Hidden Achievements

Eliot Anderson

As the Director of Senior School, I have the great privilege of seeing our students move about their daily lives at the school. I get to see them in their classrooms, in their clubs and councils, on the sports fields and in their music practice rooms, and also just generally socializing during their recesses and lunch hours.

With that said, I am also very cognizant of the fact that much of their achievements this year are out of sight for all of our parents. Without athletics on display, performances to watch, music to listen to, art shows to attend and the myriad other ways that our students are normally able to display their many talents, I can appreciate that it is very easy for our families to feel a bit disconnected from what their children are up to at school all day.

I can assure you that they are achieving a great deal! As you know, we have the good fortune of being in-class, in-person, and I am constantly reminded of the importance of this human connection as I walk about the campus.

I see classes engaged in science labs, deep discussions and interesting debates, I see groups of students gathered in our library study rooms poring over assignments, I see clubs and councils thinking creatively about how to engage with the student body in different ways and I even get to see our students enjoying their down time during recess and lunch. To be honest, once one is within the walls of the school, it almost feels normal.

Of course the “almost” in that sentence hangs there for us, and so we continue to look forward to a time when we can all more easily celebrate the successes of our students in person. Until then, know that we appreciate all that they do and we continue to be amazed by their progress in all facets of school life. You should be proud!


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