my colleagues recalled the occasion, over a decade ago, when she first heard our Grade Five string orchestra...

What makes education better?

This question has spawned many answers, not always good ones. Two weeks ago I wrote about the experience I and Nancy Richards, our Director...

Professional Development

Professional development and personal development are usually one and the same. This morning I was speaking at length with one of our Senior English teachers,...

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