Saying Goodbye to Our 2020 Retirees

Every year, we are honoured to recognize members of the St. Michaels University School community as they retire and take on new adventures. This year, we pay tribute to 10 amazing teachers and staff members who collectively shared hundreds of years of service with the school before retiring in June. Thank you and Vivat!


  1. Thank you, Gillie, for the informative and personal appreciation of our retiring faculty. As a former teacher at SMU + S I welcome the opportunity to keep informed.
    Just a thought, I have worked with the Curatorial Committee at RVYC, where my task was to interview long-standing members and create first-hand impressions of the history of the Club. Such a project might be of interest to SMUS in the Archives where oral and video clips may be recorded for posterity by interviewing surviving retirees….


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