Farewell to Our 2019-20 Retirees

2019-20 SMUS Retirees

As we reach the end of another school year, we arrive at the inevitable moments of reflection. An integral part of this comes as we say goodbye to the community members who will be leaving us; faces we will no longer see every day on campus.

We would like to thank the following faculty and staff members who are headed into retirement (or who have already begun their retirement) at the close of the 2019-20 school year. We will share more stories on the SMUSpaper in the coming months that honour each of our retirees.

Tony Cordle

Tony arrived at SMUS as cricket professional in 1986 and has been a long-standing community member ever since. He has performed a number of roles on campus with dedication, care and total commitment to the best interests of students – many of whom he has counselled on a personal basis, establishing relationships which continue to endure. 

Gisele DiIorio

Gisele started at SMUS in 1990 and has seen her role in the SMUS Data Centre grow and evolve a great deal over the years. Gisele, who retired earlier this school year, was a key touchpoint in the management and administration of the School Data System (SDS). 

Kevin Cook

Kevin joined our community in September 1991 as a biology and chemistry teacher before taking on a variety of roles over his 29 years here; each of which helped ensure that students developed as individuals. He and his family lived on campus as houseparents for a number of years, while Kevin also took on the role of Director of Residence. He spent time as Senior School Assistant Director, and lately Kevin’s work focused on giving back, working as Director of Community Service and, most recently, as Director of Community Engagement and Global Expeditions.

Diana Nason

Diana served as Junior School librarian for almost three decades, helping to make the library the heart of the school. Her commitment to literacy and reading habits helped many generations of students love reading, as they’ve moved through to the Middle School, Senior School and beyond. 

Pete McLeod

Pete McLeod, our school’s Director of Outdoor Education, has been a fixture at SMUS for 24 years, providing life-changing opportunities for generations of students. He has relentlessly encouraged hundreds, if not thousands, of students to challenge themselves, learn new skills and explore areas of our natural environment, inspiring in them a lifetime enthusiasm for the outdoors.

Dariol Haydock

Dariol came to SMUS in September 2001 to teach French at the Middle School before becoming the Middle School Assistant Director. In this role, Dariol championed character education through the school values, by co-creating the Middle School leadership program and through her tireless dedication to work with each student as an individual. 

Janice McCachen

Janice McCachen has been a key member of the Senior School English department for 15 years, including as Head of English. Her energy, creativity and passion for the inspiring teaching of English literature has contributed to a stellar reputation and instilling in students a passion for the subject.

Dawn Wilson

Dawn joined SMUS in 2006 in the demanding role of Director of Education Extension and External Programs. With energy and efficiency, Dawn, who retired earlier this year, helped build our holiday and international programs by recruiting students to participate in the offerings. She also supported SMUS students in coordinating their own life-changing international student exchanges.

Sharon Goodman

Sharon worked in our Junior School Learning Resource department for 13 years. Her caring support for students on their journey of personalized learning and her contributions to the community will long be remembered. Sharon helped support many of our young students to develop the skills to be lifelong learners.

Lies Weijs

Lies came to SMUS just four years ago as library technician but leaves a lasting legacy in The Snowden Library. Her work with students and her support of Ms. Joan Tweedie in the library has helped ensure that our Senior School students continue to develop a love of reading that will sustain them through life.

We wish each of our retirees well in the next chapter of their lives.


  1. A very happy and enduring retirement to all my former colleagues and associates. May you pursue your dreams and look back with pride upon all you have achieved and what a difference you have made.
    Bob Richards (1978 – 2004)


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