GALLERY: Countdown to Winter Holiday

It feels hard to believe that we have arrived at the first major break of the school year. The energy that comes with the Winter Break has permeated our campuses all week, as students and teachers enjoyed fun activities and concerts to help count down to Thursday afternoon when the break began.

While our community was not able to fully gather for our All-School Christmas Assembly, that didn’t stop students from spreading Christmas cheer wherever they went. Thank you to all of our students, faculty and staff for helping bring 2021 to a close with much positivity and enthusiasm.

Have a great Winer Break!

You can find and download more photos on the SMUS Photo Gallery.

If you have never accessed the SMUS Photo Gallery, we encourage you to read this post to learn more. And be sure to visit the ‘User Guide’ section of the Gallery to find out how to best navigate the website.


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