Why I Give: Jack Wong ’96

Jack Wong ‘96 knows firsthand the impact of a meaningful gift. He looks back on his time at SMUS as just that; having received the gift of a meaningful education from his parents and the gift of meaningful opportunities from the school.

“My parents gave me the car of life; SMUS taught me how to drive it well with everyone else,” he says. “I am constantly reminded of how SMUS set me up for success in university and life.”

Jack, who now works as the Chief Operations Officer for a medical diagnostic imaging centre in Richmond, says the ripple effect of those gifts, as well as those from donors to the school, continue to be felt in all areas of his life today.

“They made it possible for me to receive the education I received, to get exposure to a broad range of activities, sports, arts, teaching styles, and to receive the gift of lifelong friends, … to the lifelong attitudes that I now bring to my family, the work I do in healthcare, and my own rugby team,” he says.

Giving back to organizations that have impacted their lives is a priority for Jack and his wife Fei. They give to healthcare-centric charities in the United States (where they recently moved from) that have helped their family. But Jack also says he recognizes that SMUS is another such organization that impacted his life immensely. He believes that he now has a role to play in paying forward that meaningful gift to a new generation of students.

“[It’s] the impact of investing in our future. I continue to trust SMUS to cultivate great future leaders in all aspects of society in Victoria and beyond, making a positive difference, and honouring those who have worn the red, black, and blue before them,” he says.

Jack is one of many supporters of the SMUS Annual Appeal. He has long-supported financial aid and endowment at the school.

“[I donate] for those who benefit from expanded programs and experience, and for those who would not have otherwise been able to attend SMUS without the financial aid,” he says. “Even when finances are lean, I find a way to give something to SMUS, and give what I can. … Somehow there’s always a way to make something available for SMUS because I know even a little bit translates to a lot.”

Double Your Impact

Every one of us can make a difference in students’ lives by donating to this year’s Annual Appeal. Please support Financial Aid February to double your impact and help ensure that every student can have every opportunity to succeed.

Donate to Financial Aid Now online or contact Shara Campsall, Assistant Director of Advancement, at shara.campsall@smus.ca or 250-370-6197.


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