#SMUSLearns at Spring Break

Through the next couple of weeks of SMUS’s Spring Break, our teachers and staff (and even a student) will share some of their favourite resources, activities and tips to help you have an enjoyable Spring Break wherever you are around the world.

Below, Deputy Head of School Andy Rodford encourages families to virtually visit some of the world’s best museums and art galleries.

Middle School counsellor Ally Peace offers up a great way to continue building healthy routine and familiarity at home.

Senior School band teacher Ian Farish suggests digging out an old guitar, tuning it and learning to play a new song.

Junior School physical education teacher Gary Barber offers up a great YouTube channel that provides a new at-home workout for children every day.

Nikki Kaufmann, Head of Physical Education, and Jooniper share two great resources for practising yoga at home, thanks to The Fernwood Yoga Den and One Yoga Victoria on Instagram.

Wonjin Kim, Middle School math and science teacher, shares his favourite science-based YouTube channel, AsapSCIENCE, which features great topics and cool animations.

Grade 12 student Nika Klenz and Senior School teacher Sarah Beeston share two great resources for today’s #SMUSLearns video: the free Open Yale Courses from Yale University and Duolingo’s language podcasts.

Middle School math teacher Richard DeMerchant recommends visiting Instructables.com, a great website that offers step-by-step instructions for a wide variety of projects in woodworking, cooking, circuitry and more.

Senior School science teacher Simone Kuklinski highlights two great resources from Cornell University: Science and Nature Activities for Cooped Up Kids and the great content from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

School storyteller and photographer Kyle Slavin encourages people to boost their own photography skills, thanks to a great video from the iPhone Photography School.

Check back here throughout Spring Break for more videos of faculty and staff sharing great resources.


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